Malcolm Turnbull Claims Climate Change Deniers Conspired to “Take Him Out”

On Tuesday WUWT suggested Ex PM Malcolm Turnbull was cynically axed from a climate board by his own side because he is a political liability. Turns out we were wrong…

Ex Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull Dumped from a Climate Board, as a Coal District Election Looms

Climate overboard? Panicking NSW Conservatives appear to have abruptly placed political survival ahead of climate appeasement, in the face of a sudden unexpected by-election in a coal jobs district.

Should Doctors Receive Mandatory Covid Vaccinations?

A debate appears to be raging in the British medical community, about whether the severity of some long term adverse reactions to the Covid Vaccine undermines the case for mandatory…

Pro Big Government Economist Calls for a Renewable Energy Moonshot

College of London Economist Mariana Mazzucato thinks the entrepreneurial spirit of government employees should be harnessed, to solve big problems like plastics pollution and climate change.

Will John Kerry Sell Out Chinese Human Rights to Win a Global Climate Agreement?

John Kerry insists he will not compromise on pressuring China to improve treatment of persecuted minorities like Christians and Uighurs, to win a global climate agreement. But I’m not sure…

Aussie Government: Blood Clotting Case Likely Linked to Astra-Zeneca Covid Vaccine

Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Michael Kidd has stated that a blood clotting problem which led to a vaccine recipient being hospitalised was likely linked to the Astra-Zeneca Covid-19…

Study: Global Warming Restricting Agricultural Productivity

Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, an economist at Cornell University, claims all the CO2 and global warming we have added to the atmosphere is harming plant growth and agricultural yields, and we are…

State of Georgia Helping Delta Airlines Reduce CO2 Emissions

In the wake of Delta Airlines criticism of Georgia’s voter integrity laws, the Georgia House of Representatives is stripping Delta of state fuel tax exemptions, to help Delta resist the…

Claim: Great Barrier Reef Set to Disappear Because of Global Warming

According to EU Official Virginijus Sinkevičius, Corals which survived the dinosaur killer, the Cretaceous / Paleogene Extinction event, will soon disappear because we have raised atmospheric CO2 a few parts…

Claim: We Need Bangladeshi Floating Gardens to Survive Global Warming

For centuries Bangladeshis have been planting vegetables on floating beds of hyacinths, to secure food supplies against flooding. According to a new study we could all learn from their experience.

AAS Climate Warning: “Delay is as Dangerous as Denial”

According to the Australian Academy of Science, soon every year will be a fire season like 2020. My question:- if the forests all burn down, surely we would run out…

The Strategist: Navies Must Go Zero Carbon

Don’t mention the “N” word; The Strategist thinks the New Zealand Navy receiving money from the Treasury, then paying that money back to the Treasury to purchase carbon credits is…

Politico Fears Most Chinese Solar Panels Include Components Manufactured by Uighur Slaves

European solar manufacturers have claimed nearly every solar panel purchased from China has its origins in the Chinese Muslim slave factories of Xinjiang.

Biden Raising Expectations: Announces a Two Day Virtual Global Climate Conference

My question – how many world leaders will actually stare at a VR screen for the entire two days, vs providing a fake feed of sitting by their computer paying…

President Biden, Boris Johnson Push Green Alternative to the Chinese Belt and Road

The Biden administration has announced plans to borrow billions of dollars, presumably from China, to finance a green rival to the Chinese Belt and Road initiative, to counter China’s global…

DeSmog Blog Founder Opens Up About the “Bad Actors” Impeding Climate Action

De-Smog Blog co-founder James Hoggan seems to think people who oppose climate action are “bad actors”. My question – how is that confrontational approach working out for you, James?

Russia Urges the World to Consider the Arctic as an Alternative to the Suez Canal

Russia wants nations to take up its offer to smash channels through the Arctic with its nuclear icebreaker fleet, to reduce global shipping dependency on the Suez Canal.

NSW Climate Floods? Greens Now Furiously Opposing Flood Control Efforts

Through causing panic by telling everyone climate change is making floods worse, Michael Mann may have inadvertently triggered the destruction of hundreds of square miles of pristine protected NSW wilderness.

New Nose Only Covid Masks

Advocates claim wearing a nose only mask under your regular mask allows you to stay protected when eating at restaurants. But I’m not sure having a contaminated surface just above…

Climate Grief: “Half the wildlife in Africa has died on my watch.”

Climate scientists want to be “stewards of grief, to hold the hand of society as we enter the unknown space of the climate crisis”.

Joe Biden Pledges to Make Solar Panels More Environmentally Toxic

If you thought Arsenic doped Silicon or Gallium Arsenide on your roof was bad, how about solar cells made of organic Lead compounds, or Cadmium Telluride? Biden’s quest for cheaper…

Michael Mann: Reduce CO2 Emissions to Restore Climate Stability in Australia

Apparently Anthropogenic CO2 is responsible for Australia’s wild weather swings between drought and flood. But “it’s not too late to forestall a dystopian future that alternates between Mad Max and…

The Guardian: The Plastics and Pollution Crisis will Shrink Your Penis

The effort to find a replacement for the dying climate crisis has plumbed new depths.

Bjørn Lomborg: Questioning Spending Trillions on Climate Change Gets you Cancelled

Bjørn Lomborg can trigger screaming climate hysteria, just by offering to talk to people. And he is not even a climate skeptic.