“Over My Dead Body”: Louisiana Senator Responds to Joe Biden’s Proposed Climate Shutdown of the US Fossil Fuel Industry

Democrat Presidential wannabe Joe Biden. By David Lienemann – White House (V011013DL-0556), Public Domain, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

I think it is fair to say Presidential wannabe Joe Biden has stirred up some strong feelings over his plan to “transition” the jobs of millions of ordinary Americans.

Exclusive–‘Over My Dead Body’: Bill Cassidy Torches Joe Biden’s Plan to Shut Down Oil, Natural Gas

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Friday that former Vice President Joe Biden would shut down America’s energy industry “over my dead body.”

During Thursday night’s presidential debate between Biden and President Donald Trump, Biden pledged to shut down the oil industry.

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said.

He explained further, saying, “Because the oil industry pollutes. It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. And I’d stop giving federal subsidies to the oil industry. He won’t give federal subsidies to solar and wind. Why are we giving it to the oil industry?”

Cassidy told Breitbart News that Biden’s promise to close the oil industry exposes Biden and the Democrat Party’s elitism and lack of concern for the working-class families that will lose their livelihoods in the process.

“I think it exposes the elitism of the Democratic Party. I read Joe flew away in his private jet. He will still have the jet fuel; he will just buy it from someplace else. Another 11 million jobs, 250,000 of them in Louisiana in oil and gas, they’re gone,” Cassidy said. “But they’re not his voters. They’re in flyover country. So his coastal elites would do extremely well; they don’t worry about that, they won’t be inconvenienced, they’ll probably repeal the SALT tax so that they have even more money. For the folks back home, who have good-paying jobs because of the oil and gas industry, an asset that everyone can see will be needed for the next 50 years. They’ll be a little harder off.”

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/23/exclusive-over-my-dead-body-bill-cassidy-torches-joe-bidens-plan-to-shut-down-oil-natural-gas/

To be fair Joe Biden has a plan for the “transitioned” oil and gas workers. Biden wants everyone currently working in well paid oil, coal and gas jobs to go on welfare, and accept government handouts, until they get new jobs as professional software developers.

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  1. I’ve said this a thousand, thousand times – yes, they really mean it, yes, they really will, the second they can – and not just oil, but every crazy agenda item on their list, top to bottom.

    The second they can.

    • When they have mass unemployment shortly after that they get put up against the wall … history teaches many lessons.

        • No, they will simply cause more trouble that way. IN the immortal words of Barney Fife,”Nip it! Nip it in the bud!”

      • It did not happen in Hitler’s Germany, in Mussolini’s Italy, in Stalin’s USSR. We can sharpen our pitchforks, but what chance do we have against machine guns?

          • German military were German, etc. With enough propaganda you win. And the left propaganda is winning.

          • 20 years ago, I would have agreed with you.
            However the modern military is becoming more “woke” every year.

          • Actually only a segment of the Officer Corps is leftist, as it always has been. Speaking with a lot of vets from the last 20 odd years gives a very different view. They have seen firsthand what leftism produces and they want none of it. Again, a tiny minority thinks it is just great and want to bring it to America, hence the rioting, looting, raping and killing being done in Democrat controlled cities around the country.

          • I don’t believe it’s winning with military folks. More than half would refuse the order, of that I have no doubt.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong (speaking at long distance from Aus) – my understanding is the US military is pledged to uphold the US Constitution, not the current government.

          • Exactamundo! And once you separate from service the line concerning obeying orders of those higher in rank dissolve, leaving only the directive to defend Constitution and fellow citizens. Left REALLY hates that.

          • @2hotel9 October 25, 2020 at 7:28 am

            Actually only a segment of the Officer Corps is leftist…”

            Trouble is, that “…segment…” comprises most of the flag officers (general or admiral ranks), Obama made sure of that. Any identifiable conservatives within the flag officer corps were forced into retirement during the Obama maladministration, to be replaced with card carrying wokists. And any identifiable conservatives amongst the O-5/6s probably retired as well, since it was painfully, glaringly obvious they weren’t gonna make rank under that CIC.

          • And they are now walking on eggshells, surrounded by those who simply look at them and then do their duty as dictated by their oath. Ask any senior officer, giving an order that you know will be openly disregarded is the death-knell of their career. Going to be a wave of resignations and requests for reassignment after DJT’s landslide, they know which side has their backs and it is not America. Long past time for a purge of “political” officers and senior NCOs. 20 years of pointless war has stripped away the leftists ability to manipulate troops. DJT ripping out the critical theory indoctrination of military and government employees is just the start, now they can openly repudiate that racist crap and the rest of the leftist agenda will go down with it.

        • Unarmed, are you? Sorry for your poor choices, I and many millions of Americans made far better choices, one being to get excellent weapons training from experts. Veteran, US Army. Your welcome.

          Oh, and as for going against “machine guns” Black Lies Matter and pantifa aren’t having much trouble.

      • You forgot the bridge to Hawaii. Of course they may expect us all to paddle like the Polynesian did a long time ago. Problem is the currents don’t take you to North America.

    • Cheapest? Even after factoring in the need to convert it to H2, store it batteries for when it’s needed, and pay the trillions to clean up the mess when they wear out in a couple of decades? A smart environmentalist would push for natural gas or thorium msr’s – not the wind and solar scam that’s just a subsidy mining scheme.

    • There’s a huge difference between being the cheapest at the output of a power plant and being the cheapest overall. The comparisons between renewables and conventional generation almost always ignore the backup generation costs, extra transmission costs, storage costs, regulating reserves, etc. None of the storage methods you mention are nearly as effective or efficient as fossil fuels.

    • LOL! You do know that if the USGS has been correct in it’s first report on oil reserves we would have run out in the 1920’s.

      • yeah I personally remember the 70s claims of no coal il etc in 20yrs max
        and yet use has soared and supplies arent gone yet
        like all the other LIES we were suckered with as teenagers thanks to Ehrlich , Holdren,suzuki and Strongs agitprop

        Id personally like to see them hang for their crimes

    • The only way to make solar reliable is to put the solar power stations into space, well beyond the effects of weather.


      You could bring the launch cost down by using NERVA launch technology currently being developed by Russia, or even get serious and build a Project Orion launcher – a million tons into orbit in a few dollars per kilo.

      Strangely greens don’t seem to be agitating for the construction of nuclear powered space launchers.

      • ‘Strangely greens don’t seem to be agitating for the construction of nuclear powered space launchers.’

        I honestly don’t think anyone is pro atmospheric detonation of nuclear weapons (except your good self)

        • Ah but griff climate change is an existential crisis right? How can a little fallout be worse than the imminent end of the world?

        • Griff: the placing of power stations in space could only be characterized as “atmospheric detonation of nuclear weapons” by someone willfully stupid or mendacious. If you talk honest common sense you might be taken a bit more seriously.

        • @Richard – you apparently are not familiar with the “Orion Proposal” – which was an idea to lift truly massive amounts of material into space by detonating successive nuclear bombs below a “pusher plate.” (See Jerry Pournelle’s “Footfall” for an excellent dramatic treatment of the notion.)

          @Eric – the microwave beams from SPS would be an even better bird roaster than some of the current solar plants. If they didn’t explode, they would be done through, not just flash fried on the outside.

          No, the solution that I favor to the “existential crisis” is to go into space. But find a bunch of smallish asteroids and send them down to turn the major producer of that evil CO2 pollution, Red China, into a very large glass lake. (Land mass only; don’t want any tsunamis…) That has the added benefit of throwing a very large amount of dust into the atmosphere, thus starting us back down to the “ideal” global temperature circa 1880. With very little radiation, assuming you also don’t target their nuke power plants. Oh, also gets us a third of the way towards reducing human population to a “sustainable” level.

          Sigh. Suppose I should add the /sarc here…

          • While the beams themselves would have lots of power, the power would be distributed over many square miles. The energy per square inch would be low enough to be safe even for long term exposure.

        • Many satellites and space probes are powered by radioactive isotopes.

          Griff is wrong about everything.

          • Yes. An example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Basically the answer to why most people are so overconfident in their opinions – the stupid ones are too stupid to realize they’re stupid. The bright ones assume the others are as bright as themselves.

      • recent reportsof masses of space junk might make orbiting solar a LOT iffy?
        and it could be weaponised or used to deny power also

        • ” it could be weaponised or used to deny power also”.

          Please note … this has already been accomplished and it’s called ‘smart meters’. These units are used to provide remote management of air conditioning etc. as a service TODAY.
          Power can be denied on an individtual household basis and (depending on how modern are you appliances) on an appliance by appliance basis using the Zigbee network. The tech has been installed within the meter to support these networks which can pass shutdown commands to the appliance computers within (for e3xample) your laundry dryer. It’s intent is rationing and scheduled use of the power from unreliables to allow compliance with ‘smart’ fee structures and power availability ( or lack thereof).

