Climate Science: Let the Data Speak

Dr. Berkhout’s presentation “Climate Science: Let the Data Speak” will be in three parts. The first part looks at key drivers of climate change – not just carbon dioxide –…

EV buyer’s beware – fires, scarce charging times, and parking restrictions

The many items for potential EV buyer’s to be aware of such as potential fires, reductions in available changing times, and parking restrictions, may not bode well for the optimistic…

Tokyo’s Coolest September In Over 30 Years…Hachijojima No Warming In 107 Years…Latest Forecast: Sharp La Niña!

Nothing that unusual is happening to our climate. Claims of increasingly extreme weather due to mankind’s activities are largely false. The data clearly show it.

Guardian Accuses Big Business of Undermining Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Climate Plan

Accountable.US has accused Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney of backing “shady groups” working to oppose President Biden’s $3.5 Trillion climate bill.

Here’s Why Climate Alarmists Are Ignoring All-Time Record Crop Production in India

So media stories of a warming climate endangering global food security are absurd. Real-world data reveal that the modern climate has been a boon to crops.

The New Pause that goes on giving

Why does these long Pauses matter? It is not just that they cause entertaining conniptions among the ungodly (just watch the pompous, pietistic whining by the lavishly-paid trolls who seek…