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New paper finds solar UV-B output is correlated to global mean temperature

Map of correlations suggest it may be affecting biomass and planetary albedo. From the Hockey Schtick: A paper published today in Methods in Ecology and Evolution describes a new satellite dataset of solar UV-B radiation for use in ecological studies. According … Continue reading

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Ouch. Corn biofuel could generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline

From the “we told you so back in 2010″ department and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Study casts doubt on climate benefit of biofuels from corn residue The fuel could generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline Lincoln, Neb., April 20, 2014 … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Plants blamed for us not roasting since 1950

From the Department of irrelevant “what ifs”, and Princeton University, comes this story about what Earth would be like if we didn’t have plants pumping the carbon cycle since the industrial revolution. They seem almost disappointed we don’t have a … Continue reading

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Law of Unintended Consequences Number Eleventy-Zillion

By charles the moderator We missed this story in May, but in order to replace the use of coal in the UK, power stations are being refitted to burn wood chips.  But the UK doesn’t have enough forests to supply … Continue reading

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Gosh, ‘hidden’ climate change may threaten eelgrass meadows

From the University of Gothenburg , the stuff that keeps some people awake at night. A question; why should we care? And, why should we take any of this seriously when you do things like “We raised the water temperature … Continue reading

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AGU says CO2 is plant food

Elevated carbon dioxide making arid regions greener 31 May 2013 AGU Release No. 13-24 WASHINGTON, DC—Scientists have long suspected that a flourishing of green foliage around the globe, observed since the early 1980s in satellite data, springs at least in … Continue reading

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Another negative climate feedback: more CO2 = more plants = more aerosols = cooling

Recall a couple of days ago that I posted on the aerosols released by trees: Those dirty trees: why hasn’t the EPA called for trees to be regulated? Now, from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis  comes a cause-effect … Continue reading

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Monetizing the Effects of Carbon

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I see that the New York Times (NYT) is going to close their environmental desk. Given that there still are actual environmental problems on the planet, I consider the closing as a sad commentary on … Continue reading

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Of Coconuts, the Sun, and Small Isolated Islands

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach For a few years, I managed a combination of businesses on a very remote 100 hectare (250 acre) South Pacific island. The main businesses were a shipyard; a machine shop building aluminum boats and water … Continue reading

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