Economic Progress and Fossil Fuels: The Elephant in the Room at U.N. Climate Conference

The reality of economic imperatives, however, will eventually expose the folly of decarbonization plans.

COP28: India doubles down on right to increase coal power and CO2 emissions

“India cannot survive without coal as it has no other options.”

While America pursues renewables, worldwide expansion is underway for nuclear generated electricity

Sweden, China, India, Russia, and others are changing from occasional electricity from renewables to fossil-free electricity from nuclear that is continuous and uninterruptible.

India To Increase Coal Production By 60%

The Union coal ministry on Monday announced plans to increase India’s coal production to 1.404 billion tonne by 2027, with an eye to further boost it to 1.577 billion tonne…

This World Leader Is Calling Out the Western Climate Hypocrites

As host of the Sept. 9 G20 summit, India is ready to defend its use of fossil fuels despite the hostility of some of its guests toward the energy source.

India Wants the World to Target Per Capita Emissions

If I was India, that is exactly what I would be arguing!

From Poverty to Moon Landing: How Coal Propelled Indian Economy

By 2020, the number of Indians with access to electricity had reached 99%. Yes, fossil fuels improved the lives of billions.

Al Gore’s Hypocritical Vision Perpetuates Indian Poverty

As the world’s most populous nation, India’s CO2 emissions are frequently cited by climate zealots in their demonization of the life-sustaining gas.

China, Russia, Oil, Gas, Coal, Climate …

The “alarm bells” only ring for those willing to listen. It’s high time the West re-evaluates its energy and climate change approach – before it is too late.

BBC Ignore Cold-Related Deaths in India

To simply compare two 5-year periods is highly unscientific and meaningless statistically.

Climate Change Weekly #460: Biden Offshoring Pollution, Environmental Injustice

The threat to whales is hardly the only problem with Biden’s plan, as proven by an analysis of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM) draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)…

India’s Uncompromising Commitment to Coal

In Asia, the need for sustained economic growth outweighs fanciful visions of a “carbon-free” utopia, making coal the obvious choice for at least several decades.

Record Agricultural Yields Should Allay Climate Fear

In fact, globally, there has been a steady increase in yields of wheat as measured in tons per hectare, with some of the highest being in China.

Wrong, Climate Home News, Climate Change Is Not Hurting India’s Sugar Crops

Indian sugarcane production increased by more than 64 percent, setting new records for production 10 times during the 30-year period

COP27: A Meaningless Ritual for China and India

Green promises made at COP27 by China and India will be superficial at best.

Jayaraj: India, China Emissions Make Mockery of Western Policies

Contrary to the predictions of thousands of articles and analyses, China is nowhere near reaching its peak consumption of coal.

JAYARAJ: Climate Change Transformed India into an Agricultural Superpower — Just Ask My Grandparents

From the CO2 Coalition By Vijay Jayaraj My grandparents survived a nationwide famine in the 1960s that pushed many Indians into abject poverty. Little did they know then that they…

Precision Agriculture for South Asia

An exciting new project for my company, Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) to support smallholder farmers in Pakistan and India.

India is Buying Up Cheap Sanctioned Russian Oil and Selling it to the U.S. and E.U. at Huge Profits

India is buying up cheap sanctioned Russian oil, refining it, then selling it to the US and EU for huge profits, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

India Reopens 100 Coal Mines

In a bold and rebellious move, India has ordered reopening more than 100 dormant coal mines to meet skyrocketing domestic power demand.

People, You Better Vote for Better Energy Policy, and Fast

The “fossil fuel lobby” is every one of us, because we owe our lives to the stuff, and the government actually knows this. That is why they are leaving boot prints…

Heatwaves Getting Worse In India? More BBC Lies

In other words, it did not even hit the 46C threshold:

The Russia-Ukraine War: A New Geopolitics of Finance And Energy Trade Emerges

As one local oil analyst put it, “If Russia is offering oil at a cheaper price and the trade is between rupee and rouble, then looking at the national interest…

Global Coal Consumption Reaches New Record High In 2021…China, India Consuming Two Thirds

According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Coal 2021 report, coal-fired electricity generation reached an all-time high in 2021, increasing a whopping 9% in 2021.

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