Bureau Capitulates: But Overseas Model Unlikely to Solve All Temperature Measurement Issues

It has only taken ten years, that is how long a few of us have been detailing major problems with how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology measures daily temperatures.

Averaging Last Seconds Versus Bureau Peer-Review

…recording just the last second of the minute is not equivalent to the numerical average of even just the five last-one second readings.

Fake Analysis by Greg Ayers and Jane Warne – Because End Justifies Means

From Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog Jennifer Marohasy I estimate the Bureau have about 200,000 parallel temperature records. These are handwritten records of temperatures measured at the same place and the same…

Jokers, Killing Dissent – While calling it Debate

There was real opportunity for an overhaul of how the Bureau not only change recorded temperatures, but also forecasts the weather.

Jokers, and Temperature as Radio Chatter

The real test of this is seeing how the readings from a mercury thermometer compare with readings from these resistance probes at airports – around the world.

The Coronation & The Guardian, Temperatures, Misinformation (Part 2)

A 0.7C difference is enough to generate more record hot days for the same weather, supporting the narrative of the new King – that the planet risks overheating.

The Guardian, Temperatures, Misinformation (Part 1)

There has been no harassment on our part. All the Bureau needs to do is produce the data that John Abbot and I have reasonably requested over the years and…

Parallel Temperature Data, Except for Cape Otway Lighthouse

These findings are not consistent with claims made by the Bureau that there is no public interest in releasing the parallel data because the temperatures are the same whether measured…

Hyping Maximum Daily Temperatures (Part 4)

That data has never been provided and is the origin of the current saga to be resumed on Tuesday through private mediation.

Hyping Maximum Daily Temperatures (Part 3)

…the Bureau has been theoretically under reporting the temperatures from Cape Otway lighthouse by 0.5 °C since 15th April 1994.

The On-Going Case for Abandoning Homogenization of Australian Temperature Data

Australian’s are being misled by data-wranglers, climate-modelers and institutions they should be able to trust. Read on …   

A New Series of Posts on Bomwatch

Perkins-Kirkpatrick could encourage her girls to enjoy re-runs of Frozen while she objectively analysed datasets that underpin her irrational warming-fears using BomWatch protocols.

Uncertainty Of Measurement of Routine Temperatures–Part Three

Can one apply the Law of Large Numbers validly to data that are invented by people and that are not observations?

Uncertainty Estimates for Routine Temperature Data Sets Part Two.

In short, what is the proper magnitude of the uncertainty associated with such routine daily temperature measurements?

BOM Buries Record Daily Rainfall During Lismore Floods

Curiously this 24-hour rainfall total, what should be recognised as a new 24-hour rainfall record for Lismore of 467 mm, has not been entered into any of the official reports or into…

Uncertainty Estimates for Routine Temperature Data Sets

Modern climate research commonly fails adequate recognition of three guiding principles about uncertainty.

Part 5 of the series Australia’s Broken Temperature Record – All 224 Homogenised Temperature Series – Including the Bombing of Darwin

Reposted from Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog March 31, 2022 By jennifer  I can hardly be accused of cherry picking if I present all the temperature series – all four iterations of the homogenised ACORN-SAT temperature…

Australia Rainfall Not Unprecedented, Skill at Forecasting Dismal

This is Part 4, of the series ‘Australia’s Broken Temperature Record’.

Australia’s Broken Temperature Record, Part 3

In short, we have a 2021 Annual Climate Statement that does not include the new 2021 value in its calculations.

Day/Night temperature spread fails to confirm IPCC prediction

“Through examination of over 65 years of data at Giles it can be demonstrated that, in the absence of any other identifiable temperature forcing, the influence of the Enhanced Greenhouse…

Aussie Met Bureau – making up 13 years of missing temperature data

With the distances involved, and with the other problems with metadata at the ten ‘nearby’ sites, it may be implausible to rely on the 13 years of infilled data at…

Fussing Over One Degree of Simulation

Allowing some historical perspective shows that the IPCC is wrong to label the recent temperature changes ‘unprecedented’. They are not unusual in magnitude, direction or rate of change, which should…

The Mysterious Warmth at Mackay

Guest article by Dr Michael Chase Map above: Changes in maximum temperatures (Tmax) in Australia since 1910, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) SCOPE and PURPOSE At face…

Robots Recreating Past Temperatures – Are Best to Avoid Australian Data

Reposted from Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog May 17, 2019 By jennifer At an artificial intelligence (AI) conference in New York recently, Sean Gourley explained Wiener’s Law: automation will routinely tidy up…

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