Liz Truss is the New UK Prime Minister: How Will This Affect Climate Policy?

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss apparently wants us to believe she is Margaret Thatcher reborn. But her history of political switchbacks on important issues leaves a lot of uncertainty.

Coal Miners Rescue a Dead EV, Push it to the Mine for a Recharge

One mine worker presented the EV driver with a “friend of coal” number plate before going home for the day.

Aussie Federal Government Cries Poor on Fuel Taxes – But Still has Billions to Spend on Climate Action

The Australian Albanese Government claims revenue is too tight to extend a temporary fuel tax cut which saved motorists $6 billion per year – but they still have cash to…

Surprise! Climate Warrior NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s Popularity is Collapsing

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s green campaign to shut down all private sector New Zealand export industries appears to be succeeding.

WSJ: Why the Renewable Energy Transition will Fail

Wall Street Journal trashing claims the renewable energy transition will bring down prices, or is even possible.

Pew: Climate Concern is a Mostly Left Wing Issue

According to Pew Research, More people than ever are worried about climate change – but there is a stark left / right political divide in levels of concern.

CNBC: Amazon Rooftop Fires Prompted Solar Panel Shutdown

Last Year Amazon was forced to take all their solar panels offline, after the panels caused six separate fire and explosion incidents. Amazon blames third party installers for the problems.

Princeton: Ocean Low Oxygen Zones Shrank During Previous Warm Periods. So Why are Ours Growing?

Yet another mystery for the settled science.

California to Cover Canals With Toxic Solar Panels

Solar panels, which contain dangerous toxins like Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and toxic plastics, are to be installed as covers for California’s water supply canals.

California Urges Residents Not to Charge EVs after 4pm

As California’s global warming ready energy grid of the future buckles under a heatwave, residents have been urged not to charge electric vehicles between 4-9pm.

Oops: Alaskan Electric Buses Run Out of Power in Winter

Who could have guessed electric vehicles might struggle in cold climates?

RIP Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet Leader and Climate Activist

Mikhail Gorbachev will be remembered by most as the last leader of the Soviet Union. But he was also one of the founding architects of United Nations Climate Action Machine.

Australian Academy of Science Demands Dissent be Silenced

In a submission to the Australian Government, the AAS has demanded “disinformation” about climate change, the great barrier reef, and Covid vaccines be censored from broadcast news and the internet.

Renewed Climate Activist Push to Ensnare Evangelical Christians

The National Association of Evangelicals has admitted it is difficult to convince their members to take climate change seriously.

Climate Scientists Discover Food Grows in the Tropics

Smithsonian correspondent Sarah Kuta has discovered it might be possible to eat tropical staples like Bread Fruit in place of wheat, if the planet warms.

Washington Post: The USA Should Pay for Pakistan’s Climate Floods

According to Wikipedia, since 1952 Pakistan has received 22 IMF bailouts, substantially funded by the USA. But apparently the USA is still liable for climate reparations.

Royal Hypocrite: Climate Warrior Prince Harry Flew in a Private Jet, then Waited for the Car

Prince Harry spent half an hour in the jet on the ground, with the engines idling, waiting for the Polo gear he left behind to be delivered in a black…

The Guardian Accuses the Woke Aussie Government of “Climate Denial”

The Aussie Government is in the middle of allocating billions of dollars for renewable grid extensions, and they just voted through a climate target with Green Party support. But no…

Biden Fail: US North East Winter Energy Rationing? Biden Urges Export Cuts, Increased Production

A few months ago Biden urged energy providers to increase exports to Europe, to support Europe’s efforts to resist Russian energy blackmail. Now Biden is complaining that US inventories are…

Green Energy Fail: British Union Boss Predicts Riots, 1990s Style Uprising

Some good news – Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss has promised to allow fracking if she wins. But this belated outbreak of political sanity comes way too late to prevent…

Aussie Reserve Bank Predicts a Crash in Coal Exports

There was a time when bankers would have been embarrassed to publish a graph as absurdly unrealistic as the product at the top of this page.

Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts Slams False Net Zero Inflation Claims

Former mining engineer Senator Malcolm Roberts is one of a handful of Australian federal politicians who have the courage to openly criticise the green madness.

Global Times: Western Countries are Retreating from Climate Change Promises

Chinese Communist mouthpiece Global Times has accused the West, and the USA in particular, of poisoning and politicising global climate cooperation.

Green Energy Fail: Germany Imposes Strict Winter Rationing on Individuals and Companies

Essay by Eric Worrall German landlords can now turn down living area thermostats without tenants permission, thanks to Germany’s failed Energiewende programme, and Germany’s complete failure to plan for contingencies.…