The battle of the pointless Nuremberg insults: Romm -vs- Delingpole

UPDATE: 4/11/13 Mr. Delingpole has made two responses: In the Spectator: In the Telegraph: I’ll post my response this weekend. – Anthony ============================================================= We don’t need either side of the climate debate invoking Godwin’s Law on any level, as it is ugly and pointless, yet here we are again. I’m growing weary of…

Friday Funny – melon madness

Josh writes: James Delingpole writes about The Linear No Threshold Hypothesis. It is a brilliant wheeze. By working out how many deaths are caused by a big amount of toxin you can work backwards and predict how many deaths a tiny amount would cause. Simples. Of course this could work for anything – like Green policies.…

Comment of the week

It’s been long time since I featured one of these, but this one from James Delingpole’s blog really hit home for me. This comment from Amanda was about my exposing the video produced by Al Gore.

Delingpole on

James Delingpole and WUWT are inextricably linked in climate history. I broke the climategate story here at WUWT from my laptop at Dulles airport, Delingpole was the first in the MSM to pick it up. From there the story spread and the rest is history. The irony is that just hours before I had met…

The Maldives can’t take a joke

But they can sure act like one: From the BBC: Maldives government complains of spoof atlas omission The government of the Maldives has complained after the London Daily Telegraph website carried a satirical blog post saying the island nation is to be omitted from the Times Atlas of the World.