Challenging Net Zero with Science: Lindzen-Happer-CO2 Coalition Paper Released

Net Zero Plans Are Dangerous and Unsupported by Science and the Scientific Method

Polar Wildlife Report reveals Arctic and Antarctic animals were thriving in 2022

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford The Polar Wildlife Report is a peer reviewed summary of the most recent information on polar animals, relative to historical records, based on a review of…

ChaptGPT admits there has been no warming since 2015

It wasn’t easy, but it was revealing.

Non-Global Warming

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Short post. Here are the satellite-determined temperature trends of the various area of the lower troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere. Figure 1. Temperature…

British Net Zero Insanity is the Cause of Winter Food Shortages

“… Britain … reduced how many crops they have planted over the winter, … energy required to light and heat greenhouses and the cost of the fertiliser …”

German Green Ministers Emitting the Most with Government Flights…Minister Baerbock 5000 Tonnes CO2!

Number 1 among all the ministers is Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Green Party) with 67 flights, 5000 tonnes of CO2 and costs of around 7.6 million euros.

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