          • When AOC heard about the interconnect between smart meters, the Zigbee network and modern appliances she wet her panties.

      • “You could bring the launch cost down”

        To reduce launch costs reduce the weight of the components.

        A hypothetical Solar Power Satellite: Create a strong balloon, one mile in diameter (can you tell I’m American 🙂 and cover the outside with thin-film solar cells and launch it into orbit. In orbit, the balloon can be inflated using about 40 pounds of Helium. You don’t have to worry about aiming the SPS at the sun because half of it will always be illuminated by the sun.

        If memory serves, this setup would produce about 1GW. Of course, thin-film solar cells have improved quite a bit since that proposal was put forth. I would be interested in an updated report on this kind of design. I haven’t seen any other design that looked cheaper or simpler to implement.

          • You would transport the electric power via microwave beam to a reciever on Earth where it would be convertied back to electricity and distributed to the customer.

            Solar Power Satellites could power industry in orbit in a similar way, and be used to power orbital transfer vehicles.

            The Chicoms say they are going to build a demonstration Solar Power Satellite in orbit by the year 2030.

            I think NASA ought to beat them to it. Let’s have another space race.

        • A mile diameter balloon. Wonderful target for space junk and meteoroids of all sizes. It would be swiss cheese in short order.

        • “If memory serves”. It does not, or your math does not. The power would be gigantic, not a measly 1GW. And why use helium, not hydrogen?

          I still prefer tabletop fusion.

          • I’ll look around for that study. It’s so old, it is actually printed on paper.

            Helium is an inert gas.

    • Batteries???
      The Grid Scale Tesla batteries “Megapack” batteries have a footprint of 23 ft 5 in x 5 ft 3 in (7.14 m x 1.60 m) weigh 51,000 lbs (23.1 tons) each, and have a capacity of up to 3 KWh (enough to power 1000 homes for 1 hour or about 40 homes for 24 hours).
      To manufacture sufficient Megapack type batteries will require significant amounts of ore mining just for unrefined materials. Mining WILL be required in EVERY country that has the needed materials.

        • Yep, batteries don’t create ANY electricity

          And they can never store enough for balancing supply

          Only purpose is to try to stabilise the grid from the non-sychronicity and erratic nature of unreliable wind and solar.

          So they are basically a monumentally expensive fix to a stupid attempt to fix a problem which is actually a non-problem, in fact a huge benefit to the planet

          What a TOTAL WASTE of TIME, RESOURCES and MONEY !

          Wouldn’t you agree, griff. !

          Could be spent much more wisely and humanely by helping third world countries get RELIABLE electricity supplies and allowing them to progress to a higher standard of living

          But YOU JUST DON’T CARE about those people, do you griff.

          Just like YOU JUST DON’T CARE about Arctic sea life.

          • Griffiepoo: We’re still waiting for your response on the Polar Bear thread to my question about the Holocene Warm Period and Arctic ice.

            Oh, and Dr Susan Crockford is still waiting for your apology for defamation.

          • +++!

            But I am glad solar, wind, and battery tech are progressing——for specialty uses, not for replacing “carbon”.

            Eg, I’m a sailor and a love our wind and solar generators on our boat——and of course sailboats are perhaps the original and most ancient form of wind machines.

          • fred250,

            griff is just here to make you type in capitals, not to inform you. musks products are sham products, and he requires people like griff and the daily “journalists” etc to continue receiving money from governments and investment funds. its a hard sell, because most people understand the weaknesses of batteries.

            what most underestimate is the scale of the weakness of renewables. eg here my city there are around 1 million houses that require on average that 3kW on average, the battery is supposed to supply 3MWh so, as you say 1000 houses for an hour, so one would need (without wind) about 14000 megapacks. the state would never recover from the debt and it would need to be replaced not far down the track.

            how does it help anyway? it is important to view it from the broader angle, have a look at the executive review – https://www.energy.gov.au/sites/default/files/Australian%20Energy%20Statistics%202020%20Energy%20Update%20Report_0.pdf

            and then pop down to page 8 where it shows that energy usage in australia was 94% from fossil fuels.

            that is they key here, it does nothing to energy use unless everything is converted to electricity. the current electrical power usage needs to be at least 900% higher than it currently is (by transport/industry etc).

        • “their biggest use is frequency response/managing ramp up and down of wind/solar”.
          Finally, graceful blackouts?

        • The batteries need to power the US for fours hours will take that plant a 1000 years to build. Somehow I don’t think we can wait that long. Griff you have no idea the magnitude of the problem. I guessing like most liberals you have a thirteen year old understanding how things work.

        • Griffiepoo: Pray tell us how much energy us required to mine the lithium salts and reduce them to metallic lithium. Hint: it’s a lot.

      • Should read: Capacity of 3000 kWh, DELIVERED AS AC TO THE HIGH VOLTAGE GRID.

        Such a CUSTOM DESIGNED battery system costs about $1.5 MILLION

        Any electricity passing through a battery system has a loss of 15 to 20 percent on a HVAC to HVAC basis

        • Now I know I typed MWh apparently autocorrupt altered it and I failed to proofread properly
          Definitely 3 MWh (not KWh)

    • WOW, what have you been smoking? !!

      Its highly hallucinogenic….. crazy dreams and vivid fantasies…

      …..whatever it is .. you should stay off it, or you’ll become just like demented Joe Biden,

    • Are you serious Tony? What do you know about the necessary resources to create all forms of renewables? What do you know about the necessary fossil fuels used ‘in’ the creation of all forms of renewables?

      CO2 is not reduced with the use of renewables. Mining is not reduced with the use of renewables, in fact it’s vastly increased. There are materials used in the manufacture of renewables that require mining practices that are among the most toxic in the world.

      Humanitarian issues have increased vastly in developing nations with the advent of renewables and will reach a crisis point if nations attempt to go 100% renewable energy, batteries and EV’s.

      I’ll give you a way of thinking this through. Australia has a 10 gigawatts solar installation that is under serious consideration. Find out what the implications of this would mean.

      I’ll give you a hint, they want to reduce the footprint of this installation from 15,000 hectares, (I’ll let you convert that) but I personally think that this figure is in seriously underestimated.

      The Northern Territory has large numbers of Aboriginals, is it likely that they have been hoodwinked? Many of our indigenous people in the center of Australia have limited English.

      Find out the required cabling within the site itself. Oh and incidentally, the site is 750 kilometers south of Darwin and the power then has to be cabled to Singapore. Find out how many inverters and transformers will be necessary. There is an infamous Tesla backup battery in South Australia at Horndale solar, it was the largest in the world for quite some time. They are actually boosting this by 50% and the Sun Cable installation will have a battery backup of 150 times the backup of Horndale. Find out the footprint of the Tesla battery at Horndale, and multiply that by 150. You will be shocked! And to add to that, this backup power is still only good for a matter of hours.

      I think there could be around 37 million panels for this site but you’ll need to confirm this, these figures might help you work out some of the resources needed, but you’ll need more details to get the complete picture.

      You would also need to do an impact audit on the flora and fauna. This is a significant amount of land, there will be significant losses. There are many animals and other small creatures living in the desert, ask David Attenborough.

      One more thing, the conditions in Central Australia are extremely harsh, none of this infrastructure is likely to last twenty years. Who is responsible for decommissioning and recycling of these renewables at end of life? And, how much of it toxic? Or will they simply turn a blind eye, and bury it in sacred indigenous land?

      Renewables are not clean, green or sustainable. They are not cheaper either, they can’t run on any level without the backup of fossil fuels. And I am yet to meet a person who’s electricity bill hasn’t gone through the roof. Germany has the most expensive electricity in the world, it is also the nation most heavily ‘invested’ (an oxymoron) in renewables.

      You cannot sing the praises of renewables when you haven’t thought it through. Take a good look at what I’ve said Tony, do some research, outside of the renewables industry, and the come back and tell me what’s good about renewables.

      • I’m addicted to a TV series called ‘Aussie Gold Hunters’ in which intrepid folk head out into large areas of seemingly near desert Australia and are allowed to dig holes, excavate, bulldoze and generally rearrange stuff to their hearts content – nobody seems to be complaining they are hurting the vegetation/wildlife and frankly there doesn’t seem to be anything there to impact.

        There really isn’t going to be any damage/impact from a vast solar installation and there is certainly plenty of empty, useless land to put it on.

        • Griff, ask David Attenborough about the abundance of life in 15,000 to 30,000 hectares, or if it helps you to conceptualise the size better 150 to 300 square kilometres of desert in Central Australia. I’m guessing you’re too lazy to convert that to miles. Seriously Griff ask him if it matters. Ask him to describe to you the life that you discount. He has done countless documentaries on desert life. It’s likely if you dared to do a simple search you could find an episode yourself.

