Hydrogen Is Unlikely Ever to Be a Viable Solution to The Energy Storage Conundrum

I don’t know how much extra our energy would cost if we forcibly got rid of all hydrocarbons and shifted to wind and solar backed up by “green” hydrogen —…

POLITICO: ‘Climate Agenda Under Biden Has Been Stifled’

The collapse of President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda is drawing new scrutiny to the White House’s efforts to confront global warming — and Democrats’ complaints that his own Climate Policy…

EU Civil Service Pushing Meditation, “Inner Green New Deal”, to Defeat Climate Anxiety

Training Eurocrats to take long walks in the woods during their work day, or close their eyes and think about trees and animals, has alleviated climate anxiety according to proponents.

Is There Anyone Taking This Green Energy Transition Thing Seriously?

So it’s great to know that we will shortly have a new natural gas distribution system in Greenwich Village, ready for the next hundred years or so.

It’s Time for Transparency of The Embedded Costs of Going “Green”

Supplies to support “green” inflict environmental degradation, humanity atrocities, and increases in emissions, not transparent to the green movement.

With The Ukraine War, The Green Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

We are on a war footing—an emergency—and we have to responsibly increase short-term [oil and gas] supply where we can right now to stabilize the market and to minimize harm…

Morano on SEC ‘climate risk’ disclosures: ‘It’s a way for climate activists to literally get their claws into every aspect of a business’ without a vote of Congress

“It’s a way for climate activists to literally get their claws into every aspect of a business now because these disclosures are going to be used against them,” he tells…

The World Faces Both A Hydrocarbon Shortage And A Divest Fossil Fuels Movement. What Next, Oil Patch?

We used to be the good guys, the world’s fuel providers, a dynamic and entrepreneurial and fast-moving assembly of doers.

Ukraine And Energy Realism

And of course the U.S. can’t supply these European energy needs because the Biden Administration is intentionally suppressing natural gas production here.

New England Will Freeze If Sleepy Joe Gets His Green New Deal

Although natural gas provides nearly half of New England’s electricity, about three quarters of gas consumption goes elsewhere, mainly for residential heating:

We’re Saved!? Biden Admin: 7 federal agencies announce ‘plans that will activate the entire government to fight climate change’

From Climate Depot By: Marc Morano – Climate Depot New: Today, 7 federal agencies are announcing clean energy projects and plans that will activate the entire government to fight climate change, lower energy…

UK PM Explains how Old Soviet Catchphrases Apply to his Green Revolution

According to UK PM Boris Johnson, the words of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin, who ushered in seventy years of famine and oppression, offer worthwhile guidance to supporters of his British…

Watch: Morano’s full 25 min speech on Climate Lockdowns at Heartland Skeptic Conference in Las Vegas

“If you’ve loved the last year and a half living under covid lockdowns, you’ll LOVE the coming climate lockdowns,” Morano quipped.

What is good for the climate geese is NOT good for the ganders.

How dare we, in the healthier and wealthier countries, turn our backs on the 11 million kids dying every year in developing countries, and insist that we should limit poor…

REAL threats to planet and people

Environmental activism was already nasty and lethal when I wrote Eco-Imperialism: Green Power – Black Death 18 years ago. It’s gotten steadily worse since then, especially with hysteria about the…

Nearly 60% of “House Democrats unite to send firm climate signal to Biden” according to Politico

Guest “Math class is tough” by David Middleton ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT House Democrats unite to send firm climate signal to BidenDemocrats across the ideological spectrum want strong climate change action…

Green New Deal Insurrectionists Blockade the White House, Demand Money

Or is it only an “insurrection” when the protestors support President Trump?

What Biden And The Environmental Left Are Really Planning For Us

Anyway, if you have thought that the right approach for a Republican to take is to try to reach some kind of compromise on emissions reductions, maybe through a carbon…

Materials Acquisition for Global Industrial Change (MAGIC)

President Biden’s inability to comprehend these realities may be due to his diminished mental capacity. But it could also be the result of rarely having to exercise his mind –…

Failed Climate Predictions

I got to thinking about my now 10 years of occasionally contributed guest posts at WUWT and at Climate Etc. Lots of stuff provided over the years, ranging from NRDC…

Wall Street Journal hypes Biden’s climate alarmist absurd emissions reductions propaganda schemes

The latest WSJ article makes the same idiotic misguided and misleading comments about the U.S. 21.5% emissions reduction between 2005 and 2020 but further escalates its absurd pronouncements by noting…

Malcolm Turnbull Claims Climate Change Deniers Conspired to “Take Him Out”

On Tuesday WUWT suggested Ex PM Malcolm Turnbull was cynically axed from a climate board by his own side because he is a political liability. Turns out we were wrong…

Buttigieg CAUGHT Faking Green Lifestyle, Rides Bike to Work After Car Drops Him Off Near Destination

HT/Dinesh D’Souza

It’s Here: Morano’s New book: ‘Green Fraud: Why The Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think’ – Foreword By Mark Steyn – Arrives March 23

The intrepid Marc Morano, author of the bestselling Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, breaks down the science and the politics to expose the truth about the Green New Deal: