BP and Chevron: A Difference in Style or Substance?

In the high road of the climate crusade, marked by corporate brochures extolling social responsibility and environmental sustainability, BP was first past the post among the big oil majors.

‘Deniers’ of the World, Unite!

Much is made of the fact that former “climate change” advocates have now defected to the side of reason. But much more needs to be done to defeat climate change propaganda. The latest defection, as we’ve noted here, is Michael Shellenberger, author of Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All. His arguments are well-documented but he’s been denied a voice in the major media.

The Quick Brown Scientist Jumps Over the Lazy Hack

One of the sentences young journalists used as a training exercise when they were learning to type was “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” It probably still is; you find discussions of it on websites around the world. Being journalists, they played word games around it and produced variations on how different newspapers would report the event.

California Will Use Diesel This Summer to Help Keep Lights On

From Bloomberg In a hilarious bit of irony: California will allow PG&E Corp. to use diesel-powered mobile generators to keep some electricity flowing when the utility proactively cuts power to prevent live wires from sparking fires in high wind. State regulators signed off Thursday on PG&E’s plan to use about 450 megawatts of diesel generation…

Climate Change Fashion Spread, The Age

What’s a Climate Scientist to Wear During Awards Season?

From The Earth Institute at Columbia University. No, not a cult.  No. no. no.~cr They are at home coring trees in the backcountry of Mongolia, flying airborne missions over polar ice caps, or drilling sediments while dodging icebergs off the coast of Antarctica. They are leaders in their fields and always know exactly what to…

Believing in climate change doesn’t mean you are preparing for climate change, study finds

University of Notre Dame Perhaps “researchers” are only measuring virtue signaling~ctm Believing in climate change has no effect on whether or not coastal homeowners are protecting their homes from climate change-related hazards, according to a new study from the University of Notre Dame. Funded by Notre Dame’s Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN), the study analyzed data…

Quantifying Virtue Signaling

From Away Resorts UK. How Many Air Miles Does Your Annual Holiday Add Up To? According to new research*, the carbon footprint from overseas tourism is three to four times higher than previous estimates. As of 2019 it accounts for about 8% of global carbon emissions. Here at Away Resorts we are passionate about staycations…