Deforesting To Save The Planet? Europe’s Forests Shrinking as Wood Used For “Green” Energy

In the United Kingdom, the former Drax coal-fired power plant burns significant amounts of wood.

Australia Rejects Forest Biomass

Australia’s reluctance to embrace woody biomass has led it to invest more heavily in zero-carbon renewable energy.

Linnea Lukin, Exploring Energy: Biomass

Heartland’s Linnea Lueken breaks down the details behind this biomass as an energy source in the newest episode of Exploring Energy.

Drax Is Burning Virgin Forest

The BBC have finally caught up! There have been complaints for years about this:

EU Votes to Keep Burning Forests Because of Climate Change

In the 16th Century, coal saved the forests of Britain and Europe from total extinction. My question, who or what will save the forests this time?

EU Cuts Green Energy Subsidies for “Environmentally Destructive” Tree Burning

European greens have apparently noticed that chopping down forests causes environmental harm.

Thanks, Guardian, For Questioning the Virtues of Biomass

A recent article in United Kingdom (UK)-based newspaper The Guardian gives fair coverage to the idea that biomass energy may not be as environmentally friendly as its advocates claim.

Drax Subsidies Hit £893 Million Last Year

Subsidies for their biomass operation reached £893 million last year. All of this is added to our electricity bills:

Green Fuel Folly: Forest Thinning (For Wood Pellet Production) Has A Profound Surface Warming Impact

In the end, it means wood pellets are backfiring. They lead to forest degradation, and even more rapid CO2 emissions and pollution from their burning. The practice just couldn’t possibly…

Oops. No More Subsidies for Drax

Drax has been booted from an investment index of clean energy companies as doubts over the sustainability of its wood-burning power plant begin to mount within the financial sector.

Drax’s renewable energy plant is UK’s biggest CO2 emitter, analysis claims

Note how both Drax and the BEIS are simply sticking their fingers in their ears! “We don’t recognise these figures!!”

Drax To Face Court Over Wood Dust Pollution

It is of course deeply ironic that the green lobby has consistently attacked coal power because of pollution, and not just carbon dioxide emissions.

Review of Biomass Calculations in Achieving Net Zero Emissions Scenario.

The current practice of using trees as a renewable and carbon neutral option simple does not make sense in theory or practice. If we want to reduce our carbon emissions…

Scientists: Please Fund Us (or the microbes get it!)

From the Famous National Lampoon Cover department: Leaving microbes out of climate change conversation has major consequences, experts warn From the University of New South Wales (home of the Ship…

How plants are working hard for the planet

Since the beginning of the industrial era, photosynthesis has increased in nearly constant proportion to the rise in atmospheric CO2 James Cook University As the planet warms, plants are working…

The Obvious Biomass Emissions Error

Guest essay by Steve Goreham When Thomas Edison established his Pearl Street power plant in New York City in 1892, he used coal for fuel, not wood. Wood fuel could…

Green Shock: Entire Forests Being Murdered to Produce Wood Pellet Biomass

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Breitbart / James Delingpole – Greens have discovered to their horror that producing renewable wood pellet biomass requires a large supply of dead trees.…

Good news: Africa has become greener in the last 20 years – CO2 listed as a cause

From the “blame CO2” department: Despite climate change and a growing population, Africa has become greener over the past 20 years, shows new study. By: Kristian Sjøgren -ScienceNordic In Africa, a…

Dueling press releases: Plants have been helping to offset climate change, but now it’s up to us

Our previous story, Study suggests increased atmospheric CO2 creates a 30% growth in plant photosynthesis during last two centuries look almost entirely different than this press release from the CARNEGIE INSTITUTION FOR…

Study suggests increased atmospheric CO2 created a 30% growth in plant photosynthesis during last two centuries

From the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – MERCED and the “CO2 is plant food, but, it’s still terrible department” (see text) Research shows global photosynthesis on the rise Plant photosynthesis was…

Role of terrestrial biosphere in counteracting climate change may have been underestimated

From the UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM New research suggests that the capacity of the terrestrial biosphere to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) may have been underestimated in past calculations due to certain land-use…

Surprise! Greedy Green Energy Corporatists are Clear Felling Protected Forests for Biomass

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Wayne Delbeke – the Guardian has just noticed that a rise in demand for wood chips, for “green” biomass power schemes, has led an…

Study: Earth's vegetation is causing a global "pause" in CO2 growth

From the DOE/LAWRENCE BERKELEY NATIONAL LABORATORY and the Department of Hungry Biomass comes this encouraging news that throws cold water on climate alarmism. Study: Carbon-hungry plants impede growth rate of…

Another thing not in climate models 'Synchronized leaf aging' in the tropics

From the DOE/BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY Synchronized leaf aging in the Amazon responsible for seasonal increases in photosynthesis High-tech photography in the Amazon reveals that young leaves grow in at the…

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