The Conversation: Biden Could Hit Australia with Import Duties, to Punish Aussies for Lax Climate Policies

Annual Value of Australian Coal Exports
Annual Value of Australian Coal Exports. Source Statista

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

More greens celebrating the punishment Biden will allegedly inflict on Australia; According to The Conversation, if Biden wins Australia will be punished for Australia’s climate complacency

Biden says the US will rejoin the Paris climate agreement in 77 days. Then Australia will really feel the heat

November 6, 2020 1.30pm AEDT

When the US formally left the Paris climate agreement, Joe Biden tweeted that “in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin it”.

While diplomacy via Twitter looks here to stay, global climate politics is about to be upended — and the impacts will be felt at home in Australia if Biden delivers on his plans.

What does this mean for Australia?

For the last four years, the Trump administration has been a boon for successive Australian governments as they have torn up climate policies and failed to implement new ones.

Should the US start hitting Australian goods with a carbon fee at the border, you can bet Australian business won’t be happy, and Morrison may begin to re-think his domestic climate calculus.

With Biden now in the White House, it’s not just global climate politics that will be turned on its head. Australia’s failure to implement a serious domestic climate and energy policy could have profound costs.

Costs, mind you, that are easily avoidable if Australia acts on climate change, and does so now.

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The Australian news media was solidly pro-Biden, just like the MSM in the USA. Many Australians would celebrate the demise of the Aussie coal industry. Australia’s chief scientist thinks Aussies should ditch coal, and go all in building infrastructure for a green hydrogen export market which does not exist.

If Australia’s coal industry was eliminated as part of a new hardline Aussie climate policy, or hammered into unprofitability by Biden imposed international carbon diplomacy, and if the export revenue from expensive green hydrogen for which there is currently no market somehow mysteriously failed to replace the lost export revenue from coal, Australia’s international purchasing power could plummet.

Coal earned Australia just under $70 billion in export revenue in 2019, around $2800 for each Australian. In 2019 Australia had a global trade surplus of around $50 billion. Australia’s international purchasing power surplus sits on a knife edge.

I don’t think most Australians appreciate what this means in terms of their own personal quality of life.

Australia has other valuable exports, so if coal was eliminated Australia’s international purchasing power would eventually stabilise – but at a significantly lower level than today.

All those imported toys like iPads and Tesla cars which Australia’s urban green elitists so love to own would suddenly get a whole lot more expensive. Along with the imported coffee they drink.

90 thoughts on “The Conversation: Biden Could Hit Australia with Import Duties, to Punish Aussies for Lax Climate Policies

  1. The extent of Democrat fraud and conspiracy in the coup at the US election would have impressed even such veterans as Stalin and Putin. The effect of a Biden Regime on Australia would be very severe.

      • Trevor,
        The fraud already documented by Dominion Voting Systems in Antrim county, Michigan will start an avalanche of reveals as this system is embedded across 47 Michigan counties, 30 additional states, and Maricopa county, AZ.
        An employee of DVS caused the suspension of voting in Georgia near midnight when he uploaded some software modification in Fulton county (Atlanta), after which the tabulations started swinging for Biden.

        The revealing of the massive vote fraud in 2020 will be one of the biggext political scandals in US history.

        • If people are not sent to Club Fed (do federal prison time) for this massive election fraud, it will mark the end of free elections in the U.S. and the beginning of one-party rule.

  2. What fraud? There is no evidence for fraud on a scale sufficient to alter the election result. And even if there
    were then Trump is revealed as even more inept than people thought. He had been complaining about fraud since early March and despite having 6 months and all the machinery of the US federal government has apparently failed to do anything about it except tweet. If the fraud was real then any half-way competent President could have stopped it.

    • You do know that in the USA the federal government does NOT control the voting process? Unlike Australia.

      “Antrim County has posted updated and revised numbers for the presidential and U.S. senate races after discovering major errors in the numbers the county initially sent to the Secretary of State’s Office.

      The revised numbers — arrived at after manually entering the results from printed tabulated tapes for all 16 precincts — show the northern Michigan county is still red, just not as dark a shade as it was in 2016.”

      They used Dominion Voting Systems. How widespread a problem no one knows.

    • The Federal government is big, but broken into many small parts, it’s also very inefficient, biased and slow. I would know I work in the federal government.
      The president can say he wants something, but someone lower ranking than him needs to do give the orders, then someone below them needs to give the orders. The problem many people are under contract, Un-elected and hold overs from previous administrations several times over. The so called Deep State.
      My point is the president can set precedents and order an action to happen. The lower rank and files will “execute” but not really, they just give warm and fuzzes’ aka pull wool over the eyes. I know I do it at times, because our work load is huge, we have no choice but to fake the funk at times or we never get to go home. Any way that’s just a part of the problem. Have good night.

