Joe Biden Wants to Jail Oil Executives for Causing Climate Change

Democrat Presidential wannabe Joe Biden. By David Lienemann – White House (V011013DL-0556), Public Domain, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; Joe Biden wants to jail oil executives for causing climate change, though he wants everyone to believe he does not intend to ban fracking, despite what he said in the Presidential Debate. My question – when the police are defunded, who will Biden ask to slap on the handcuffs?

Biden Suggested Jailing Fossil Fuel Executives to Fight Climate Change in 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested last year that, if elected, his administration would seek to fight climate change by any possible measure, including jailing fossil fuel executives for excessive pollution.

Biden, who is under fire for his position on fracking in the closing days of the presidential contest, made the comments during a campaign swing through New Hampshire in 2019 ahead of the state’s first in the nation primary. During an event with supporters in Peterborough, the former vice president was asked about what the consequences to America would be if the country did not stop using fossil fuels in the future–to which Biden responded, “we’re all dead.”

“We have to set sort of guide rails down now, so between the years 2021 and 2030, it’s irreversible, the path we set ourselves on. And one of which is doing away with any substance for fossil fuels – number one,” Biden said during the event.

“Number two, holding them liable for what they have done,” the former vice president said of fossil fuel executives, “particularly in those cases where your underserved neighborhoods and – you know the deal, okay. And by the way, when they don’t want to deliver, put them in jail. I’m not joking about this.”

Read more:

This desire to arrest oil executives might be seen as a contradiction of Joe Biden’s position that he will allow fracking, but perhaps he intends that arrangements will be made for oil executives to manage their fracking operations from special jail cells provided with full internet and telephone access.

Of course to arrest the oil executives, someone has to be sent out to actually slap on the handcuffs. Given strong democrat support for defunding the police, perhaps Joe Biden could ask one of those new police replacement community outreach workers to politely ask the executives to come quietly. Or maybe Biden will ask BLM or Antifa militias to make a citizens arrest.

Update (EW): h/t Breitbart; video of Biden saying “we should put them in jail”.

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October 29, 2020 10:31 pm

How many of those oils executives are democrats or progressive liberals? According to the surveys I have seen nearly 65% of executives are left leaning.

So Biden doing this is either a lie or it is a damn lie.

Reply to  JEHILL
October 29, 2020 11:58 pm

They’re not worried. Joe has shown that he can be bought off.

Reply to  JEHILL
October 30, 2020 3:44 am

Biden has never had a real job in his life. He has no idea how to run a business or run anything other than his ridiculous mouth. It’s all yap-yap-yap proggy propaganda and nothing else.

Think about this for a minute: if he jails all the “oil company executives”, he has no idea who steps in for them while they’re bailing themselves out. And running a business in oil production is not a crime. Threatening people with false arrest has consequences, y’know.

It’s baloney, but he makes it much easier to point at him and snort with laughter.

Reply to  Sara
October 30, 2020 10:50 am

Once the left finishes packing the court, it won’t be false arrest.
Thought crimes will be the most serious charge that could be brought against an individual.

Tom in Florida
Reply to  MarkW
October 30, 2020 12:05 pm

Keep in mind that the Judiciary Act of 1869 set the Supreme Court at 1 Chief Justice and 8 Associate Justices, total of 9.
So the first thing they would have to do is amend that law. That would require the bill to go through the House committee, then the House then over to the Senate. Even if the Demorats controlled both the House and Senate, the public attention would prevent them from passing it as most people do not want to tinker with the number. I am not sure enough of the elected officials would want to jeopardize their political careers to accomplish what would surely be undone the next time power changed hands.

Reply to  Tom in Florida
October 30, 2020 3:56 pm

The thing is, once you finish packing the court, the chances of further power changes drop dramatically.

Reply to  Tom in Florida
October 31, 2020 12:17 am

The notion of power of the judiciary comes from the notion that the judiciary has more relevance and integrity than at least mob rule.

Once that’s no longer the case, the people might want to go with mob rule. Then all bets are of. It’s about who has more guns, and that isn’t the judges.

Reply to  Tom in Florida
October 31, 2020 4:15 pm

So the first thing they would have to do is amend that law.

Why amend when you can just ignore. Pack the court, then have the court you just packed try any challenges. No problem.

Andy in Epsom
Reply to  MarkW
October 30, 2020 1:26 pm

If you want to know about thought crimes look towards Scotland. there have been new laws enacted which all but totally eliminates any form of free speech including in a persons own home. I am sure there will soon be laws so that you cannot even look at someone with being accused of something. In the UK even asking a woman out for a date can be constituted as sexual harassment.
This is a crazy world

Reply to  Sara
October 30, 2020 10:17 pm


Joe’s son Hunter, who also never worked in the oil and gas industry, was able to be appointed to the Board of Directors of Burisma (Ukraine’s largest natural gas company) and paid $1 million/yr for a no-show job..,

Hunter got this amazing gig a few months after Joe Biden was appointed by Obama as his “Ukraine Czar”, and was paid $1,000,000/year for his no-show BOD job..

It turns out this was an excellent investment by Burisma, because Joe Biden later blackmailed the Ukrainian government by withholding $1 billion in US loans, unless they fired the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma for corruption…

If you’re a corrupt company or country, it’s nice to know that once Joe Biden is bought, he stays bought…

Oh, goody…

Larry in Texas
Reply to  JEHILL
October 30, 2020 7:54 am

I don’t remember for sure about the timing, but I thought Bernie Sanders said the same thing around the same time. So goes the contest over who is the most concerned about “climate change.”

I’m getting really cynical about this stuff in my old age. Lol!