          Ask the indigenous people if they realise that their sacred lands are being trashed. Oh that’s right, you would need to know the language of the indigenous people in that area. There are more than three hundred different indigenous dialects.

          Griff, regardless of the many other real and very negative issues associated with renewables infrastructure, you have already dismissed two. The issues you dismissed are supposed to represent your altruistic ideals. The environment, and disadvantaged people.

          You are a hypocrite Griff, and you are living a lie.

          • No, YOU are the hypocrite, or you’d be out there stopping people bulldozing the bush for gold, blowing up aboriginal sacred sites for iron mining etc.

            Its OK to mine it, bulldoze it, let it burn – but not OK to put solar power on it?

          • Griff, the Aboriginals have been setting fires long before the white man set foot on these shores.

            They receive royalties from mining on their lands, large sums of money. Sad to say that their is no corner of the world that isn’t touched by corruption. Decades ago there was an indigenous leader who had the gall to purchase and drive a Rolls Royce, whilst others were unaware they were entitled to a share. This is an example of why it’s more convenient to keep their own, out of school. This unfortunately still occurs.

            I really don’t think you have grasped the amount of land required for renewables Griff, I don’t believe you have attempted to identify a unit of power and compare the requirements of land and materials for each of them.

            The project in the Northern Territory is for solar, at 10 gigawatts. There is another planned in Western Australia, a wind and solar combination, at 26 gigawatts.

            Those numbers are meaningless to you Griff, if you bothered to do the calculations Griff you would be aware of the vastly greater damage done by the manufacture and installation of wind and solar, and the toxic waste left behind.

            As far as me going out there to protest, I don’t share the same luxury of tolerance in regard to protest that you do Griff. You can spout your opinion far and wide in MSM. Where I would be quickly shut down, arrested and vilified, you would be called a peaceful protester. You are a protected species.

          • “but not OK to put solar power on it?”

            Because it is TOTALLY POINTLESS.!

            And you can absolutely BET that the greenie anti-environmenatlists will never clean up the massive mess once it dies a quick death because of Australian conditions.

          • “but not OK to put solar power on it?”

            And now griff wants to spread TOXIC POLLUTION in solar panels all over the Australia Outback.

            You really are a disgusting little person, griff. !

          • griff October 24, 2020 at 3:42 am
            No, YOU are the hypocrite, or you’d be out there stopping people bulldozing the bush for gold, blowing up aboriginal sacred sites for iron mining etc.

            Its OK to mine it, bulldoze it, let it burn – but not OK to put solar power on it?

            You do appear to be the Hypocrite Griff
            Gold is required to create Corrosion Resistant connections in electronics that are regularly exposed to Ocean Environments, like Shipping. And perhaps even Solar Panel connectivity in equally corrosive environments.
            Iron and Coal mining are required to make the Steel needed to support those same solar panels.
            Coal and Quartz mining are required to create the Solar PV Cells to make the panels.
            Vast quantities of Copper mining is then required to create the Copper Wiring needed to connect all the panels together in one cohesive generator.

          • Poor griff, he’s been caught in yet another lie, and his only response is to get angry, at those who caught him.

            Typical response for a progressive.

          • @ Mark
            “Typical response for a progressive.”

            is progressive a euphemism for retarded ?
            just asking for a friend.

          • It´s very hard to even try to think the amount of pure stupidity what you griff represent.
            Desert is full of life, and that life is not possible under solarpanels. If you could have another brain cell, you would understand that it´s not a very bright idea to destroy nature so we could save it.
            griff, you are idiot and you have no shame to point that out to everybody. So I can´t say, shame on you.
            But to others, please don´t feed that maggot. It´s waste of time and ink to print it. It can´t read, or understand the voice of reason.

        • You truly are IGNORANT about outback Australia, aren’t you griff.

          PLEASE , wake up and stop displaying your ignorance in your every post !!

        • “vast solar installation”

          roflmao……. with nowhere to use the electricity.

          HOW DUMB !

          You are clueless about the vast distances in Australia, aren’t you fool !

        • So someone walking about with a metal detector and digging and occasional 2ft square hole is a climate criminal. If you really listened to the rules they work under then you would appreciate just how stupid your comment is.

        • There is a big difference between digging a hole a few hundred feet across and build-dozing hundreds of square miles flat.

          BTW, when are you going to answer the question regarding ice levels during the Holocene?

      • thanks Megs yeah 50sq miles of heat emanating black panels in close proximity wont that throw some heat around
        a pissant amt to be leaked out to darwin to shut emup
        and singapore gets the product
        not ONE aussie dollar should be spenton it
        in fact its so stupid it shouldnt happen
        its on the old Victoria downs station some OS mobs bought
        dunno what happened to checking OS buyers being allowed to grab our productive lands regs?
        china got watr rights in vic/nsw
        and usa almond growers just took over a huge swathe of farmland in vic

    • The IEA known for it’s pro fossil fuel stance, don’t make me laugh !

      I wrote to them about one of their recent reports where they compared the availability of wind with gas generation. As this is comparing a resource which is always on to the grid whatever it’s output with a generator that is used to balance the load and forced to run at lower outputs than it could. It (gas) is also capable of providing power on demand which renewables just cannot do.
      A far more balanced comparison would be nuclear which also is always on, but that would give a far less favourable figure for wind.
      I received not even an acknowledgement of my letter.
      So many of these ‘learned’ bodies do not count all the costs and merely look at the capital. They also concentrate on cost with no thought of practicality or suitability of part time power as a grid supplier.
      Unfortunately these reports get published in the media giving a completely false impression to the public who are unaware of the true cost of renwables and also it’s technical unsuitability for large scale grid supply.

        • Steven Mosher…….

          Another pointless, stupid comment from you. For somebody who should know better, after all these years reading intelligent contributors posts to this site, you are just demonstrating your ignorance and stupidity on a grand scale, Steven! Pretty sad!

          • Not really.
            unsolicited letters, “open letters”, all that shit is useless in changing things.
            it makes you feel good “I wrote a letter and got no response”
            futile virtue signaling.

        • When was the last time you sent a letter mosh? Stamps are all self adhesive little stickers now. No spit involved. Only for the past few decades though. Understandable that somebody with your powers of observation wouldn’t have noticed yet.

          • wasting spit on the stamp is a metaphor.

            spit indicating how worthless the effort would be.

            of course you literalize the metaphor.
            People on the spectrum do that all the time.

          • Yes, I knew that it was your idea of an inglish mager littererry device, but the opportunity to berate you was too tempting. Duh.

            Maybe you’re eliminating capital letters because they remind you of capitalism?

          • Mosh has got to the stage where he has WASTED his whole life, and become a “No-one”

            You can see that he knows that….. in every post he makes.

      • Iain Reed- I believe you are right. The best bet for electricity is a modern, self-contained nuclear plant. Some are already fully developed(fast breeder reactor). The Molten Salt reactor designs are on their way and would be the safest way- they can be built small enough for distributed use(although that migte generate a bit of Gerbil Warming).

        In the mean time all this development is best provided by natural gas combined cycle plants. They are remarkably efficient in converting gas into electricity with just a bit of CO2 release into the atmosphere. The CO2 is probably equal value to the electricity as a plant growth stimulant. It doesn’t have to be distributed worldwide. It can easily be compressed and pumped to local farms to stimulate crop growth.

        Poor Gruff’s niggardly posts, all are even more speculative than this one, are more humorous than anything.

    • Technically, the statement that solar is now the cheapest form of energy doesn’t make sense.

      Nevertheless, I actually prefer my lights to turn on when I flick a switch and for my clocks, refrigerator, security system, etc. to work 24 hours per day.

    • There is at least a 150-year supply of oil, gas and coal in the arctic, which soon will be mostly free of ice.

      Why do you think Russia has a fleet of very large icebreakers; some go through THREE METERS OF ICE?

      Why do you think Russia is greatly increasing its military forces in the arctic?

      The arctic will be the new Middle East, mostly controlled by Russia.

      The actual Middle East is mostly sucked dry, except of Iran.

      Wind and solar cannot even exist on the grid without the other generators varying their outputs up and down to counteract the variations of wind and solar 24/7/365, year after year.

      Custom-engineered, LARGE-SCALE, battery systems cost about $500/kWh delivered as AC to the high voltage grid.

      California would MULTI-BILLION kWh-scale battery systems to cover 5 to 7-day heat waves, if it had even more wind and solar.

      You think that comes cheap?

      Those TRADITIONAL generating plants have to be staffed, fueled, kept in good condition, ready to operate.

      Stupid RE folks in California shut down 15 of the 19 Pacific coast, clean, highly-efficient, gas plants, that produce STEADY electricity at 4 to 5 c/ kWh, because those RE idiots hate fossil, plus they inanely fantasized the plants would heat up the Pacific Ocean

      Biden wants to ban fracking. He is a total idiot.

      That would kill millions of jobs in the oil and gas industry, and also in other sectors, such as the chemical and drug industry

    • and ice is very cheap to produce in the winter..so it would be logical to think people who sell ice cream make a big profit in winter..
      being the cheapest to produce means nothing if nobody want what you produce.

    • You should go back to school and study some basic science and engineering.

      Right now,you’re spewing just nonsense..EOM

    • It’s amazing how willing some are to accept any propaganda that says what they want to hear.

      Yes, oil is finite, however we won’t have to worry about it running out for hundreds of years. Thousands for coal.

      Wind and solar are only cheap if you don’t include the cost of backup. When that is included, they become the most expensive by far.

    • You have to be very careful with these type of statements and forecasts.
      By way of example, in the officially very green Netherlands, just under 2x New Jersey surface area, some 2,600 wind turbines and 12 million solar panels together provide 4.5% of energy input – sun shining, wind blowing.
      Like in uber green Germany, electricity prices are approx 30c/kWh and the entire energy market, top to bottom has been distorted through massive subsidies. Take those away, and renewables are no longer so “cheap”.
      Scale up, and you’ll find that over the past decade +, globally some $3 trillion has been put into solar and wind, the lion’s share through government subsidies. These energy sources today contribute no more than 2.5% of global energy input.
      Draw your own conclusions.

    • Tony,

      Here are some real numbers from BP

      Oil, gas and coal consumption was 87% of ALL world energy in 1991
      Oil, gas and coal consumption was 86% of ALL world energy in 2018, about 550 quads, per BP, a TREMENDOUS reduction of 1% in TWENTY SEVEN YEARS.

      Each quad is 10^15 Btu, about equal to one exajoule.

      Wind and solar was less than 2% in 2018.
      Hydro and bio (mostly dirty, air-polluting, wood burning, worse than coal), made up most of the rest

      How much land and coastal waters would be needed to go to 30 or 50% wind and solar?
      People advocating this are totally nuts.

      Large-scale energy has to come from nuclear, which is largely CO2-free, and low-cost, and steady

      Wind and solar are weather-dependent, variable.

    • tony, you are joking aren’t you? Anyone reading this site for a few days would never be that “unaware”.

    • Sorry solar cannot pay back the energy it took to produce it and somehow I don’t have much need for power only available six hour a day.

    • …solar is now the chapest[sic] form of energy…”

      Cheapest? Um… no. Just, no. I have done solar system design. My design must include an economic analysis to demonstrate that solar is indeed the best choice. Since solar always requires backup (there is no place on earth that receives sunshine 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year, it just doesn’t happen) the cost of the backup must be included in the price of the system, whether it be a natural gas, oil, coal or even electric boiler (in the case of solar thermal) or batteries, pumped water reservoirs, inertial storage, or an always running power plant fired by oil, coal, gas, nuclear, whatever (for solar electric systems), the backup is required to make a complete and functioning system. That was part of the cost of the system.

      But the IEA has tilted the table by creating the LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Electricity). That calculation takes the price of the system divided by the total output over the life of the system. Notice in the case of Fossil Fuel Fired and nuclear backups, the power system must be up and running, even if it is not producing any power, at all times to be available in the event of failure of the “primary” source, whether that be solar or wind. Because the plant is running, the life of the system is the same or even reduced, yet the output is definitely reduced, making the $/kwh move higher, often way higher. Under that calculation, the cost of the backup for a solar system, is put on the analysis of the price of the FFF system!!! That’s not just unfair, that’s lying.

      If I were a Fact Checker, I would rate your statement 4 Pinocchios!

  2. Joe Biden, if he does beat Trump, won’t last 3 months in office before Kamala knifes him via the 25th Amendment, Section 4. Senile Biden’s removal has already been “war-gamed” using his planned cabinet (selected by Obama and Harris, and not Biden himself) with Vice Pres Kamala Harris by Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and a handful of other senior party Democrats how they will eliminate Dementia Joe.

    Dementia Joe will just be a place holder. He is cognitively impaired. And the duped US voters who vote for Dementia Joe are going to get a lesson in Marxist takeovers if Ole’ Joe does indeed become President. He won’t be there for long before the Obama-led Marxists make their move on him.

          • Scissor: maybe you give a bit of a bad impression saying the above video is ‘Leftist lies, important to young voters’ — you almost makes it sound as though this Jordan Rachel is promoting such lies? If you watch the video through about 3 minutes in, she shows a lot of concern about exposing some of Mr. Biden’s corruption, anyway..

          • I agree David. Early into the clip I thought at one point that she was distracted by her own image. I too was expecting her push the leftist view with little real understanding.

            Further into the clip she showed more substance. I don’t know from this clip if she is a Republican or a true journalist suggesting that people look more closely at a story. Is there even such a thing in journalism? Either way if she has a wider ‘younger’ audience then she can encourage them to have a more balanced view.

        • Really? Who was that? George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Thomas Aquinas? Ronald Reagan? Damned well was not Pluggs Biden, the Dementia King.

        • “Trump out-debated”

          All the polls right after the last debate gave the debate to Trump something like 75 percent to Biden’s 25 percent.

          Did you see Biden looking at his watch during the debate? He was probably thinking, “Isn’t this over yet?”

          • Truly a Manchurian candidate; Joe Biden is a major security risk to the United States because of his decision to place his drug-addicted son in a position to be compromised by the Chinese Communist Party with videos of Hunter doing drugs and having sex with underage girls! The CCP was able to get to Dementia Joe by bribing him with millions of dollars to influence US policy! If he wasn’t so corrupt I’d almost feel sorry for the elder abuse he is being subjected to by the Dims! I guess karma really is a biotch!
            While the young woman in the video clip is hardly an eloquent spokesperson, Turning Point, USA is a very worthwhile organization that tries to educate college students about the benefits of free markets and conservatism for all! They work right in the belly of the beast; college campuses, where they are frequently attacked by the openminded and benevolent Progressives! s/

        • Don’t know what debates you were watching, but the highlight of the criticism was when a fly landed on Pence’s hair. Other than that, both Trump and Pence left their opponents in the H’penny place, out of their depth. No amount of wishful thinking can change that.
          Your words, Biden is ”a dead guy” With supporters like you…

    • His treasonous crimes will take him out before his dementia does. His pay to play scheme using his family as a proxy is rapidly unraveling.

      Unlike the fake Russia collusion and impeachment scams, Biden’s crimes are real and provable. The only way his crimes would be swept under the rug, is if the Democrats took total control of Congress, unless they use his crimes get comrade Harris into power . If this were to happen, the Republicans should take a cue from the Democrats and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

      • “the Republicans should take a cue from the Democrats and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.”

        Oh they will. Politicians are the same the world over. If the tables were turned right now, and the Democrats were in control of the Senate and the White House, they’d be pushing their SCOTUS nominee through just as quickly. And the Republicans would be screaming about how unfair it all was.

        They’re all the same.

        • If the Democrats had that much control, they would have already implemented many of their civilization destroying policies and we would now be in the depths of an economic catastrophe that we might never be able to recover from as 100’s of thousands of additional people would have succumbed to the China virus; moreover, all of Trump’s SCOTUS appointments would have gone to radicals intent on legislating from the bench and the great American experiment in freedom would be over.

          • They did have that much control with Obama. They tried, but couldn’t put through what they wanted. And honestly, I don’t think a lot of them really want that, but till pay lip service to it.

  3. I have actually been an oilfield roughneck, for two days, and then I was (mercifully) fired for being obviously physically and emotionally miscast. I have a great regard for anyone who works on an oil rig. Oilfield work in Alberta pays extremely well- as much as a junior partner in a law firm, probably, but you have to be strong enough to endure long hours of heavy labour. You have to live in motels in small towns for two-week periods, and you run a very high risk of serious injury and even death from mistakes with heavy equipment, or sour gas blowouts. One oilfield roughneck brings more real benefit to more people in one year than a faculty lounge of environment professors does in a decade.

    • Agreed.
      I worked as a mud-logger for a while in the 1980s, and during quiet times for me, usually when the crewwere tripping in and out, I’d go and work on the drill floor for a few hours to get some exercise and give the guys a break. It was Outback Australia with the thermometer hitting 42 C every day.
      They were happy to return the favour when my equipment broke and I needed help.
      At the time I was a fit and strong 20-something, but I found roughnecking hard.
      You do need to be strong, but it’s also vital to be agile, smart and attentive to what’s going on.
      If your technique hasn’t been honed to minimise the effort, a 12-hour shift tripping will leave you half dead.
      One crew I worked with in the UK were so hardened to it, that if there was no tripping in a shift
      they’d go to the gym for an hour or two afterwards before going to the pub. Monsters. I couldn’t keep up.
      Those guys keep our society moving, whilst the dweebs with the computer models want to destroy it.

