COP27 — Colombia Claims an Absurd $800 Billion a Year “Loss and Damage”

When it comes to the UN, absurdity is no obstacle.

Climate Victimhood Comes to “Corruption House Number One”?

I have fond memories of visiting Vanuatu in 2019. My tour guides in Luganville gave me a free lift back into town, refused my offer of lunch or a beer,…

COP27 — the Camel’s Nose of Loss and Damage Enters the Talks

Unimaginable liability looms.

NPR: President Biden Paused his Climate Promises Because of Ukraine

Still covering for Joe; According to NPR, the USA owes billions of dollars climate reparations to the developing world, but those pledges have been put on hold because of the…

Greta Thunberg: The West Owes Former Colonies a Climate Debt

According to Greta rich countries have to pay reparations for the ancestral crime of bringing industry, roads, hospitals, schools and comfort in old age to the world.

Climate Reparations

The world’s poorest will bear the worst consequences of the climate crisis. Redirecting international resources to address entrenched inequalities provides a way out.

Lead or sue? Pacific islands take twin tracks on climate change

Author, Climate Home News. Published on 22/11/2018, 3:43pm Vanuatu becomes the first nation state to threaten oil majors with climate damages lawsuits, while the Marshall Islands submits updated climate plan…

The Revenge of the Climate Reparations

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Much of the current angst at the UN regarding climate has to do with the idea of “climate reparations”. These are an imaginary debt supposedly…

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