Harry Passfield
Reply to  JEHILL
October 30, 2020 1:25 pm

Biden says: “…it’s irreversible, the path we set ourselves on.”. He should be careful what he wishes for. The point o democracy is that one government can change the mistakes of a previous one. Any government cannot be bound by the actions of a previous. That’s called democracy. What he wants is Autocracy – though he won’t be around when it comes to pass, if at all – considering that Harris and Hillary will have taken over,

Reply to  JEHILL
October 31, 2020 9:20 am

Worth reading.
An attempt to assess the importance of the known evidence, and a critique of media lies to protect their favored candidate, could not be published at The Intercept

Reply to  JEHILL
October 31, 2020 9:26 am

EXCLUSIVE: Another 1-On-1 With Giuliani — After Giving Us The Hard Drive, He’s Now Directly Accusing Biden Of Two Specific Crimes.
October 30, 2020

Dave Fair
October 31, 2020 6:24 pm

The FBI sandbagged the Biden crimes long enough that Big Tech and MSM suppression will hold until after the election. We will see if the American public will hold anyone accountable in 2022/24.

Reply to  Dave Fair
November 1, 2020 7:56 am

Trump’s DoJ will be doing so beginning next week. Money laundering is the nose under the tent, all manner of other crap is pouring out those tents as we speak, lots and lots of other guilty people are already scrambling. Pluggs will do a public mental meltdown and evade prosecution, the rest are f***ked. They failed to payoff enough of the right people.

Andy Espersen
October 29, 2020 10:44 pm

The United States has a Constitution and a Supreme Court which will put the kibosh on that sort of darned nonsense.

Reply to  Andy Espersen
October 29, 2020 11:29 pm

You mean the same Supreme Court the Democrats want to pack up with additional communist judges the moment Biden wins? Just enough of them to let them pass everything they want?

Of course they will send BLM and Antifa stormtroopers. This is what “defunding the police” was always about. So that criminals could terrorize all non-communist citizens. In Portland, they’re going to Trump supporters’ houses to “protest”. Similar as what happened in DC – when a mob surrounds you, yells at you until you submit and even smashes your food off the table as they laugh at you being frightened – that’s intimidation by force.

There are stores in California where any masked black man can literally go in, take what they want and get out without paying. “Defunding the police” got you that.

Consider also they want to take away guns. All of this taken together should frighten you.

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  Laertes
October 30, 2020 5:12 am

They intend to take away guns, but it won’t happen. If they try, it will start a civil war and they cannot win. The funniest part is that they think the police and military would be on their side. Their junior high teachers running around in black outfits like to think they are intimidating but the military and police personnel I know would mop them up in a very short time with no fear.

Jon R
Reply to  Trying to Play Nice
October 31, 2020 9:32 pm

Antifa is armed with high tech guns, don’t kid yourself.

Reply to  Jon R
November 1, 2020 8:09 am

Pantifa has weapons, they have not used them sticking to laser pointers, frozen water bottles, ineffective molotov cocktails, rocks/bricks/cement. When they do start shooting the return fire is going to be massive and well aimed. After that NSA will be turning over all their leaders’ locations so they can be rounded up. Or just publish them openly and let nature take its course.

Reply to  Andy Espersen
October 30, 2020 5:30 am

Perhaps worse, he wants to tax everyone else to death, which is much more likely to be constitutional. For example:

Reply to  Andy Espersen
October 30, 2020 8:39 am

Like it’s done for so much other nonsense?

Not holding my breath.

Joe D
Reply to  Andy Espersen
October 30, 2020 8:20 pm

Sadly, our courts have already been packed with judges who reject what the Constitution meant when it was written, in favor of granting themselves the ability to change what it means. The main issue is when they redefined the “General Welfare” clause to grant themselves nearly unlimited power.
The signers all thought they were limiting the federal government to the enumerated powers. But now, round 2/3 of the federal budget is for things that are not in their power to do.

Reply to  Joe D
October 31, 2020 8:48 am

DJT is already well on the way to undoing that crap. People got no clue how many judges he has placed in seats left in limbo by the Obama Admin.

Joe D
Reply to  2hotel9
October 31, 2020 9:49 am

I agree. Both Democrats and Republicans like the extra power they get and all the free money taken from us that they can spend. Tyranny is what our founders would call it. Though the Democrats are bolder about it, and take the idea of the “living” (i.e. meaningless) Constitution to a greater extent.
It is this realization that took me to the Constitution Party. There are plenty of 3rd parties to go to, rather than wasting your vote on the two power-grabbing parties.
I suspect the only real way to get out of this march towards communism/socialism is for a 3rd party to truly “clean the swamp”. And for this to happen, we probably need one of the ranked voting systems in place, where you can vote 1st and 2nd choice, and if your 1st choice doesn’t win, then your vote is transferred to your 2nd choice.

Reply to  Joe D
November 1, 2020 7:38 am

Trump is the ultimate 3rd party, all sides hate him with a burning passion and they can not defeat him. Years of slinging all the sh*t they can and he is crushing them at every turn. Any politician would have been wiped out with a single pass of the crap they have tried on him. Take the Great White Hope Romney, he folded like the cheap suit he has always been with a single paragraph put out by Hitlery and Obama walked all over him in ’12. McC? He was done before he even entered the primary, either time. Trump sees problems and fixes them, THAT has all the political a$$holes on all sides squealing like the pigs they are. Bottom-line Trump is a builder. He says he is going to do something and it gets done. The more resistance he hits the more determination he brings to bear. Mark my words, when he wins in an overwhelming landslide on Tuesday they are going to try and kill him, and they will fail at that, too. I am amazed it has not already happened.

Andy Espersen
Reply to  Joe D
October 31, 2020 4:34 pm

Tony G. and Joe D. – I don’t agree with you. The US Supreme Court rules on controversial issues. Their decisions do not determine which is right or which is wrong – but only what each individual judge thinks is best (is right?). You obviously often disagree with the court.


Dave Fair
Reply to  Andy Espersen
October 31, 2020 5:07 pm

District of Columbia v. Heller, case in which the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26, 2008, held (5–4) that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to possess firearms independent of service in a state militia and to use firearms for traditionally lawful purposes, including self-defense within the home.

June 28, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (5–4) that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,” applies to state and local governments as well as to the federal government.

The fact that four “liberal” Justices of the SCOTUS disagreed with the plain meaning of the 2nd Amendment should scare the hell out of every American. We should only appoint “original intent” Constitutional Justices.

