Global Human CO2 Emissions Have Been On A Slightly Declining Trend Since 2011

So we have (a) flat to declining trends in annual anthropogenic CO2 emissions in the last decade, (b) many times smaller annual CO2 emissions fluxes from anthropogenic sources relative to…

23/25 Top GHG Emitting Cities are in Red China

Guest “Let them fix the problem” by David Middleton World’s Dirtiest Cities List Raises Issue: Why Don’t Politicians Call Out China?By David HoltSeptember 02, 2021 Ponder this: A new tally…

Fact Checking The BBC–John Redwood

MP John Redwood highlights some perverse behaviour by the BBC:

Global Man-made CO2 emissions 1965 – 2020: BP data

Although they hesitated for a moment as a result of COVID, it is clear that CO2 emissions are continuing to grow in the Developing World and they can expected to…

The Guardian Demands More Nuclear Power to Fight Climate Change, Slams Plant Closures

According to The Guardian, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Closure of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant was a big step backwards in the battle to reduce CO2 emissions.

Climate Campaigners Horrified Global Shipping Will be Allowed to Grow

Climate campaigners are upset that the climate targets recommended by the UN International Maritime Organization don’t include a requirement that overall CO2 emissions be reduced.

ABC: Chinese Migrants who Survived Mao’s Great Leap Forward can Help Us Learn Sustainability

According to the Australian Government ABC, Chinese migrants who survived a brutal famine caused by Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward can teach us how to survive in the coming age…