      • I made it two days, sonofametman, and I was 26, six foot-four and could run a mile in 5:30. I had done farm labour and thrived. The problem for me was not just that I wasn’t strong enough physically, but that I was badly out of my depth socially. I was a university student on summer break at the time, and the other guys were all high school drop-outs. Very rough guys. You should have heard them talk about women, and I don’t think they were kidding. I saw them catch a live gopher and crush it to death. Stuff like that. Toxic masculinity squared, and I was very relieved to have been fired, as there was no way we were going to like each other.

        But at the same time, it was impressive that men who had little education, and whom I would have shunned if I had been doing the hiring, were able to make so much money. They all owned expensive trucks, and I think that at least two had bought houses. When those jobs go, those guys are going to be poor when before they were, in terms of income, upper middle class. And that is a loss.

    • Ian,
      Could you please be more specific! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of any benefit that might come out of a faculty lounge full of environmental professors, and I can’t think of one!

      • The benefit brought to us all, Abolition Man, by environmental professors is that, through their efforts, bolstered by their moral wisdom and perfect courage, we will be saved from environmental catastrophe. It is an Armageddon, and they are the Forces of Good.

        I myself am a soldier in the Forces of Evil. It is my existential vocation to destroy humankind on this Earth by denying Climate Change. I also refuse to sort my garbage, and I use a lot of plastic.

        You have been fairly warned. Look under your bed at night, for I may be there.

  4. “He would not get rid of fossil fuels”,said Bill Russo, a spokesman for Mr. Biden’s campaign. “People are not going to lose jobs, in fact we’re going to maintain and create millions of jobs.”
    – Statement in The Wall Street Journal, “Oil Industry Bristles at Biden’s Pledge to transition away from Crude”, October 23, 2020.
    How to keep two completely contradictory ideas in your head at the same time while presenting them as sound policy to the American Public.

    • How to keep two completely contradictory ideas in your head at the same time…

      Coined by George Orwell, that’s the definition of Doublethink.

    • Those that have never worked real jobs always seem to claim the ability to produce these “jobs” at the drop of a hot. I’ve never seen it happen yet.

      • “Producing jobs” was never the point! “Producing jobs” just means you have selected an inferior method of production, with regard to efficiency.

  5. It’s more than oil. My sister is a well meaning foolish leftist. A Loving person that refuses to open her eyes to the reality of what she has been voting for over the years. A believer in the “climate change” issue. A woman that marveled at “the wonderful Dr. Fauci”. She just retired recently from her government job as a supervisor in social work. Now the reality of pocket book issues is unavoidable for her and so I sent her this:

    • It’s about pleasuring oneself, longer than with #metoobin. You can do it on Zoom: you can pretend to be better than others by “banning pollution”.

      Or say in a debate that you want to “close down the virus, not the country” (a phrase which even in Miss America would be too cheesy and unacceptable), a “program” that apparently impressed many Twitter users, many of which are or work to become a “health professional” (if you can count on Twitter bios being correct).

  6. Let me tell you what WILL happen in the US to your resource industries IF Joe Biden is elected.

    Here in Canada the Justin Trudeau was first elected as our Prime minister in 2015. Along with him came a bunch of radical left leaning “Advisers”. One of the worst was Gerald Butts who was Justin’s former room mate during Justin”s two years at university before he dropped out to backpack around the world. Gerald Butts has a long history of pushing and supporting the Lefts agenda through the environmental arm of the movement. Gerald was the former head of the Canadian WWF and he held an advisers position in the Ontario provincial government before that. While working for the Ontario government some of the policies he was promoting and implementing caused the Hydro rates to jump 1200% in the province. The installation of massive wind farms and forcing the power companies to purchase this “Renewable” unstable energy at extremely high rates while at the same time shutting down all of the coal fired plants which were producing the cheapest reliable power. Some people in Ontario have had to decide whether to heat and light their homes in the winter or spend the money on food.

    So the attacks on our resource industry started within three weeks of the 2015 election. These attacks started with a moratorium been issued from the Prime Ministers Office to ban all tanker traffic from the central coast of British Columbia. That one moratorium cascaded into the loss of an already approved oil pipeline to export oil to the Pacific Rim and the three NEW oil sands projects that were going to supply that pipeline. A total of 100 Bilion dollars in projects lost was the results of that.

    On the same day these clowns also put a moratorium on ALL drilling and development in our Arctic basin for resource development. Another 50 Billion in a new pipeline to this area and the three extraction and processing plants that would have brought that gas and oil to markets in the south.

    Not to be out done there was also another Moratorium issued for the continued development of the Sable gas fields off the East coast. That field has since been shut in and the gas flow from it to the East coast has stopped because the companies involved can not get drilling permits to expand into the rest of the reserves.

    Next to come was a massive changes to the regulations, the process and the carbon tax structure to any new resource projects. All new resource projects must under go an extended approval process that includes indigenous review and buy in before approval. Also gender analysis is also to be preformed before government approval. That is on top of the environmental assessments and all of the other scrutiny that has to be answered to. Environmental groups are allowed to drag out the process for years asking question about the project and when they do not like or agree with the answers they start court action which is usually supported by this government. It came to light Justin has been giving large grants to these same environmental groups to help them in their legal battles.

    If that was not enough the NEW carbon tax scheme for these new projects taxes the product from the well head to the end use even if the product is exported. So the transportation company IE pipeline company has the extra burden of paying a tax for the end use of the product if it leaves Canada.

    These new regulations and taxes are what killed the 15 billion dollar Energy East pipeline from the west to the East coast. Energy East went from a 7 year payout on return of investment to NEVER with this new regulation and tax. Along with this pipeline was another 4 oil sands plants that were going to supply it.

    Canada has the third largest oil an gas reserves in the world. So far today the Western resource industry in Canada has lost close to 250 BILLION dollars investment that had been on the books before the left leaning Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015. The amount of job losses seen in the west is close to 150,000 job gone. Calgary was the city where the management, design and engineering of these projects was been handled. Since Justin entered office the unemployment rate in Calgary has shot to 23%. Three major oil and gas companies have removed their offices from Calgary and moved to greener pastures. Today a lot of the office towers in downtown Calgary are virtually empty and whole sections of the suburbs are housing out of work people who used to fill them.

    It is Not Joe Biden to be afraid of it is all of the Left leaning focus groups and people who are pushing the green new deal agenda to support the UN lead globalist position. Joe does not even know what state he is in half the time. Harris is the one to fear because Micheal Moore let it slip today that Harris is a farther left leaning progressive then Bernie is. If the people of the US elect the left leaning Democrats then the resource industry is going to suffer the same fate as ours here in Canada.

    • Ah but your name is Борис!

      Russian disinformation, right griff?

      I wonder why the people spreading Russian disinformation wouldn’t choose a screen name like griff instead of Boris? Hmmm…Oh, wait… I wonder…
      Could it be that Boris has personal experience with the disaster of socialism and griff has just been a useful idiot all his life?

    • Missed something Boris, they also disallowed many drilling expenses to be considered as “costs” for exploration companies, effectively shutting down small players.

      • DMacKenzie I missed that one is right since the investment in Canadian resources has been destroyed by the Liberal government the drilling rig count has dropped to a mere shadow of its former self. In 2015 there were about 1650 oil drilling and service rigs operating in western Canada. At last count this year there are only 285 and most of those are service rigs. There is NO new development going on in the western basin and from the news and reports it is not going to get any better in the near future.
        One other thing like Obama who vetoed the Keystone XL permit after it had gone through every approval process for over 6 years and passed. Joe Biden has said he will shutdown that pipeline if he gains office. The southern leg of this pipeline has been in operation for a number of years the new section will connect the Canadian side to the Oklahoma terminal.

        As for my name Boris it is a Nickname because I played a lot of chess growing up. It tends to give some interesting feedback from lefties like little griff who call me a Russian troll and other nasty names. I am a born in Canada Canadian who is disgusted with what is happening to our great country.

    • Here in Canada, since the resource management rights of provinces like Saskatchewan and Alberta don’t seem to matter to the Feds anymore, it *is* enough to make you wonder if the whole Canadian system is permanently broken at this point? For instance, even if the next federal election produces a conservative government, we could still get the sort of “conservatism” that they have in Britain, with the difference that we’ll continue to have a more bloated and overwhelming federal system overall, imposing it’s will on all the provinces and territories.

      For the moment, I’m going to be the tiniest bit optimistic that Americans will reject the enviro-marxist craze by approving ‘the Donald’ for a second term in the current election, *and* that the full populist implications of this will eventually carry over in a positive way to countries like Canada. It would be nice to have a backup plan, in case the current U.S. election goes ‘wrong’ somehow, but it’s hard to think of one, really.