To be clear, the 2nd Amendment rights accrue to every American citizen for all “traditionally lawful purposes.” Excluded are certain minors and people adjudicated mentally deficient, felons, etc. The concurring Justices explained that all weapons commonly in use by citizens are included in that Constitutional right. These weapons include AK and AR-type semiautomatic rifles, semiautomatic pistols and “large capacity” ammunition magazines. Automatic assault rifles are not in that class of weapons.

Reply to  Dave Fair
November 1, 2020 7:52 am

There is only one “assault rifle”, the Sturmgewehr 44. Full auto rifles are called by their specific nomenclature. And please spare us the dodge of using “assault weapon”, any item used to assault a person is an assault weapon, phone book, iron pipe, broken bottle, whatever. The lies spewed by “journalists” “academics” and politicians are just that, lies. Changing definitions to suit their lies does not change the fact they are still just lies.

Dave Fair
Reply to  2hotel9
November 1, 2020 10:49 am

Wikipedia: “The StG 44 (abbreviation of Sturmgewehr 44, “assault rifle 44″) is a German selective-fire assault rifle developed during World War II by Hugo Schmeisser. It is also known as the MP 43 and MP 44 (Maschinenpistole 43 and 44). The StG44 was an improvement of an earlier design, the Maschinenkarabiner 42(H).

The StG 44 was the first successful assault rifle, with features including a relatively short cartridge, controllable automatic fire, a more compact design than a battle rifle with a quicker rate of fire, and intended for hitting targets within a few hundred metres.”

Most everybody likes a little ass, but nobody likes a smartass.

Reply to  Dave Fair
November 2, 2020 5:16 am

StG 44 is the only Assault Rifle, pretend anything you want it does not change reality. Neither does trotting out wiki as your sole means of source, that just makes you the a$$. Play word games with your fellow leftists, I have 40 odd years experience with firearms, US Army trained Small Arms and Heavy Weapons Specialist and am a trained gunsmith. Bye, Felicia.

Dave Fair
Reply to  2hotel9
November 2, 2020 1:17 pm

Chill, 2hotel9; you seem to be tightly wound around that axle. I have over 60 years experience with firearms, including use of an M16 assault rifle in combat (Purple Heart, valor medals). And I’d have to join a skinhead militia if I were any farther to the right.

Referring to the StG 44 as the only true assault rifle only goes over at a tight-assed gunsmith convention. Throughout the rest of the world, “assault rifle” refers to a class of select-fire military weapons carried by individual soldiers. I guess we could all refer to them as “a class of select-fire military weapons carried by individual soldiers similar to the the StG 44 (abbreviation of Sturmgewehr 44, “assault rifle 44”), a German selective-fire assault rifle developed during World War II by Hugo Schmeisser.” Happy?

Felicia was the name of a stuffed toy cat my youngest daughter had in Alaska. She once left it in the sled-dog yard and the dogs tore it up. You can imagine what I heard from the school when she tearfully told them that the dogs tore up her cat, Felicia, and that I made her go clean up the pieces.

Reply to  Dave Fair
November 3, 2020 5:51 am

Again, there is only one Assault Rifle, playing word games like a spoiled child does not change that.

October 29, 2020 10:55 pm

JAIL YOURSELF,, dementia Joe..

YOU have been using far more than your fair share of oil and electricity.

You can Join Hillary and Al Gore. !

Reply to  fred250
October 30, 2020 8:47 pm

Also he has been in the fossil fuel business himself in UKraine.
How ironic is that!

Joel O’Bryan
October 29, 2020 11:14 pm

One year from today, Dementia Joe’s most important decision should be either selecting orange jello or cherry jello from the memory center-nursing home cafeteria for a dessert.

Reply to  Joel O’Bryan
October 30, 2020 9:41 am

It would be reasonable, and even a form of justice, if he were to reside in a NY type care home … with all that goes along with that.

But he will have 24 hr care, at home, with the $70k/year caretakers coming to his bedside to wipe the spittle off of his chin.

(but he will get top care. if he doesn’t lose his sense of smell they may even bring in a different little girl every few days for him to sniff, just to keep his spirits up.)

Reply to  Joel O’Bryan
October 30, 2020 10:52 am

He was planning on alternating, but he can no longer remember which he had the day before.

October 29, 2020 11:33 pm

“the former vice president said of fossil fuel executives”
Well, so Breitbart say, but give no evidence. But what is Biden talking about? It seems to be people who don’t want to deliver to underserved neighborhoods. How does that fit with oil executives?

The whole event is on C-Span here, and this segment is at about 53 minutes. “substance for fossil fuels” makes no sense. The word is unclear, I think it should be subsidy. But then he wanders into talking about jailing someone, but it isn’t at all clear who he means, or for what offence.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 29, 2020 11:59 pm

“but it isn’t at all clear who OR WHAT he means”

Dementia Joe makes a habit of that.

Reply to  fred250
October 30, 2020 12:13 am

So when Trump says “Lock them all up”, who or what do you think he means?

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 4:29 am

All those involved in the destruction of the USA for their own agenda..

eg the Bidens, Clintons, and many other of the swamp.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 5:04 am

He means criminals, those who have used their government position and authority to enrich themselves and their family and violated laws to cover it up.

Also those, like ALL of the Muller team attorneys, who have deleted their emails, texts, etc. and wiped their phones to hide their criminal conspiracy to frame TRUMP! to remove him from office. Treason would be the charge for them.

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  Drake
October 30, 2020 5:14 am

Treason is defined in the Constitution and they don’t fit the definition. It would be sedition.

Reply to  Drake
October 30, 2020 5:41 am


What you describe is a “Seditious Conspiracy”. Treason would be helping an outside enemy of the US to overthrow the government. They are similar offenses but differently defined.

Wade Hampton
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 8:03 am

Hillary Clinton for breaking laws regarding handling of confidential documents.

John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper et al for engaging in a conspiracy to illegally spy on a presidential campaign, for conspiring to defraud the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, for lying repeatedly to Congress.

Joe Biden for conspiracy with his son Hunter and his brother Jim to engage in influence peddling and money laundering.

Does that help?

Reply to  Wade Hampton
October 30, 2020 10:53 am

As far as Nick is concerned, unless it’s covered by the BBC, it didn’t happen.

