Google’s search bias against conservative news sites has been quantified

Google Search is biased in favor of left/liberal websites against conservative websites, and is extremely biased in favor of climate alarmism against climate realism.


‘Robust’ analysis isn’t what it is cracked up to be: Top 10 ways to save science from its statistical self

In the wake of what Willis recently pointed out from Nassim Taleb, about how “In fact errors are so convex that the contribution of a single additional variable could increase the total error more than the previous one.”, I thought it relevant to share this evisceration of the over-reliance on statistical techniques in science, especially…

A Way To Calculate Effective N

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach One of the best parts of writing for the web is the outstanding advice and guidance I get from folks with lots of experience. I recently had the good fortune to have Robert Brown of Duke University recommend a study by Demitris Koutsoyiannis entitled The Hurst phenomenon and fractional Gaussian…