Bill Nye on Climate Deniers: “There’s an old saying — ‘science proceeds one funeral at a time’, … but it’s not happening fast enough.”

The Collegian, a Penn State University student publication, laments that there are still ageing contrarians and climate deniers who dispute the work of the great Michael Mann.

Claim: “None of the fifty-five Murdoch publications studied … were ‘good’ on climate change”

Award winning journalist Wendy Bacon is intensely disappointed that not even The Guardian seems interested in her efforts to root out climate heresy.

German Think Tank: Climate Deniers are Holding Back Climate Action

According to a German think tank, most people are not aware of the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change, with a majority of people even in European countries believing that…

“We do not deny climate change”: Rupert Murdoch Responds to Accusations

Rupert Murdoch has responded to accusations from his son James and others that his news organisation promotes climate denial.

Joe Biden Wants to Jail Oil Executives for Causing Climate Change

Joe Biden wants to jail oil executives for causing climate change, though he wants everyone to know he does not intend to ban fracking, despite what he said in the…

The Conversation: “Faith and politics mix to drive evangelical Christians’ climate change denial”

US MSM and academia frequently attack the faith of US religious groups, by asserting their climate skepticism has something to do with their Christian faith.

The Guardian: “The Four Types of Climate Denier…”

Guardian environment editor Damian Carrington wants to pin nasty labels on people who disagree with his views on climate change. But in my opinion Carrington is doing a disservice to…

A philospher’s reflections on AGW denial

Reposted from Dr. Judith Curry’s Climate Etc. Posted on September 11, 2019 by curryja | by Dr. Paul Viminitz Of the things I care most about, AGW is near the…