Michael Jankowsi
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 11:17 am

“…So when Trump says ‘Lock them all up’, who or what do you think he means?…”

If you paid any attention, you’d know the obvious answer.

You’re clearly clueless here. Just don’t bother making yourself look any more foolish and return to your bridge.

John F Hultquist
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 11:55 am

You need to catch up.

It has been known for over 4 years {actually much longer} that one should take DJT seriously, but not literally.
See Salena Zito, 2016

Reply to  John F Hultquist
October 30, 2020 6:03 pm

You mean, don’t pay attention to his lies?

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 31, 2020 7:38 am

Ahh, strong in you is the butt hurt.

Reply to  fred250
October 30, 2020 10:06 am


By under-served neighborhoods he meant the poor. He trying to play the game; “where the powerful/rich hurt, ignore, or harm the poor, there should be vengeance … you, you, know the d deal”.

He is going along with the AOC’s that think the poor have been harmed, more so than helped, by the oil industry and our societal use of fossil fuels. And that the ones who have been “grievously” harmed can be used to put bad rich oil execs in jail.

He is a piece of crap.

Doc Chuck
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 12:48 am

When a tragic Joe Biden is the best you can come up with for a fronting sock puppet whose appeal is thought enhanced by the evidently least compelling of his primary presidential candidacy challengers, without a doubt you’ve got yourself some truly bizarre political theater. And meanwhile the desperately hate-filled hand their rather apolitical populist opponent a major boost in having impeached him for what both Hillary and Joseph have each actually perpetrated in their own way instead and he simply has not, as his personal weaknesses are well known to reside elsewhere.

Reply to  Eric Worrall
October 30, 2020 2:37 am

But did you find out in the video who “them” is? And for what?

Ron Long
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 3:21 am

Nick, I just watched the video in the link provided by Eric. Joe Biden is clearly suggesting persons in oil companies should be held accountable and put them in jail, and it was during a sequence of comments about global warming.

Reply to  Ron Long
October 30, 2020 5:34 am

Company executives from around the world no less … because they are the world leader … and it’s going to be hard really really hard.

Yeah Joe, like impossible you stupid old fool.

Reply to  Ron Long
October 30, 2020 8:44 am

I wouldn’t be unhappy to see the cowardish oil company executive weenies standing as defendants before a judge. Then we would see which side of their cognitive dissonance would be the strongest – promoting corporate virtue signaling or the prospect of large KY Jelly bills and the associated.

Will the defendant please rise for sentencing …….. Ha ha ha

Reply to  Ron Long
October 30, 2020 10:54 am

You don’t expect Nick to actually research something before commenting on it?

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 3:33 am

Typical Nick deflection. By the way Nick, how did the COVID tracing capabilities of the Victorian government pan out for you? You’ve been pretty quiet on that one. Tail between the legs?

Reply to  Rockwa
October 30, 2020 5:41 am

Haha apparently they were doing it on pen and paper and fax machines. Obviously a pile of civil servants of about Nicks vintage.

Reply to  Rockwa
October 30, 2020 7:58 am

“how did the COVID tracing capabilities of the Victorian government pan out for you? “
Pretty well. Just 36 cases in the last 14 days. Not bad for 6.7 million people.

Reply to  Rockwa
October 30, 2020 10:26 am

1st that isn’t because of tracing it’s because your butts be locked down or as Dangerous Dan would say we have to limit movement.
Second you are coming out of lockdown lets see how long it lasts when the city can move around.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 4:37 am

Nick, you can find the entire townhall video from CSPAN here (the page may freeze for a minute or two after it loads, just be patient… it will load eventually): ( ) Biden’s particular comment is found in his (lengthy and meandering) response to a climate change question starting at 47 minutes into the video.

Early in his response, Biden refers to bringing all the “major” world polluters in the first 100 days (of his presidency, I suppose?) to “up the commitments” (Paris Accord commitments, I believe). Then, “those who did not”– who and what?– “they would find themselves in a position where the rest of the world would exact economic penalties for failure to do that.” He then goes on to talk about China, John Kerry, Brazil and the Amazon rain forest before making the comment about jailing “them”. The main contextual clue is “major” world polluters. I’ll give Biden an inch here and propose that he is talking about anyone who pollutes a “major” amount, including nations and corporations since those are typically the only economic players who put out the “major” pollution.

He refers to jailing violators at the end of his response. But logic would then ask the question, “how can he jail leaders of another nation?” Is he proposing war? Alternatively, it is much easier to jail citizens of the US than it is to jail leaders of another nation. If “major world polluters” is broad and includes corporations, then the most plausible action he proposes includes jailing executives.

Nick, I am eagerly awaiting your response.

Reply to  leowaj
October 30, 2020 7:30 am

Thanks. I gave that C-span link in my initial comment. So where in all that do you find “oil company executives”? You’re having to draw a long bow there.

I agree, it is meandering. But that doesn’t mean you can just make up stuff.

Reply to  leowaj
October 30, 2020 10:36 am


On Biden’s site, under his climate plan page, he mentions this: “The Biden Administration will take action against fossil fuel companies and other polluters who put profit over people and knowingly harm our environment and poison our communities’ air, land, and water, or conceal information regarding potential environmental and health risks.” Biden has already established “taking action against” fossil fuel companies and this fact was true prior to the town hall in Peterborogh. Since imprisonment is only possible against human beings and the executive management bears full responsibility at the corporate and legal level, and executive management consists only of human beings, Biden’s own words clearly indicate an intention to use some federal means (probably the Department of Justice) to bring legal action against executives of fossil fuel companies.

Unless there is clear counter-evidence from Biden himself (such as a correction), there is no rational way to argue that he isn’t referring to the executives of fossil fuel companies.

Reply to  leowaj
October 30, 2020 5:53 pm

““major” world polluters. ”

So he’s going to jail China and India.

