‘Calif. Dilemma: Fight Climate Change and Keep on the Lights’ (energy reality at E&E)

“If the public sees this year after year — shortages and blackouts and curtailment — I think there will be a lot of setback for the long-term green energy plan…

Can California Really Achieve 85% Carbon-Free Electricity By 2030?

So the message to Californians is, invest some hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer and ratepayer money over the next eight years in complete blind faith that our models…

Claim: California can Hit 85% Renewable Energy by 2030

According to “Energy Innovation” and Telos Energy, California can improve grid stability and hit green energy targets by shutting down most remaining fossil fuel capacity, and fully committing to a…

The People Promising Us “Net Zero” Have No Clue About the Energy Storage Problem

Yes, we are to be completely dependent on so-called “DEFR” technologies, which have not been invented yet and as to which “significant uncertainties” exist. Could this get any more ridiculous?

Newsom’s Energy Regulations Have Oil Tankers Emitting More Than Twice What All of California’s Vehicle Fleet Do

As a result of continuously decreasing in-state oil production, California has increased imported crude oil from foreign countries from 5 percent in 1992 to 58 percent today of total consumption.

Net Metering Rethink: Rooftop Solar in Trouble (a hidden subsidy in addition to ITC)

Solar as a grid source of electricity is uneconomic, from the rooftop to the large solar arrays. So various government interventions pushed by the solar lobby must come to the…

Which Country Or U.S. State Will Be The First To Hit The Renewable Energy Wall?

From the MANHATTAN CONTRARIAN December 17, 2021/ Francis Menton In the fantasy of wealthy woke environmentalists, the world has recognized that it is on the brink of an existential climate crisis…

Californian Criminal Justice Professor Charged with Serial Arson

Professor Maynard allegedly set a series of devastating fires, the Cascade and Everitt fires, on July 20 and 21, and the Ranch and Conard fires on August 7 in 2021.…

Justin Rowlatt’s Fake Californian Wildfires Report

All in all, this is an extremely shoddy piece of reporting by Justin Rowlatt, who evidently is the BBC’s go to guy for climate disinformation.

Is California Experiencing More “Weather Whiplash”?

But the jury, viewing the observations, have released a definitive ruling on whether precipitation whiplash is increasing during the past 120 years in California:  no evidence for it, case dismissed.

EV Battery Fires do not bode well for projected sales

Germany was the first country to go “green”, and now they, not California, are setting the trend of not allowing EV’s to park in confined spaces.

Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt

Video explaining the ecology of wildfires and why California is more prone to fires than the rest of the USA

More on Biden Climate-cars: Secretly Negotiated Between “Certain Automakers” and Their “Partners”?

Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial “The Electric Vehicle Welfare State: Car makers back the Biden climate agenda in return for subsidies and higher consumer prices” notes, among other things:

Trying To See If California’s Energy Plans Add Up

Does the California multi-agency Report provide any reason to believe that the California bureaucrats have a good idea as to how to get to a zero-emissions electrical grid? The answer…

GHGs, California, and the EPA: a golden braid of off-the-rails

The unavoidable conclusions are that the SAFE Vehicle Rule serves no ameliorative purpose because the EPA CO2 endangerment finding has no scientific merit.

The Triumphant March Toward 100% “Renewable” Electricity: Germany and California

So far, they have almost nothing in the way of grid scale energy storage. In the evening, they ramp up the natural gas plants, and import power from Arizona and…

California’s carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself

In a paper published today in the American Geophysical Union journal AGU Advances, the UCI Earth system scientists stressed that rising temperatures and uncertain precipitation will cause a decrease in California’s…

The lurking threat to solar power’s growth

Simply put: the more solar you add to the grid, the less valuable it becomes.

California is planning floating wind farms offshore to boost its power supply – here’s how they work

While floating offshore wind farms are becoming a commercial technology, there are still technical challenges that need to be solved. The platform motion may cause higher forces on the blades…

Susan Shelley: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ironic Climate Warning

The Orange County Register ran a great article written by columnist Susan Shelley addressing ironic comments made by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who created the state’s AB 32 Global…

Over 150 fire scientists urge the US West: Skip the fireworks this record-dry 4th of July

With this combination of extreme drought, heat and dry vegetation, all it takes is a spark to ignite a wildfire.

Western US Drought Implications

Neither California nor Las Vegas will go dark because of the current drought, which itself provably isn’t attributable to anthropogenic climate change.

California’s Costly “Cap and Trade” Forest Emission Offsets Program Just Climate Alarmism Incompetence

This very embarrassing and public dispute came about as a result of a study by a San Francisco nonprofit called CarbonPlan that concluded forest carbon emission credits are actually causing…

Governor Newsom Silently Supports Importing Aviation Fuels To Northern California.

The BAAQMD’s local actions that will not only cause significant issues for the viability of Bay Area refineries, but it will also impact our national security and impose higher energy…