Carbon Capture & Storage: ExxonMobil’s Big Political Play

Carbon capture and storage is a “loss leader” for ExxonMobil to officially greenwash.

ExxonMobil Cans Algae (greenwash failure)

The end of algae as a substitute for crude oil comes after $350 million and 14 years of commitment.

How Michelin Covered Up Industrial Deforestation by its Indonesian Partner in “Eco-Friendly” Rubber Venture

The moral of the story is clear – don’t believe any business that tells you they are saving the planet; in most cases they are simply out to make money.

‘Greenhushing’ Joins Greenwashing (woke firms in legal peril?)

Coined by academics in 2008, the term refers to businesses and organizations that opt to stay quiet about their climate strategies because they fear being called out for greenwashing, or named and…

Carbon Offsets: Want to Get Sued? (Greenwashing as Illegality)

The radical environmentalists’ war on “greenwashing” is a major front in the futile crusade for CO2 mitigation.

Shell Goes Full BP – Part Trois

Guest “Why would we want to be ‘competitive’ with Europe” by David Middleton Shell Is Looking To Shake Up The Energy Game In TexasBy Haley Zaremba – Jun 12, 2022,…

Greenwashing Waste: Exxon’s $350 per Barrel Algae ‘Oil’ (Lee Raymond is Missed)

I wish one of the oil majors would just come out and say “We are an oil, gas and chemicals company and our products will be in demand for decades…

Claim: Weak Net Zero Pledges Provide an Opportunity to Force Real Climate Action

According to researchers, companies are wrong if they think they can escape censure with a little greenwashing, because weak pledges are an opportunity to attack corporate credibility.

Himalayan flood disaster exposes risks of India’s rush for green energy

A reckless dash for cheap green energy or the threat of climate change are not at the forefront of rescuers’ thoughts as they search for survivors after a glacier in…

Shell Goes Full BP

Guest “Who gives a flip about what Europe does?” by David Middleton SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 12:47 AM UPDATED 3 DAYS AGOExclusive: Shell launches major cost-cutting drive to prepare for energy…

Is the EU’s 30% climate budget greenwashing?

“We must go further. We must strive for more,” she said during her candidate speech at the European Parliament. “I want Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent in the…

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