That’ll be funny watching him attempt that 🙂

Reply to  leowaj
October 30, 2020 9:10 pm

There are and have been for a long time pretty strict pollution requirements in the US upon those who illegality pollute.
How many oil executive did Biden and Obama prosecute?
I am sure they probably tightened standards like sulfur emissions but set timeframes for compliance.
How can someone make such a nonsense statement who regulated the industry for 47 years? Especially since he has been the family oil business through Hunter himself???.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 8:29 am

If you inappropriately yell FIRE in a crowded theater and it results in a panic that causes damage or harm to others, you’re responsible and could go to jail is the harm is severe enough.

Why doesn’t this apply to climate alarmists? The economic and psychological damage they’re causing is substantial while the alarm they raise about about the sky burning the Earth is obviously wrong and easily falsified. How come they aren’t held to account?

If anyone should go to jail for damage done in the name of climate alarmism, it should be people like Gore, Mann, Hansen, Trenberth, etc. The first amendment is there to protect idiots like this, but their politics has deprecated the first amendment as it applies to their opponents, therefore, this protection should be removed from them as well.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  co2isnotevil
October 30, 2020 11:48 am

“Why doesn’t this apply to climate alarmists? The economic and psychological damage they’re causing is substantial while the alarm they raise about about the sky burning the Earth is obviously wrong and easily falsified. How come they aren’t held to account?”

The Alarmists, including Joe Biden, are the real culprits. They are the ones who should be facing lawsuits.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 5:32 am

It’s “substituting of fossil fuels”

52:39 “We are the leader of the world”
53:01 ” We have to be able to bring the world together and it’s going to be hard. Really really hard”
53:18 “Number 1: Do away with any substituting of fossil fuels.”
53:24 “Number 2: Holding them liable, for what they have done”
53:32 “And by the way when they don’t do the right thing we will put them in jail, and I am not joking”

So he is talking about jailing company executives from other countries … he is a village idiot 🙂

Reply to  LdB
October 30, 2020 7:34 am

The word is unclear in the audio. Subsidising makes sense. What would “substituting” mean? Why would he say that?

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 8:58 am

Nick Stokes asked” Why would he say that?”

Simple. Many commercial businesses and governmental bureaucracies that bought into large “green renewable” projects such as wind and solar projects decades ago have discovered that they are NET LOSERS and are decommissioning them as fast as they can and going back to (i.e., “substituting”) reliable, dispatchable, lower LCOE, fossil fuels sources to replace those never cost-effectively-realized electrical power generation pigs-in-a-poke.

Case in point: Tonopah Solar Energy LLC and its energy customers
( ).

Joe Biden does not want ANYONE that has bought into “green renewable” energy sources being able to replace them with fossil fuel sources.

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 10:33 am

He is talking about using GAS instead of COAL or renewable, you know the same as Australian GAS lead recovery the Libs are signing us up for … the bit about the previously clean enviroment he waffles on about is FRACKING THE GAS. I didn’t think it was that hard to follow really.

Reply to  LdB
October 30, 2020 3:22 pm

“is talking about using GAS instead of COAL”
They are both fossil fuels, so it isn’t “substituting”

Reply to  LdB
October 30, 2020 5:56 pm

Yes it is.

You are substituting gas for coal.. with a commensurate drop in beneficial CO2 emissions

Just like the USA did to become the only country to have a reasonable drop in carbon (sic) emissions.

You are rapidly losing what little credibility you might once have had, Nick

Joining Joe on the dementia queue.

Reply to  LdB
October 30, 2020 6:37 pm

Ah a Stokism to keep arguing .. you really are sophist piece of work.

I can guarantee you if you tell people if I change from gas instead of coal as a fossil fuel 90% of them will call it substituting.

Anyhow whether Troll Stokes gets it that is what he is saying and the next bit about the enviroment and he ends up saying something like but “you know this” is about fracking on a previously pristine enviroment is how I think I remember he described it.

Reply to  LdB
October 30, 2020 8:28 pm

I guess if your Nick Stokes and don’t get the message you can go with Biden is a blithering old geriatric fool who is going to jail someone …. and he really means it and it will be hard.
We just aren’t sure who he is going to jail but that is so much better because then you can disagree with the poster of the article.

OR it could be that stupid old geriatric trolls are a thing.

Michael Jankowski
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 11:44 am

Some more info for you, Nick. This is who you are trying to translate and understand. Good luck.

Reply to  Michael Jankowski
October 30, 2020 7:06 pm

Haha … I just about spat my coffee out

Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 9:21 pm

He is lying by following the tax code and calling tax investment breaks subsidies.
There are little of no subsidies for big oil companies.
Its and old Democratic trick to fool the lame minded. Another example, Clinton reduced the royalties paid to the government for offshore drilling when oil was cheap and our sources were heavily overseas. This has erroneously been called a subsidy by Democrats for years.
I am sure there are more examples.

Michael Jankowski
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 11:15 am

“…But what is Biden talking about?…”

That is often the question when Biden is speaking.

“…It seems to be people who don’t want to deliver to underserved neighborhoods. How does that fit with oil executives?…”

It doesn’t. Refer back to your first question. There are no “underserved neighborhoods” for fossil fuel delivery anyhow.

“…substance for fossil fuels” makes no sense…”

It’s Joe Biden. Of course it makes no sense. This is the guy who recently referred to “4 more years of George” instead of Trump…presumably George Bush, but the media claims it is comedian George Lopez.

“…But then he wanders into talking about jailing someone, but it isn’t at all clear who he means, or for what offence…”

You haven’t been paying attention. This is what happens every time he speaks.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 12:57 pm

Nick, it is clear what he said and meant: Pony up with bribes to my inner-city supporters or we persecute you. It is extortion. Government sponsored cancel culture and mob violence are the current persecutions. This will not end well.

Tombstone Gabby
Reply to  Nick Stokes
October 30, 2020 9:36 pm

It seems to be people who don’t want to deliver to underserved neighborhoods.
╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬

G’day Nick – how’s your memory? Wasn’t there a situation in New York state a while back about a natural gas company refusing to take on new customers because their pipeline didn’t have the capacity to serve more households? I seem to recall that the Governor said, “You will deliver gas to the customers.”

They used trucks to bring in the extra gas that winter.

Reply to  Tombstone Gabby
October 31, 2020 8:40 am

And CCuomo is STILL blocking new pipelines and upgrading existing pipelines in NY. Funny how that works.

