UK PM Damage Control: China and India Didn’t Show at COP26 “Because of the Pandemic”

UK PM Boris Johnson has claimed COP26 is “snipping the wires on the climate doomsday device”, but rejected the idea of a referendum on Net Zero, claiming the public should…

Polar bear watching in high gear near Churchill as everyone waits for the sea ice to form

All of the bears within view of the coastal web cams on the shore of Wapusk National Park near Churchill on Western Hudson Bay seem to be in very good…

Claim: 52F – 59F Annual Average is a “Fundamental” Climate Constraint

Despite humans being tropical apes, we apparently find it very difficult to survive outside of temperate zones where average annual temperature ranges from 52F – 59F (11C-15C).

Hilarious Writeup of the Heartland Climate Conference

Imagine ancient druids writing concerned articles about how upstart Christian missionaries are undermining enthusiasm for their annual Wicker Man human sacrifice, and you get a sense of how UK mainstream…

COP26 And The Hubris Of Our Political Overlords

I can think of no other comparable activities that put on such dramatic and widely-viewed display the immeasurable foolishness and hubris of our political overlords.

THIS WEEK: The Heartland Institute’s Climate Reality Forum from COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland

Five hours of daily presentations begin at 9 am ET on Tuesday, Nov. 2 and Wednesday, Nov. 3