Green British Academics Blast Politicians for Allowing Consumer Choice

British Academics have blamed the Government’s “laissez-faire approach of simply going with the grain of consumer choice” for Britain’s failure to tackle CO2 emissions.

Renewable Energy Obsessed Aussie Government Urges Gas Companies Charge “Appropriate Prices”

As Australia’s climate and energy minister savages the idea of gas exploration, Australia’s Prime Minister is urging gas companies to keep prices under control.

Green Insanity: Governor Gretchen Whitmer Shutting Down Home Propane Supplies?

As Michigan heads into winter, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been accused of endangering Michigan residents with a shutdown of a major propane supply pipeline.

Aussie ABC Admits the Renewable Transition is Driving Up Household Electricity Bills

“… the up-front costs involved in transitioning the network to renewables will be large …”

UK Über Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg Outed as a Guardian Loving Big Government Green?

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Small Government Right Wing Hope of the UK Conservatives, talking to the Guardian like a big government left wing green.

British House of Lords: “Covid was a crisis, the climate is a crisis. We can learn some very important messages around the communications”

According to the British House of Lords, a third of planned Net Zero emission cuts must come from changes to behaviour. Use Covid lessons to curb climate change, Lords tell…

Dear Neighbour, Please “Roster Ration” Your Electricity Use so our EVs can Charge

Sydney radio station 2GB has reported a hilarious request from an Electric Vehicle owners group for neighbours to ration their use of electricity, so their EVs can charge.

UN WMO Head: “From climate perspective, the war in Ukraine may be seen as a blessing”

United Nations World Meteorological Organization head Petteri Taalas seeing the climate change benefits of war in Europe.

“Not fair”: $25 Billion Promised, $55 million Pledged for Climate Adaption

The odds are growing that the cost of hosting the next COP conference will exceed the money actually delivered on all those broken climate promises.

WMO: Embrace Renewables to Stabilise the Power Grid

Apparently nuclear plants are out because they require precious water for cooling, or are vulnerable to sea level rise.

Paypal: Alleged Threat of Money Seizure from Users who Promote “Misinformation”

Paypal stirred a firestorm over an apparent threat to pull money from the accounts of people whose views they don’t like, before apparently backing down.

AFR: Australia’s Renewable Transition to Drive Up Prices 35% Next Year

Surprise – despite a political promise of cheaper power bills, turns out someone has to pay the trillions of dollars required to “transition” to renewables.

Fed Up British Drivers Unglue Climate Protestors the Hard Way

Faced with repeated police inaction towards disruptive climate protestors, a handful of British drivers have taken the law into their own hands, dragging “Just Stop Oil” protestors from the streets.

Greta Thunberg: “We Might Still have Time to Turn Things Around”

Greta Wazzername trying to remain relevant in a world which has largely forgotten her.

New Hurricane Ian Challenge: Spontaneously Combusting Electric Vehicles

Flooded electric vehicle fires on a scale firefighters have never faced before, according to Florida’s top fire marshal Jimmy Patronis.

Oops: Renewable Energy Costs Shut Down Solar Cell Manufacturing in Europe

Despite green claims renewables are the cheapest form of power, renewable manufacturers are struggling to survive Europe’s soaring energy prices.

“Move Before I Pull My Gun Out”: Irate DC Commuter Gets a Pass from Climate Protestors

Video suggests the gun wielding Washington DC commuter was rushing to help her sick mum.

World Economic Forum: “Society hasn’t Listened. People Want Action” on Climate Change

Who are these people who are not part of society?

Common Dreams: Rooftop Solar Would have Prevented Hurricane Ian Power Outages

Greens are using the power outages following Hurricane Ian to push solar power.

The Dispatch: “A Conservative Approach to Climate Change”

Swedish Economist John Gustavsson explaining his vision of Conservative climate action, though he avoids the obvious question.

The Atlantic: The Inflation Reduction Act has Unleashed “Uncapped” Spending on Climate Change

According to The Atlantic, the IRA costs are just estimates. For many items there are no limits on the magnitude of federal climate subsidies available.

Cardinal Czerny: The Time for Climate Denial and Populism is Over

According to Canadian Cardinal Michael Czerny, Hurricane Ian which recently struck Florida shows that people should stop listening to populist politicians and climate skeptics.

SMH: Australia is Crucial to Global CO2 Reduction

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia can save the world by manufacturing cheap goods using green hydrogen.

Claim: Fauci Grants $650K to UK Researcher to Perform Gain of Function Studies on Covid Like Viruses

Is the plan to keep attempting to wipe out mankind until they get it right?