October 30, 2020 12:00 am

The fun with citizen arrests is that they go both ways.

Like that scene in “Deux heures moins le quart avant Jésus-Christ” where they say “arrest these soldiers!” and the other side “arrest these soldiers!” and they all arrest each others.

William Haas
October 30, 2020 12:22 am

Joe does not know what he is talking about. Climate change has been taking place for eons long before mankind ever evolved. The climate change we are experiencing today is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control, even oil executives.

John in Oz
October 30, 2020 12:30 am

Let’s also jail:
– armament manufacturers due to the deaths from guns
– water and power workers as some people drown or are electrocuted
– auto manufacturers due to vehicle deaths
– politicians for making laws that allow all of these dangerous products and services to be manufactured
– ad infinitum

Totally ridiculous (as usual) to place the blame on lawful manufacture but absolve the users (such as himself)

Patrick MJD
Reply to  John in Oz
October 30, 2020 2:05 am

Agreed. That list is so small though…it could be applied to almost anything, even breathing!

Reply to  John in Oz
October 30, 2020 10:56 am

The goal of progressives is to make it impossible to go through a day without breaking some law.
That’s how they gain power over the population.

Reply to  MarkW
October 31, 2020 8:02 am

I break “laws” all the time, I quit worrying about 30 years ago.

Ben Vorlich
October 30, 2020 12:39 am

You want someone as you describe in your last paragraph as unclear (twice) and wandering as your POTUS?

Are you mad?

Vincent Causey
October 30, 2020 12:41 am

Since he’d have to jail his own son (Burisma), I call BS on it.

October 30, 2020 12:51 am

“My question – when the police are defunded, who will Biden ask to slap on the handcuffs?”

Indeed, I never understood why the police should be defunded :

October 30, 2020 12:59 am

Joe is senile.

Coeur de Lion
October 30, 2020 1:16 am

Oh bring it on! Bring it on! A trial would expose the whole nonsense. And let’s have the trial up north in the USA with the heating turned off. Like that famous Congressional meeting, remember? Santer, was it?

Matthew Sykes
October 30, 2020 1:43 am

I am predicting Trump gets 63% of the popular vote. At least.

Biden is a fool. Adopting an echo chamber agenda is stupid. You have to listen to the people. Just look at the difference in numbers attending their respective rallies!

Larry in Texas
Reply to  Matthew Sykes
October 30, 2020 8:04 am

While I hope you are right, I’m only predicting that Trump gets over 70 million votes (which would be better than Obama’s total in 2008) and around 330 – 362 electoral votes on his way to victory. I would not go so far to turn that into a percentage, because over 73 – 74 million votes have already been cast in early voting and I expect a LOT of voters (especially Trump voters) to show up Nov. 3.

Never underestimate the gullibility, foolishness, and depth of hatred for Trump of some of the American people. Biden is unfortunately going to get a lot more votes than 37%, but never enough to win.

Reply to  Larry in Texas
October 30, 2020 8:46 am

I am not so hopeful.

I expect Trump will be a clear winner on November 3. But after weeks of counting mail-in ballots, including the truckloads of ballots that will suddenly be “discovered” just before the deadline making them have to extend it, followed by lawsuits over the election results, I expect Biden will be declared the winner some time after Thanksgiving.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Matthew Sykes
October 30, 2020 12:18 pm

I think Trump is going to win, and I think he will get more votes this time than he got last time (63,000,000). I don’t know how many more votes he will get than last time, but it appears his support among his base is higher now at 96 percent than it was in 2016, at 86 percent, and it looks like he is going to get more votes from Blacks and Hispanics than he got last time.

If this were the 1990’s, I would say Trump would get a landslide victory. Common sense would reign and people would support the law and order president, and the one who got the U.S. economy in high gear and would reject the radical Left the Democrats have become.

But I really can’t gauge how much influence a couple of decades of leftwing propaganda being taught in schools and put out by the Leftwing Media over the years has destroyed that common sense.

I guess we will have that answer next week. I cast my vote today.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
October 31, 2020 8:54 am

There are going to be violent spasms of protest, Americans are not going to tolerate it, leftrds will scuttle away like the cockroaches they are and start a campaign of muted civil disobedience. With all the new technology we will be able to run their organizers to ground. I suggest listing all their personal info publicly and let the “people” handle them.

Reply to  2hotel9
November 1, 2020 7:52 am

I doubt there will be anything “muted” about it. Many mayors appear to expect similar, given the “emergency declarations” they’re making about being prepared for “election unrest”

Reply to  TonyG
November 1, 2020 8:15 am

Yes, after the initial crushing response the insurrectionists will begin a muted civil disobedience campaign, burning homes/businesses/vehicles in the dead of night without large gatherings. It is the muslim pattern and leftists have been wanting to bring it to America for quite some time.

Ed Zuiderwijk
October 30, 2020 1:59 am

A more urgent question would be of who would arrest Biden and his clique for false imprisonment and come to think of it already now for intended false imprisonment.

October 30, 2020 2:13 am

Joe Biden (Harris will soon have to replace him) will utterly destroy the US economy and US institutions by:

1) Destroying the US fossil fuel industry, of which the US is now the world’s largest producer.
2) Wasting $93 trillion on AOC’s insane Green New Deal.
3) Destroying SCOTUS through court packing (adding 6 new Leftist judges)
4) Granting amnesty to 20~30 million illegal aliens (70% of whom will vote Democrat) so all 3 branches controlled by Leftists for next 100 years.
5) Destroying the Senate by packing it with 4 new senators by granting statehood to DC and Puerto Rico.
6) Destroying the US healthcare system through a Medicare-for-all program.
7) Destroying private sector businesses through massive tax increases and massive new EPA/labor/business regulations.
8) Destroying city safety by defunding police departments.

I refuse to believe the American people have been so brainwashed they’re willing to destroy America in next Tuesday’s election.

Sure, Leftists think the above policies will create Utopia like all Marxists have promised over the last century, but history is very clear that government tyranny always leads down the road to serfdom…

Gerry, England
Reply to  SAMURAI
October 30, 2020 7:43 am

Will signs be changed to ‘Welcome to the United States of Venezuela’ ?

