Aussie Eco-Warrior Fury over Wind Farm Wilderness Devastation

Green supporters of renewable energy are horrified at the devastation construction has wrought on pristine Cairns wilderness.

African Cowboys Attack Farmers Over Water Access: UN Blames Climate Change

The United Nations has blamed a Cameroon version of an old style US Wild West style Range War over control of water and territory on climate change.

Analysis: Obura et al Coral Bleaching Study: Models Used Misrepresent Warming Rate….”30% Too High”!

The headline of the agency report once again conveys threatening scenarios about the imminent death of “all coral reefs”, which cannot be justified or supported.

Artificial Intelligence Implies Artificial Stupidity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Over at “SkepticalScience”, which is neither skeptical nor scientific, they’re hyping a new “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) tool developed by John Cook et al. to identify…

Pielke Jr. on John Cook’s Ministry of Truthotron

They are automating character assassination & calling it “science”

Researcher: More Inexpert Climate Change Reporting Required

Quantity over quality: According to University of Gothenburg Assistant Researcher Áine Kelly-Costello, climate reporting can no longer be left to people who have made an effort to understand the subject.

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