Typhoon Frequency Has Fallen Since 1950, Contradicting Alarmist Global Warming Claims

The typhoon trend is just more “Inconvenient Truth” that the climate scamming alarmists don’t want the public to know.

Pacific Typhoons Defy Climate Experts’ Dire Forecasts…Trending Downward 70 Years!

The climate experts have been wrong, and the media have been misleading us. Typhoons are not intensifying and becoming more frequent.

Ireland, Sweden Show No January Warming Since 1988. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Now More Than 40 Years Stable!

The six stations plotted going back to 1988 taken together show no significant warming taking place, with some stations in fact showing a modest cooling trend for January.

Western Pacific Typhoon Trends

Whatever trend there is appears to be downwards.

The Most Inconvenient Region On The Planet For Global Warming Alarmists: Antarctica Sees Growing Sea Ice

More ice of course only forms when the temperature drops. Global warming has yet to reach the South Pole. This is one of the most inconvenient regions on the planet…

Latest JMA Data Show France, Ireland And Finland Have Cooled In March, No Warming!

In summary, along with Canada, Alaska and Sweden, also Finland, France and Ireland have been showing no March warming.