Reply to  Gerry, England
October 31, 2020 12:54 am


Joe Biden will also add a sign in front of the White House reading, “FOR SALE! CALL HUNTER BIDEN FOR DETAILS!”…

Reply to  SAMURAI
October 30, 2020 11:08 am

I expect the defunded police to be replaced by citizen’s cadres as has been done in other socialist countries.

Membership in the cadres will be based on loyalty to the party, first and foremost.
Being related to your local ward captains will be a secondary criteria.

October 30, 2020 2:31 am

Many donors and execs are democrats.

But sure videos are the first hands in the silver bracelets, given how much the USA spends on oil for the military, government services and strategic petroleum reserve?

Purely this is an empty statement to get the Greta’s of this world going, yay vote biden.

Another Ian
October 30, 2020 3:18 am

He’s been told he has helpers

“Incredible. Google Executive on hidden camera talking about “preventing the next Trump situation” ”

D. Boss
October 30, 2020 3:45 am

The problem with a more conservative view or philosophical approach, is that tends to not want to be as nasty, despicable and down in the mud fighting as the “progressive” ideology. We should fight fire with fire – go back to the notion of MAD, (Mutually Assured Destruction) – but not with nukes, with the rhetoric and dirty fighting the left always uses.

We should propose similarly dumb ass ideas as they do, such as jailing all Climate Cult adherents. But not behind bars – force them all to spend the 6 months of winter in say northern Minnesota, without any fossil fuel derived product or service!

Make an Amish Camp – no polymers of any kind, no food from stores, no metals except what you can hand forge, no fuel except what you can manually harvest from a forest, only wool and cotton for clothing, no electricity, no electronics, and on and on.

Unfortunately this would be a death sentence for most of today’s society, but you could have this Climate Cult Prison sentence administered by some Amish, who could prevent deaths with their resourcefulness.

Forcing the asinine followers of Climate Catastrophe Cult into this education camp, would stop the stupid notion that you can ban fossil fuels.

Actually you probably don’t have to do it, but loud and frequent calls to send all the Climate Cult adherents to these education camps would go a long way to tamping down the lunacy. My point is they get away with so many lies and absurd claims because they know our side will fight by the rules and not respond in kind.

MAD worked – but we had to be willing to execute the plan to act as deterrent.

Lastly, we are fighting an extremely uphill battle, where simple logical arguments won’t work against the several generations of brainwashing and indoctrination that comes from our learning institutions. Gad Saad puts it very succinctly in this short video:

How a Civilization Crumbles From Within (THE SAAD TRUTH_1069)

Reply to  D. Boss
October 30, 2020 8:01 am

D. Boss, respectfully, I disagree with the fighting philosophy of “fight fire with fire”. And the reason why I disagree with it is because the premise is that absurdity can be demonstrated. Absurdity relies on a clear and agreeable definition, which in turn implies rationality. Joe Biden and those in the same ideology spectrum are not rational. Thus there can be no clear or agreeable definition of absurdity.

I could argue with Mr. Biden face-to-face that he should be among those jailed because of how much pollution he produces from his travel. That is consistent with the ideology of putting in jail those “major” polluters. I arbitrarily define “major” under his argument to include anyone who travels daily on jets or in motorcades. He fits the definition. He should be jailed. Obviously, regardless of how consistent and logical my argument is with Biden’s own ideology, he would dodge or dismiss my argument or provide a plausible (but irrelevant) excuse.

Fighting fire with fire simply doesn’t work here. Instead, the better tactic is calm, cool, well-reasoned and logical argumentation.

D. Boss
Reply to  leowaj
October 31, 2020 4:40 am

Valid point. However may I point out that “reasoned” arguments did not work with the Judicial Activism the left proffered in the CO2 as pollutant case in the Supreme Court!

That (supreme court case) is supposed to be the epitome of rational, reasoned argument – and we lost!

What I am saying is the Left gets away with breaking or bending the rules (as in rational debate ahead of stupid policy implementation), or doing an end run around the legislative process by Judicial Activism. So we too must make it untenable for them to break rules or do end runs – they only get away with it because we do not fight back in kind, or make it cost them to be as they are.

If for example in the vein of using the justice system, we should go after the idiots who change the temperature data – at NASA, NOAA etc. Not only to get them fired, but criminally charged as I believe there is a “truth in records” law or the like.

If the other side starts to have to pay a high cost for their “activism”, then it will wane.

October 30, 2020 4:08 am

Its a bit likee jailing the prostitute , but not the users.


October 30, 2020 4:47 am

I dont even live there but Im praying joe gets a big fat LOSS across multiple states
for my american friends sakes

October 30, 2020 4:53 am

Cool! They can go in the cells on each side of his.

October 30, 2020 5:42 am

Who will slap on the handcuffs? The Bernie lynch mobs that’s who.

October 30, 2020 6:05 am

Not surprising, really. It’s consistent with the Green Blob’s ideology.

James Allen
October 30, 2020 6:19 am

Translation: Joe Biden wants his name in the headlines right before election…
Mission accomplished. Pavlov would approve.

Bill Rocks
October 30, 2020 6:37 am

That is what Hugo Chavez did to PDVSA, the national (govt-run) oil company in Venezuela. Chavez replaced professionals and executives with political hacks and his faithful military personnel. When things began to break and goals were not achieved by the incapable leaders installed by the dictator, guess what happened. PDVSA went to h___, oil production collapsed and now Venezuela has to buy gasoline from Iran with gold bars. Their money is worthless. The socialist dictator and his successor have greatly damaged a country replete with many and diverse natural resources. People have been and are starving and fleeing the country. PDVSA was a credible, increasingly modern and sophisticated industrial company managing the world’s largest oil resources. Now, a failed mess. There is a long history to this and it began in the late 1990s.

Reply to  Bill Rocks
October 30, 2020 11:14 am

In the meantime, they punished the real workers for failing to properly follow the orders of the political hacks.
You don’t expect the political hacks to take responsibility, did you?

