Expert Prof. Gerd Ganteför Calls For More Studies On The Regional Climate Impact By Wind Turbines

More wind parks means less wind, which means less precipitation, which in turn means more drought and warmer temperatures. 

Note to Yale Climate Connections – There Is no Link Between Droughts and Climate Change

The author of the YCC editorial ignored these easily discoverable facts, perhaps out of ignorance

UN Secretary-General Wrong to Blame Climate Change for Somalian Suffering

Social and political instability is a much more likely culprit, especially since Somalia’s current drought is not unprecedented, and neighboring countries also under drought conditions are have not experienced similar…

Climate Depot: Reality Check to Biden

Here is what Biden said, and what follows is a Climate Depot point-by-point rebuttal to each of Biden’s claims.

Climate Fact Check: February 2023 Edition

Ten pieces of climate propaganda from February 2023 exposed and debunked.


I was dreaming of a world last night where we had a perfect energy source.

The California Drought is Over. Definitively.

 Blaming climate change as the primary cause for current problems and recent “drought” leads to not dealing with the real problems.

US Climate Is Getting Less Extreme, Not More

The fact that the US, and for that matter the UK, is not seeing such effects fundamentally undermines their credibility.

BBC’s Fake Worst Drought in China Claim

Apparently a dry summer is worse than two years of barely any rain:

Somalia Says Drought Is Due to Climate Change, As They Demand Billions

…population growth, a ten-fold increase since 1950, is the main reason why droughts like these, which are perfectly natural and common events, now have such a human impact.

Claim: Rising Global Temperatures Point to Widespread Drought

according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA). 

Is Extreme Weather Causing the World’s Rivers to Dry Up?

As is often the case, the facts usually disprove the alarmist position associated with climate change. This is no different with respect to the CNN article.

Lake Mead Low Water Levels, Part 2: Colorado River Inflow Variations and Trend

Contrary to claims that drought is causing Lake Mead water levels to fall, the Colorado River natural flows into Lake Mead show no long-term trend since 1930.

A Drought in Germany Gets the Media Overexcited

There is a drought in Germany, and naturally the media has gone into hyperdrive to link it to global warming:

Is Lake Mead Shrinking Because of Climate?

No doubt that drought is affecting Lake Mead. But Western drought is natural (the region is a desert, after all), and Lake Mead was comparably low more than 100 ppm…

New Study Finds Extreme, Severe Drought Impacting the Upper Colorado River Basin in the Second Century

While there has been research showing extended dry periods in the southwest back to the eighth century, this reconstruction of the Colorado River extends nearly 800 years further into the…

More Miscommunication from The Seattle Times

From the Cliff Mass Weather Blog I am getting tired of writing about the Seattle Times, but their miscommunication is simply getting worse, and I think you should know about…

Australia Becoming Unlivable–BBC

This may come as news to the Aussies!

Claim: Climate Change Increases Risks of Tree Death

But all of that carbon in trees and forests worldwide could be thrown back into the atmosphere again if the trees burn up in a forest fire.

Claim: Global team of scientists determine ‘fingerprint’ for how much heat, drought is too much for forests

How hot is too hot, and how dry is too dry, for the Earth’s forests?

Megadrought Alarm

His own regional research shows normal and wet years will return, but don’t let that trick you.

The Colorado Wildfire and Global Warming: Is there a Connection?

There is no reason to expect this downslope windstorm was the result of global warming, enhanced by global warming, or made more frequent by global warming.  In fact, the opposite…

Are US Northwest Summers Getting Drier? The Truth May Surprise You.

 But there is no abrupt, end of the world, “existential” drought threat in the offering.  Sometimes atmospheric variability randomly gives us a very dry summer, like this year, but that is…

Wet July 2021 Silences Drought-Obsessed Media…Germany July Precipitation Sees No Trend Change Since 1950

There is apparently no trend toward less rain in Germany in July, even with global warming. Anyone drew conclusions  based on the below-average values after 2017 is simply confusing weather…

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