Julia Hartley Brewer’s Furious CLASH With Extinction Rebellion Activist

Watch JHB skewer the clown from XR

Climate Crisis? What Climate Crisis? Part Two: Where We are in the UK Today

We, the people, want all this climate crap stopped. Now. And we want our money back!

Former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion turns on group, now rejects climate doomsday: ‘Climate activism has a cult problem…I used to be one of them’ – ‘I watched people brainwashed’

October 2019 was, for many of us in XR, a turning point.

“We Quit”: Extinction Rebellion Announces an End to Disruption

Building bridges rather than blocking them? XR appear to have finally noticed nobody likes them.

Schadenfreuday Funny

French and Germans becoming impatient with Climate Limpets

Column: Wealthy Californians “Just Stop Oil” campaign – popular in Europe; has anyone asked, say, Bangladesh?

What is the moral framework by which these activists decide “Developing countries cannot be permitted to source the fuel they need, and we are comfortable enforcing this because we say…

FLASHBACK: Founder of Climate Group Vandalizing Famous Paintings Said Holocaust was ‘Normal Event’

After facing widespread criticism for the comments, Hallam noted the climate crisis was another Holocaust on a “far greater scale.”

Neil Oliver: Persuading Generations of Children They Are a Plague Upon the Earth Is Unforgivable

An extremely powerful commentary from Neil Oliver

Uncivil Society: Climate Alarmists’ Last Stand?

Excerpts from Harris’s column reveal the latest desperate thinking of the Net-Zero-sooner crowd. It goes from current-event alarm to settled-science alarm to ‘climate anxiety’ to …. beware of troublemakers ahead.

“That’s Cooking Oil” – UK Extinction Rebellion Blockades the Wrong Truck

UK climate protestors have allegedly plumbed new depths of raw stupidity, but blockading the delivery of cooking oil.

Extinction Rebellion Promises to Disrupt UK Refineries

Extinction Rebellion has promised to do all they can to disrupt the supply of gasoline to UK motorists, to create a “tipping point” in which people abandon fossil fuel.

Does the CCP Control Extinction Rebellion?

What was remarkable about this meeting, though, was the surprising presence of an external delegation: joining the CCP apparatchiks on a collection of screens dotted around the room were a…

Who funds Extinction Rebellion? American & UK millionaires – ‘Some of America’s most famous families, including the Kennedys & the Gettys’

“From the outside, Extinction Rebellion looks like a freewheeling movement fond of elaborate costumes and outlandish stunts. There is actually a deeply thought-out method beneath its madness, even as some…

April 1st: The Day of Extinction Rebellion’s Great Civil Disobedience Uprising

Mark April 1st in your diary as the day everything changes: Inspired by Suffragettes, Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Extinction Rebellion has announced their intention to recruit 2.3 million non-violent…

Jailed Insulate Britain protester went globe-trotting in a gas-guzzling 4×4 pick-up truck

Before becoming involved in XR, Smart and her partner, who describe themselves as “valiant adventurers whose dream is to circumnavigate the planet”, drove across Europe, the Western Sahara and central…

The Conversation: Why are People so Climate Nonchalant?

The Conversation asks why ordinary people are so hostile towards Extinction Rebellion, when the world is on the brink of a sixth major extinction?

“Insulate Now” Climate Radicals Block Imports of Insulation

Insulate Now, an Extinction Rebellion Splinter Group, thinks the smart way of convincing Britons to insulate their homes is to block the largest port in Britain.

Climate Activist Fury at BBC Suggestion they Target China

According to BBC’s Roger Harrabin, “… Greenpeace and WWF have offices in Beijing and if they rattle China too hard, they could be swiftly closed down”.

“Insulate Britain” Climate Activists Blamed for Motorway Crash

“Insulate Britain” apparently think mainstream Extinction Rebellion is not doing enough to dictate home renovations to ordinary people.

Senior British Police Officer Confirms Extinction Rebellion is Disrupting Efforts to Fight Violent Crime

A few days ago WUWT slammed Extinction Rebellion’s mindless London climate protests for diverting police manpower. Now a senior British police officer has confirmed XR are disrupting police efforts to…

No Police Patrols in Your Neighbourhood? Perhaps They are Busy Chasing Extinction Rebellion

How many Londoners are being assaulted, raped, robbed and injured every day, because police have to keep diverting manpower to neutralising Extinction Rebellion protests?

Extinction Rebellion Co-founder Drives a Diesel

Cristo clashes with Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook after the latest climate protests, calling her a “hypocrite” as she admits driving a diesel car and flew 11,000 miles for a…

XR Priest Sews His Lips Together to Protest Murdoch and the Climate Crisis

Climate protests in Britain have taken a sickening turn, with a member of Christian Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion mutilating himself in public to draw attention to his views on…

Andrew Neil challenges Extinction Rebellion co-founder: ‘Why don’t you ever mention China?’

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