Kevin kilty
October 30, 2020 7:11 am

I see fewer and fewer references to Joe as “decent”. I wonder if those who have described him thusly will eventually feel some shame, or maybe already are. When I look at his face what I see is a combination of mean and stupid.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Kevin kilty
October 30, 2020 12:33 pm

“When I look at his face what I see is a combination of mean and stupid.”

Joe Biden is a perfect representative of the Radical Left. They are mean and stupid just like he is.

Bruce Cobb
October 30, 2020 7:36 am

Biden is speaking gibberish, or “malarkey”, a favorite word of his. I don’t think even he knows what he meant. It’s mostly word salad. And yet strangely, the audience loved it. Maybe because they knew what he meant (or thought they did). Nonetheless, we know that he has it in for fossil fuels, and yes, fracking, though he tries to deny it. It doesn’t even matter what he was referring to as the “reason” for jailing oil execs. If they can be jailed for “failing to deliver”, then they most certainly can be jailed for “destroying the planet, and lying about it”.

Reply to  Bruce Cobb
October 30, 2020 3:41 pm

Biden wants to “close down the virus not the country”.

And for some observers that was an impressive moment of the second debate. They seem to believe it’s a strategy.

October 30, 2020 7:42 am

From Google Alerts:
Expert: Biden Clueless About Role of Oil and Gas in Domestic and Global Health, Security, and Prosperity

Gordon A. Dressler
October 30, 2020 8:29 am

Joe Biden . . . what an IDIOT!

October 30, 2020 10:47 am

“Joe Biden Wants to Jail Oil Executives”

Soon to be followed by everyone else who dares to disagree with a progressive.

October 30, 2020 10:48 am

“when the police are defunded, who will Biden ask to slap on the handcuffs?”

Don’t worry, the Royal Guards will always be allowed to carry guns and handcuffs.

October 30, 2020 11:49 am

but joe, you were making the laws that allowed it to happen, which under the best scenario, makes you culpable as an accessory before, during and after the fact.. and you took donations* (bribes) from the same people you now want to put in jail..

October 30, 2020 1:28 pm

He just wants them as roommates in the country club prison he should be in soon.

Harry Passfield
October 30, 2020 2:15 pm

FWIW (from a Brit’s pov): The DNC know that Biden has enriched himself and his family but they are stuck with their nominee. That said, they also know a patsy when they see one and see a chance to get their main ‘man’ into the mix. I believe they plan to remove Biden – he will be persuaded to go and enjoy his ill-gotten gains (unless he argues the toss) – leaving the DNC with the double-coup of having a Woman and a BAME for their President AND the Vice Presidency ‘offered’ (given) to the woman who has damaged the USA more than any other person in high office, Hillary Clinton. Welcome to the Harris/Clinton presidency in 2021.
In God we (you) Trust….But God help us. Trump has to win.

William Haas
October 30, 2020 2:25 pm

It is not the oil company executives but rather the users of fossil fuels that are responsible for the “pollution” If CO2 is pollution then all hydrocarbon based animal life that breathe in O2, are poluters because they exhale CO2 and H2O. If greenhouse gases are bad, then H2O is really worse than CO2 because molecule per molecule H2O is a stronger IR absorber than is CO2. In terms of the over all so the called radiometric greenhouse effect, the contribution of CO2 is totally insignificant compared to the contribution of H2O yet nothing is being done about H2O pollution. In the city where I live, the amount of H2O pollution becomes so great that the H2O condenses out as a liquid that falls to the ground. The city knows about this problem but they do in collect the liquid H2O in a network of pipes under the city and then dump the liquid greenhouse gas just outside the city limits. The pool of liquid greenhouse gas has become so large that it can be seen from space. Nothing is being done to allow H2O from this pool to evaporate back into the atmosphere. The EPA needs to step in and at least require that the city cover the pool of liquid greenhouse gas with plastic to stop it from evaporating back in to the atmosphere. In my city it should be illegal to possess any form of H2O or products containing H2O and or to allow it to evaporate into the atmosphere. We must all remember that the combustion of fossil fuels produces not only CO2 but H2O as well. The city is involved with supplying households and businesses with H2O. That has got to stop. Organisms that involve H2O and or CO2 should not be allowed to exist within the city limits. Maybe as President Joe could put in place a national ban on all hydrocarbon based organisms because they pollute.

Jim Hartley
October 30, 2020 4:18 pm

First, it has to be proven that anthropogenic CO2 has an effect on the Climate. The >30% reduction in CO2 when our economy stopped in Mar-Apr 2020 didn’t even register on the Mauna Loa CO2 charts. So is it anthropogenic CO2 or the warming oceans?

Next, that the models that forecast that CO2 will cause this disaster have to be calibrated, and for forecasting, proven infallible. What if, after this cycle, we have 2-3 decades of a Solar Minimum? What if a major volcanic eruption happens? The IPCC models don’t consider these because they can’t be known, but most solar and earth scientists I know think they could happen.

The worst outcome predicted by the models is also the least likely. The middle of the road outcomes never make the news.

For Biden to consider a legal action, he has to present evidence of damage. Future damage that may or may not occur – because it’s in the future – is not actionable.

October 30, 2020 8:43 pm

Interesting this is very similar to what Maduro did in Venezuela by essentially getting rid of oil executives and putting his socialist friends and family in control. This essentially destroyed their oil business that eliminated a major part of the Country sending it into poverty.
Ironic, Am I the only one to note that Biden’s son was corruptly involved with the fossil fuel business in fact part owner in Ukraine and Joe was getting kickbacks. Was it fine then to emit CO2 and allegedly cause the earth to come to an end?
Of course we know that criminalizing legitimate has long been a tool of leftist to totally take over and ruin an economy when his family were profiting?

October 30, 2020 9:35 pm

He is lying by following the tax code and calling tax investment breaks subsidies.
There are little of no subsidies for big oil companies.
Its and old Democratic trick to fool the lame minded. Another example, Clinton reduced the royalties paid to the government for offshore drilling when oil was cheap and our sources were heavily overseas. This has erroneously been called a subsidy by Democrats for years.
I am sure there are more examples.

November 5, 2020 7:40 am

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