Tropical Trio

A trio of tropical storms can be seen on this satellite image below. Former Hurricane Danielle (at top) has simply become a low pressure system now. Advertisements


Chicago Climate Exchange drops 50%, new record low

The only lower price than today’s closing price on a ton of carbon is ZERO Perhaps reacting to the news yesterday about the IPCC getting taken to the woodshed, the growing number of stories in the MSM about the IPCC failure, and the recent layoffs at CCX, carbon trading has once again been devalued by…

IPCC's Pachauri should resign for "failures of leadership"

Guest Post by Thomas Fuller There is a core of uber-consulting professionals, jetting around the world advising companies, governments and NGO’s. They are well-educated, have impeccable resumes and travel more than George Clooney did in ‘Up in the Air.’ They work for companies like McKinsey, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and a handful of others. Rajendra Pachauri…

Does CO₂ heat the troposphere ?

Guest Post by Tom Vonk In a recent post I considered the question in the title. You may see it here : The post generated great deal of interest and many comments. Even if most of the posters understood the argument and I answered the comments of those who did not, I have been…


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