      • It’s easy to see how “Come on” Biden could win. Just allow any ballot not fulfilling any requirement for validity if they check Biden.

        • 100s of thousands of early ballots are being thrown out all across the country and scrutiny is being ratcheted up all across the country. I think they overplayed this hand, they felt it was “the time” and started too early, now many people who generally don’t pay attention are, and many of them are increasingly angry about this crap.

    • Hello from Edmonton, Boris. You summarized the situation well. Gerald Butts is one bad guy. Did you catch his testimony before the Justice Committee during the SNC-Lavalin affair? It was not just that he told one lie after another, but how glibly, confidently and unashamedly he lied.

      In a few years, you’ll be able to buy a house in Fort Mac for the price of a used Chevy. It’s a tragedy. Meanwhile, global emissions of greenhouse gases will of course increase, and Gerald Butts will grow richer still from fees from wind turbine companies (I’m just guessing on that), and will congratulate himself on doing his bit to save the planet.

  7. I know this is the wrong site but Joe wants to mandate wearing a mask in your car while driving down the highway. We’re talking industrial grade stupid here.

    Trump in a landslide.

      • Still not so stupid as the guy in Trondheim, Norway, who got crazy drunk on anti-bac, needed a hospital visit before jail. It must be said though, that this region has a long and proud history of moonshine.

      • No, that is not a thing. 17 years in the gas mask business, I know whereof I speak. The volume of gas in an N-95 compared to the volume of an average breath reveals this as nonsense, idiot police never should have said that. Wearing any mask when you are alone in your car, or alone outdoors, is completely absurd, but you will NOT pass out because of the mask.

        • If someone is a severe asthmatic or otherwise has trouble breathing, it could become an issue and having such a condition could be how fear drove someone to wear a mask when there was clearly no need. When using a properly worn N95 mask, all air goes in and out through the filter which puts up considerable resistance to air flow, or it wouldn’t work. If someone is taking short, shallow breaths, it’s possible CO2 could build up in the mask. A super paranoid and not so smart person could have also tightly sealed up their car to prevent the intrusion of outside air, where CO2 could easily reach several 1000 ppm in whatever air was passing in and out of the mask to begin with.

      • “Driver in crash may have passed out from wearing N95 mask too long”

        I don’t think so. I wear an N95 mask when I push-mow my lawn and I spend about an hour out in 100 degree temperatures sometimes and sweat so much that my mask eventually gets soaked to the point that I can barely draw a breath through it, and I have never come close to passing out. I just take the mask off if it is too soaked with sweat.

        I doubt the guy in the car was sweating much, if any. He probably has some other health problem that caused him to pass out. It wasn’t the mask.

        • Does it have the exhale valve? Solid ones do restrict air intake, especially after using for an extended period, people are using the same mask for days on end, definitely makes getting oxygen through them a “hassle”. I do a lot of jobs which require a mask all day long, got some experience with them.

          • I have never suffered from allergies in my life.

            One summer, I allowed about an acre or two of my land to grow all summer without cutting it, and I got out there about the time all the pollen from the numerous waist-high (and higher) plants that were there were ready to disperse, and I went out and spent about two hours cutting all those weeds with a pushmower, breathing all that foreign matter flying around in the air, without a mask.

            I didn’t think much about it at the time, but the very next spring when the plants started growing I came down with a case of allergies that I thought was going to ruin my life. I had no idea people with alergies suffered like that! It was terrible. My eyes and nose ran continuously and I was miserable for weeks. I was thinking I had really broken something and was going to have to go through this every year for the rest of my life.

            And then the same thing happened the next spring, although it was a little milder this time, and Thank God, the third year it went away and hasn’t come back.

            That’s why I wear an N95 mask. You can give yourself alergies if you are not careful, and I intend to be careful in the future because I don’t want any part of allergies after that experience.

      • There was a local story about a driver who was wearing two home made cloth masks, who passed out while driving. That was back in April or so.

    • The big problem is that the president doesn’t have the authority to order such a thing.
      Health and safety have always been the responsibility of state and local authorities.

      Progressives always whine about Republican presidents trying to make themselves dictators, all the while trying to give their own presidents dictatorial powers.

  8. As President Trump quipped when the Dem 25th plan review was mooted yet again by Pelosi, “It’s for Harris”.
    In other words it would be immediately a Harris Executive.
    And Harris is quite outspoken on energy – the GND.
    And for sure knows the amount of money to be piled into it “to save the system”.

  9. Over My Dead Body

    It really is a life and death struggle IMHO. Renewables will never be able to power modern civilization because we need dispatchable power. In other words, we need it when we need it. Attempting to implement Dems renewable energy fairy story will kill real people. Battery storage is fabulously expensive; not one will ever build it at scale.

  10. Extinction Rebellion are blockaded the Ineos refinary at Grangemouth in Scotland.
    They don’t seem to know that Ineos make the alcohol that goes into hand gel and the plastic that goes into windmill blades as well as a multitude of other products that the activists use in modern life.
    Ignorant so and sos.
    And why the police allow them to block the road with boats on trailers I do not know.
    If I parked my car in the same spot I would be done for obstructing the highway.
    BUT they say the protest if PEACEFUL!

    • Supt Simon Jeacocke of Police Scotland said officers had reached agreement with protesters to allow a peaceful demonstration ending at 14:00.

      “At 2pm, the group informed police that they did not wish to leave the area and as a result, 12 people have been arrested,” he said.

      “In addition, two sailing boats and various other items used to create the roadblock have been seized.

  11. The “subsidy” Joe Biden refers to for the oil and gas industry is depletion. This is the natural resource equivalent of depreciation. Either calculation is allowed to any industry to reduce their annual tax amount. However, both accounting techniques are complicated, especially when the calculations start to accumulate liability. Wind and solar electricity generation complexes can utilize the depreciation calculation. What confused Joe Biden was the President Trump elimination of outright tax reduction, a subsidy. Sometimes the tax reduction is a good thing, to stimulate a type of industry in a select area, other times it is to advance a political agenda. Enough said?

    • Companies pay income taxes on profit, not total income.
      At a 30K foot level, profits are just income minus expenses.
      Buying equipment or land is an expense.
      Without depreciation or depletion, this money would be charged against income during the year the payment was made. With depreciation, the expenses are spread out over a number of years.

      Since money now is more valueable than money a few years from now, depreciation and depletion ends up costing companies money, most of them would love to get rid of them altogether.

  12. Energy consumption predictions (bp.com) show renewables as a tiny proportion of global and unable even to match demand increases. What proportion of global ‘renewable’ production is destructive local biomass?

  13. Over the years I have tried to simply things in discussions. I rarely have success. I said a long time ago, what seems like I long time ago, that wind turbines and solar panels cannot be built without fossil fuels, that statement still stands and is undisputable.

    • President Trump said pretty much the same thing during the debate the other night. He told Joe he was going to need fossil fuels in order to build his windmills.

      Joe didn’t have anything to say in reply.

  14. Current (2019) USA percentage of primary energy usage

    CO2 emitting… 84.8%

    Wind 2.6%,

    Solar 1%

    Biden is eating his own socks after a week’s wearing them.

    And enjoying the taste.

  15. — the working-class families that will lose their livelihoods in the process. – article

    It isn’t just that: it’s the loss of tangibles like natural gas to heat the home, cook, and have hot water. We take it for granted right now, but if these bozos have their way, it won’t be there any more. Want a shower in the middle of winter? Let’s hope your pipes haven’t frozen first. If I had room in my little house, I would put in a small but very workable fireplace. I can cook in a fireplace if I have to.

    Never mind the loss of jobs; if the entire infrastructure that supplies us with our heating and cooling sources is shut down – which seems to be the intent of the democrats – how are we supposed to do “normal” things like cook and heat our homes?

    it’s obvious now that Joe the Braindead doesn’t have a clue about anything in the Real World that the rest of us live in, and should he actually get elected, he’ll be entirely behind the scenes and out of sight except for weekly fireside chats a la Jimmy Carter. He didn’t choose Harris for Veep; the party did. He just went along with it.

    There seems to be an increase in hysterics; can’t tell if it’s related to being shut indoors a lot, or if it’s just a bunch of do-nothings with far too much time on their hands. They have no experience at all in doing without what they take for granted, which includes clothing, food, clean water all year round and heat in the winter. The harsh lessons that they need to learn is that they are so dependent on the oil and gas industry for everything, when it’s shut down and no longer supplying them with anything, they will wilt like last summer’s grass in the snow. That really does need to be inflicted on them somehow. Those walled cities from science fiction aren’t nearly as fictitious as they seemed at the time.

    I’m going to add this here: two financial analysts have forecast that we are entering an economic recession that will be prolonged and severe, and will last until about mid-2024. I suggest you stock your pantries and cupboards, make sure your fridge is in good working order, learn to cook from scratch if you don’t know how already, and do NOT take any natural resources for granted. I never once thought I would have to face the Depression-era thinking that my two grandmothers faced, but it’s coming, and I’m prepping accordingly. I do not take anything for granted any more.

    • This morning’s paper has an article that says bluntly Kamala Harris & DNC are backpedaling to deflect Biden’s kerfuffle, which shows that the response to his statement “shut down the oil industry” was angry and unpleasant… and no politician wants to send voters away angry, right?

      So now, they have to cover their backsides by saying “he didn’t really mean what he said”.

      Okay, sure. He’s so loopy these days, I have my doubts that he even considered the reaction when he said that.

      • “backpedaling”

        Thank you for not typing “backpeddling”. Though, with Democrats, either would work. 😉

    • The elites of today have no idea of what it means to live “hard”. Having a fridge when electricity is intermittent is a wast of time. You’ll learn to make jerky out of your meat so it will last. And, as you point out, you’ll learn to cook from scratch – no more pre-packaged cookie and biscuit dough! How do you put a fireplace in all the apartments buildings in NYC or Newark? Beans, rice, and potatoes will become *the* staple food all across America – easy to store and cook using a small alcohol burning stove and a cast iron pot.

      Something no one ever thinks of – keep a good supply of matches stored somewhere dry and cool. Strike on box are usable but strike anywhere are preferred (try and find those today!). If your gas or electric stove won’t work you’ll need some way to start a fireplace or an alcohol burner.

      The elites are simply unaware how close much of the US is to starvation if gas and oil go way. They think the food in the grocery store just appears by magic, if they even do their own shopping! Convert the over-the-road and local trucking delivering food to batteries and imagine what will happen in NYC when the truck batteries can’t be charged because of a blackout on the East Coast.

      • If you have an older gas stove like mine (1998 GE XL) the gas valves will open on the stovetop, even if the power goes out. And I”ve had to do that a couple of times. I just can’t run the oven, which is no big deal if the power goes out, because the thermostat won’t work. I have a cast iron Dutch oven and a cast iron double skillet, both of which can do the work of a closed oven if I use a flame diffuser (which I also have).

        On the current models, if the oven is a convection oven, the gas valves will NOT open, period, if the power goes out. Therefore, I will never, ever knowingly buy one.

        • It is getting harder to buy a stove that does not have to use electricity, all the gadgets and timers and fans. At least you can light the surface burners on them. We searched for a non-electric gas stove last time we had to replace one, have the manufacturer info so we can just direct order one next time. Have considered buying one now and storing it, just encase these environistas manage to block them in future.

      • Almost forgot: the current generation of rather dim young people think electricity comes out of the wall. Seriously, ask one of them.
        And food comes from “the store” – but that one goes back to the 1980s, where I first heard it from some aging denizens of LaLaLand who had moved to the midwest and couldn’t figure out how to function.

  16. The jobs issue, while important, is actually a red herring, and thus a weak argument to make against the GND and its attack on fossil fuels. And remember, Biden was talking specifically about the oil industry, which he called “polluting”, which is a total lie. Remember “dirty coal”? So now oil is “dirty”. This is a common propaganda trick of theirs, to make an association in people’s minds. It’s an easy one to make because if oil gets spilled, it has to be cleaned up. That means it’s “dirty”, right? They have a tougher time with natural gas, so the trick there is to attack fracking.
    When Republicans like Cassidy make the jobs argument, grandstanding on that, and growling “over my dead body”, they are actually handing the Demos a weapon because the issue is much, much bigger than jobs. Put simply, the attack on fossil fuels is an attack on our economy, and on our sovereignty. It is in short, an attack on America itself. These people are nothing short of traitors.

    • Yes traitors indeed.

      Speaking of traitors, when is someone going to ask the question, “What did the Chinese, Ukrainians, Russians, and others get for their millions lavished on crackhead pedophile Hunter Biden?”

      No rational person can imagine that they just wanted their company to be associated with the illustrious Biden Family Name.

      Quid Pro Joe could very well be telling the truth when he said “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source, ever in my life.”

      Parse it out.

      1) He got all his bribes from Hunter, or brother Jim, or other US citizens set up to launder the cash from many different foreign sources.
      2) He probably was never offered a penny, only millions of dollars in crisp hundred dollar notes.
      3) We don’t have pennies technically. We have cents. Maybe the UK had no interest in bribing Dementia Joe.

      But why are we discussing this? We know that the VICE president never met with any of Hunter’s “business” partners—we can see that from his official schedule. We know that Joe didn’t receive payments from any foreign source because otherwise he would have reported it on his income taxes (under the line for illegal activities).

      C’mon man!

      • Well stated, Rich!
        I know if I ever met with crooked foreign officials to receive millions in bribery and influence money I would feel compelled to enter the meeting in my schedule and declare every Red cent of the money on my taxes!

    • “Put simply, the attack on fossil fuels is an attack on our economy, and on our sovereignty. It is in short, an attack on America itself. These people are nothing short of traitors.”

      I agree. The Democrats are trying to fundamentally change the United States, and not in a good way.

      They have already shown their courrupt and criminal mentality with their treasonous efforts to undermine the Trump administration. We can’t put these criminals back in charge if we value our personal freedoms because the Democrats are bound and determined to take our personal freedoms away, legally or illegally, it doesn’t matter to them. Power and control is what matters to Democrats.

  17. From the article: “He explained further, saying, “Because the oil industry pollutes. It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. And I’d stop giving federal subsidies to the oil industry. He [Trump] won’t give federal subsidies to solar and wind. Why are we giving it to the oil industry?”

    Joe, we are not giving oil companies subsidies. Joe is equating tax breaks with subsidies. It’s a common deception the Left uses in their efforts to do away with fossil fuels.

    Joe, all businesses in the U.S., including oil companies and solar and windmill companies get tax breaks.

    Solar and windmills also get money given to them by the govenment, which is what a subsidy is, whereas oil companies don’t get any money from government, they just have to pay less money to the government when they take advantage of tax breaks.

    The U.S. government is not financing the oil industry, as Joe Biden implies.

    • States and the Federal government also benefit greatly, via exorbitant taxes, from fossil fuel sales.

      Where is that revenue going to come from if there are no more gasoline, diesel, nat gas, etc sales?

  18. When people keep telling you they are going to destroy your country you really should take them at their word and stop them.

  19. Playing devil’s advocate here:

    “Over time” which is the key, over time. All our energy sources have transitioned over time. It’s inevitable with progress of society. While more of the extreme views to “return to burning wood” are absolutely totally ridiculous and confirms a massive separation from reality of modern society that does not preclude that oil is a god.

    I believe in the transition of energy infrastructure over time because that is how progress is made, over time. Do I believe that solar and wind are the answers? Hell no because in both cases the defining aspect of intermittency dependent upon the weather is not an answer. But neither is the total abandonment of reduction on the grid because it can’t be scaled up. Progress is not made by thrusting everyone into darkness and then turning on a light…it’s made by progressively and methodically replacing that energy source with something better.

    What is that something better? In my opinion it is fusion and molten salt reactors. We took a giant step backwards away from nuclear in all forms in the US. Why? Why is the nuclear energy sector so heavily regulated and the oil sector so heavily subsidized? These are the questions we should be asking, not obfuscated by the dream of free energy from the sun. Because we all know, nothing in this world is free.

    I was hoping to hear Biden’s plan for the nuclear sector but instead I got more obfuscation from the free energy idiots that keep trying to sell us on batteries instead of actual generation of electricity. It’s like Stephen King’s book The Tommyknockers (yea I know, but I love King)…he makes a very astute observation while the body snatching aliens are building their spaceship with D batteries….and that was, “why D batteries when there are larger and better batteries available” and went on to suggest that doing everything with a bunch of D batteries taped together is not only stupid but unreliable because they didn’t bother to invent a sustainable energy source. IMO the “green revolution” is no different. Stop taping batteries together and calling it “better” because you don’t see an emission.

    Why must this argument come down to oil is bad, solar is good all the damn time? While nuclear and it’s cousin fusion are the red headed step kids that WILL change our energy in the future. Regardless of what was spewed during the debate, Biden does have a plan for building the infrastructure of the energy sector and it does NOT involve making people wear a mask on the interstate while they stop and charge their Teslas (which by the way, Tesla will actually give you a car if you build the charging station at $1M a pop). I’ve yet to find any and I mean ANY plan from Trump except to continue to heavily subsidize an industry that needs no subsidies. Which means no progress toward cheaper more reliable energy for the future.

    Which also means, I still won’t get my dang flying car! /sarc

    • You’re mistaken Jenn. The oil industry is not “subsidized” by allowing them to deduct the costs of doing business. They’re just like the pot and porn businesses.

      Wind and solar are actually subsidized in various direct and indirect ways. Directly by allowing homeowners to take a tax credit for example. Indirectly by regulations that require electric power utilities to source a certain unreasonable portion of their power from “renewables” at thus higher-than-market prices or by requiring that such sources get priority in feeding into the grid.

      And don’t get me started on fusion.

      Once we have the first commercially viable, operating MSR, as President Harris would say, “we can have a conversation”.

  20. In all the news coverage of this the emphasis has been on the short term ramifications while allowing the two underlying faulty premises to remained unchallenged. These two faulty premises are:
    1) That we can transition away from fossil fuels with in our lifetimes.
    2) That it is necessary that we transition away fossil fuels with in our lifetimes.

  21. The jobs in Oil & Gas will go at some stage anyway- They are both finite rescources. According to the IEA, known for its conservative, pro fossil fuel stance, solar is now the chapest form of energy, ever.

    YES THAT is true. Our sun is burning up too and has a finite life span. Notice on a sunny day outside in the sun, you can feel the affect of the burning up. perhaps 4.5 billion years togo.

    complex life has not been hear long. Our planet has to be further from the milky way, to have a lower radiation level that would allow for complex life. Long before our sun supernovas life will not exist hear either.
    We have fossil fuel sufficient for hundreds of years, (Gas , oil, coal). The coal beds came into existence in the last 500 million ears, after the c
    Cambian explosion of life forms. Gas and oil deposits go back billions of years.

    We can not stop the inevitable. Stupid to try.

    • Some methane may be from abiogenesis, but not most, and no oil, Roy.

      Agree with you that we have at least hundreds of years worth of fossil fuels left, especially coal. We may stop using those resources long before they run out, if other sources (MSRs?) become cheaper than using them. We shouldn’t do so while they are still the least cost option.

      We’ve only drilled for oil since 1859, so 161 years. Are we really even half done with oil at this point?

      As you say, the sun is running out, too. When it reaches red giant stage, we’ll finally have sustained nuclear fusion on earth. But no sooner.

  22. Biden did not say he was going to shut down the fossil fuel industry. I wish people would stop lying so much.

      • Let me roll up several of my thoughts into one comment. Moldering Joe did say “..transition from fossil fuels…”, and many luke-warmers are commenting on here that society will have to transition away from oil and gas at some point, it’s a finite resource, and to both comments I say, Transition to WHAT exactly?

        Regardless of the motivation, an industry will transition only if it makes economic sense, i.e., there’s a cheaper, better alternative. The lamp and lantern business relied solely on whale oil until kerosene became available at a cheaper price. Transportation transitioned away from the horse and buggy only when the automobile became available at a cheaper price. The photography industry transitioned away from film only when digital cameras and digital printers with sufficient resolution became available at a price where anyone could afford them. Data transfer over long distances transitioned from copper wires to fiber optic when the fiber optic cables became available at a price that made sense to the communications companies, and that happened with the average consumer almost entirely unaware that transition had happened, except to wonder why/how they could actually hear and understand their grandmother in Ohio just as well as the neighbor down the street in Manvel, Texas on a telephone call. BUT none of those transitions occurred until the better alternative became available at a price where the average consumer could afford it.

        Note, every one of the transitions I cited above occurred entirely free from governmental interference. When the government becomes involved in picking winners and losers, they usually pick losers. Had the government become involved in the transition away from horse and buggy, they would probably still be attempting to make steamboats reach every home in America. It’s my feeling that government must stay entirely away from the energy industry. Cancel all renewable portfolio standards, feed-in tariffs, subsidies and tax rebates and exemptions. The depreciation allowance that the drilling industry makes use of can also be employed by the wind or solar industries so there’s no need to target that, unless someone really wants to, they can eliminate for all. Level the playing field, let everyone compete freely (and by freely, I mean scale back the number of approvals required on a nuclear plant until it’s about the same as the number of approvals required for a natural gas fired power plant, a level that can get a 90-day approval/disapproval), and may the best, cheapest power source win!

        • I totally agree Red. I think the government ‘interference’ comes with financial benefits. Much like the farmers of today who can’t say no to the developers of renewables, I believe that science was bought out decades ago.

          Scientists were supposed to be above politics, weren’t they? I understand that government make some policies based on information from scientists. But given that none of these scientific ‘predictions’ have come to pass in what, fifty years, not one, then isn’t it government influencing science.

          The renewables industry has taken hold and big money has come into play, hype and urgency has come about because they sense that the scam is about to be become obvious. Nothing that has been predicted, over and over again, has come to pass. And people are starting to realise that the pain that comes with renewables is all for nothing.

          At least America has POTUS to see through the hype and the rhetoric in regard to the issues around energy.

          I would say that there are most definitely scientists of integrity who can be trusted. But when someone says “trust the science” I know that I need to ask many questions. Especially when we’re talking global scale.

          Same applies to politicians. Unfortunately corruption is rife. I say trust no one and ask a lot of questions.

    • According to Biden, it’s just a matter of time. He said that we must get to net zero carbon emissions by 2025.

      No one lies about this topic as much as Pedo Joe.

      • “ccording to Biden, it’s just a matter of time. He said that we must get to net zero carbon emissions by 2025.”

        That’s a new, moved-up deadline. Biden is only giving us five more years until 2025. Biden probably meant to say “2035”, but he got confused.

    • Kristen Welker asked “Would you close down the oil industry?” Biden responded, “I would transition from the oil industry. Yes.”

      It’s not ambiguous, but realizing that he just made the unforgivable gaffe of telling the truth, he tried to recast it as eliminating “subsidies”.

      He also didn’t say that he scrupulously made sure that all foreign bribes were laundered through his relatives so that he could accurately say that he never took a penny from foreign sources in his life, ever. Making an accurate statement with the intention of misleading people who would reasonably draw the opposite conclusion from reality based on one’s statement, is just a sophisticated way of lying.

      Transition away from oil by 2035 is another way of saying shut down the oil industry over the next 15 years. Even in his recent backtracking, Forbes quotes him saying “We’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time… probably 2050,”

      So he’s certainly on the record to shut down the oil industry completely within 30 years. And actually he blurted out the truth that he now needs to cover up.

    • Progressives love to quibble over small differences in meaning.
      The only way to “transition from oil and gas” is to shut down oil and gas.

      Is it that you aren’t smart enough to realize the connection, or are you such a big hypocrite that you are willing to lie in order to support your candidate?

    • He has said exactly that, stop lying for leftists so much. Biden personally has been pushing to shutdown petroleum and coal since the early ’90s. If you would simply pay attention you might actually know something useful.

  23. Like Hillary Biden thinks the fix is in with the most anti American election fraud in history.

    How do we know conventional energy is more destructive than beneficial. And how do we know it is finite. Maybe it is formed naturally in the earth and is the renewable energy that does not produce the toxic waste the green renewable and unreliable energy produces.

    A little proof please. Such as cost benefit.

    • “What if it forms naturally?”
      Of course it does form naturally — in ocean basins where sediments accumulate. But you apparently mean, what if it forms by abiogenesis.

      If it does, then guys like David Middleton have been scamming their employers for many years.

      • Wow, he sure did blurt out the truth on that one! Certainly Demonrats have a long rich history of turning out the dead vote, but it’s hard to even guess what he meant to say instead of “voter fraud”. Maybe “voter outreach”?

        Of course Dementia Joe could shuffle around naked, barking at the moon and that wouldn’t strike the media as newsworthy.

  24. He didn’t exactly say that, but he didn’t have to. Liars almost always have a “tell”, and Climate Liars have all sorts of them. In Biden’s case it was the weasel words “transition from” which are the tell.

    • It’s a transition “FROM prosperity and good health TO poverty, sickness and shortened life spans.”

    • Biden has been pushing the shutdown of petroleum and coal since the early ’90s. He was also a major obstacle to nuclear in the ’80s-’90s. Pluggs has been on the wrong side of everything his entire political career.

  25. “On ne sort de l’ambiguïté qu’à son détriment.”
    Cardinal de Retz

    Clearing up things is always detrimental to the one who benefited from ambiguity.
    (My very personal English version.)

    • Yes, I’m very concerned that Tony Boblinski is now one of the most likely people in the country to commit suicide.

      But there’s some hope for his survival. Maybe the FBI called him in to remind him about the warning signs of suicidal ideation, such as revealing information harmful to a Democrat candidate. His memory might be dimming even as we speak.

  26. “until they get new jobs as professional software developers.”

    Software is important, but who will take care of the hardware?!!!

    (To be spoken like “who will take care of the children?!!!”)

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