Aussie Climate & Energy Minister: Nuclear Advocates are “Dangerously Ignorant”

“Firmed renewables are quicker to build and cheaper to operate. Those who say otherwise are either dangerously ignorant or simply seeking to perpetuate the climate wars.” 

Aussie PM Promises a 43% Emissions Reduction by 2030 – But Warns Fossil Fuel Companies to Behave Responsibly

Expropriated Fossil Fuel generator owners have been told to “prioritise customers over profits”.

On Election Day, Australia Commits Climate Suicide

By 9pm, it was all over. The climate change narrative had won, decimating the party in governance.

What Energy Price Spike? Aussie Greens Call for Coal Ban

As Australia grapples with a savage energy price spike, Australian Greens have chosen now to push for the cancellation of coal projects.

Australia Has Finally Caught the ‘Net Zero’ Bus

It will be interesting to see how the new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, makes it work, given he now has a clear mandate to achieve ‘net zero’ and start closing…

Australia Goes Deep Green: Federal Election 2022

Although the dust hasn’t fully settled, its looking increasingly likely Australia will have one of the greenest governments in our history, after the panicked last minute conservative attempt to embrace…