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Proxy Science and Proxy Pseudo-Science

Guest post by Pat Frank It’s become very clear that most published proxy thermometry since 1998 [1] is not at all science, and most thoroughly so because Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick revealed its foundation in ad hoc statistical numerology. … Continue reading

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“Earth itself is telling us there’s nothing to worry about in doubled, or even quadrupled, atmospheric CO2″

Readers may recall Pat Franks’s excellent essay on uncertainty in the temperature record.  He emailed me about this new essay he posted on the Air Vent, with suggestions I cover it at WUWT, I regret it got lost in my … Continue reading

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The Metrology of Thermometers

For those that don’t notice, this is about metrology, not meteorology, though meteorology uses the final product. Metrology is the science of measurement. Since we had this recent paper from Pat Frank that deals with the inherent uncertainty of temperature … Continue reading

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