US Flood Trends

…according to the EPA, there is no evidence that climate change has made flooding worse in the USA.

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Covers-up UN failures by Blaming Climate Change!

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund,… is covering-up its abject failures by telling “heart-wrenching stories” that support the UN’s climate crisis propaganda.

True, Indianapolis Star, “Climate Change is not ‘Theoretical,’” but Its Connection to Extreme Weather Is

Neither flooding nor extreme heat have worsened during the recent period of modest warming.

No, NPR, Climate Change Isn’t ‘…Making the Weather More Severe,’ nor Should It Be in Daily Weather Forecasts.

Real world data refutes Hersher’s false claim that Climate change is making the weather more severe.

How Serious is the ARk Storm (Catastrophic Flooding) Threat Along the West Coast?

 reality is not following the predicted extreme precipitation increase projected by the climate models.

Wrong, CNN, AP, NYT, etc., Climate Change Did Not Cause South Africa’s Tragic Floods

To make claims about trends in flooding, one should look at trends in flooding and not precipitation. The conflation of the two is a common error.

Claim: Climate change caused the devastating floods in part of Brazilian´s Southeast region, study says

Torrential rain made over 90,000 people homeless in Minas Gerais state, where the probability of far higher volumes of rain than expected has increased 70% owing to industrialization and global…

Germany’s “Katrina”: Officials Left Dams Full For Weeks Even With Heavy Rains In The Forecast

Although the heavy rains had been forecast days in advance, nothing was done to avert the inevitable destruction. Instead of taking responsibility, politicians are blaming climate change in a bid…

How scientists are using drones to lower the risk of catastrophic flooding from large glacial lakes

The research will enhance the reliability of predictive models to identify potential glacial lake flood hazards. It will also identify areas where remediation work, such as the building of additional…

End of Rain? Guardian Blames NSW Flooding on Climate Change

15 years after former Aussie Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery claimed rainfall would not fill our dams, the Guardian asks whether ongoing severe New South Wales flooding is due to climate…

Himalayan flood disaster exposes risks of India’s rush for green energy

A reckless dash for cheap green energy or the threat of climate change are not at the forefront of rescuers’ thoughts as they search for survivors after a glacier in…

The Conversation: How do we Protect Venice from Flooding and Sea Level Rise?

According to The Conversation, if we don’t take urgent action, climate change could cause flooding to occur in the ancient Italian city of Venice.

Chinese Government Urges Dam Operators at Maximum Capacity to Hold Back the Flood

Authorities have ordered dam operators to try to hold back incoming flood water, as Chinese manufacturing and farming heartland cities in the Yangtze Delta are bracing for yet more severe…

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