    • 68,000 votes arrive at a counting station at 4am and 100% are for Biden. Statistically impossible. Another Leftist swamp creature.

      • Steve B, spot on. Wisconsin’s votes are a bit suspicious, particularly when in the last 60 years, 67% was the voting average turnout. But this year it was 89%!! That is a massive deviation from the historical averages. Now you would expect that in Russia or other totalitarian states, but this is very surprising. Understandably, Trump want to do some checking and the Supreme Court will have some work to do.

        • I heard last night that one voting district in Wisconsin found a computer glitch that gave Biden 6,000 votes that were meant for Trump. The district did a hand recount and gave the 6,000 votes back to Trump.

          The person who discovered this problem says that 47 other voting districts in Wisconsin use this same software to count votes, and she also said that about 30 States also use this same software, so there may be more Trump votes out there that have not been given to Trump.

          47 X 6,000 = 282,000 extra Trump votes in Wisconsin. Maybe. 🙂

          • Mr. Abbott
            As noted, Antrim is in Michigan.
            To put that 6,000 vote swing in perspective, there were only 18,000+ votes cast in this tiny county.
            For more … interesting … speculation, the ongoing developments involving Runbeck Election Services, out of Phoenix, may prove interesting.
            As a prime authorized vendor of ballots nationwide, it has been claimed tracking isotopes/markings have been embedded on their products.
            This will quickly espose any illegitimate/fraudulent ballots in the count.

    • “What fraud? There is no evidence for fraud on a scale sufficient to alter the election result.”

      Izaak, that’s the whole idea behind kicking Republican observers out of the vote counting area, so they can’t gather any incriminating information.

      What do you think about the Democrat election officials kicking out the Republicans when the law clearly says they have a right to be there and to watch the vote count? You don’t think that’s suspicious? Why would they not want their activities watched?

      If Joe Biden is declared the winner there are going to be about 70 million voters who will think he stole the election.

      Republicans picked up seats in the House, when the pundits claimed they would lose 20 seats, and Republicans, so far, have held on to control of the Senate, when the pundits claimed the Democrats would win it. So Republicans had a good showing at the voting polls, but we are supposed to think that all Republicans had a good night except for Donald Trump?

      I think we need a do-over. We should revote these states and count the votes the way the law says the votes should be counted. That would be the only way to establish legitimacy for this election. And it is ridiculous for these states to take weeks to count their ballots. Other states, which much larger populations, managed to count their votes on election night. The only reason for these delays, imo, is to give these Democrat election officials enough time to cheat Trump out of the presidency.

      Election night, Trump was winning and was continuing to gain votes and then all of a sudden all the Democrat states halted their counting for several hours, and then after that, all the states started counting again and lo and behold, Trump’s numbers started a steady decline. It’s almost like the Democrat election officials got together and decided they needed to create enough votes to put Biden over the top.

      As the situation stands now, Joe Biden will not be considered a legitimate elected president by 70 million conservatives. The Democrats decided to “resist” when Trump was elected. I wouldn’t be surprised to see conservatives develop the same attitude towards Biden.

      I notice Democrats and a Republican RHINO are doing commercials saying we must accept whoever is designated the president. I didn’t see these kinds of advertisements when Trump was elected. I guess they are worried that Joe won’t be accepted. He won’t. Certainly not by me. I don’t like the thought of a traitor and a criminal being my president.

      The Republicans need to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Biden’s. That can be their parting gift to Biden. He might have a difficult time trying to stop a special prosecutor, although I wouldn’t put anything past the criminal Democrats.

      • Have done vote counting for elections here in Australia.
        Had observers wander between tables.
        Opposing observers quite friendly and professional.
        Any hard to read vote, I call supervisor to determine validity.
        Observers quite welcome to give input.
        Issues solved within seconds.
        Most polling booths complete counts within 3-5 hrs of closing.

        I don’t know wtf happened in USA.

          • No, it’s called “orange man lost”. Deal with it and move on. Whining about it like a manchild as Trump is doing is pathetic.

          • Remember the roll of California. Nixon did not demand recounts etc in Illinois because flipping Illinois seemed to be insufficient to give him the victory. All other states had been called, including Calif for Kennedy. But the Calif vote was incomplete, and the counting of absentee, military, etc ballots continued for another week, and the final count favored Nixon. At that point Kennedy’s margin of victory was just Illinois, but Nixon decided to stand by his concession.

    • On the scale necessary to swing results: Biden is winning by razor thin margins of only 1000’s of votes in swing states. It doesn’t take too many “errors” to shift a loss to a win.

      • Trump was ahead by 600,000 votes in Pennsylvania on election night. The corrupt Democrats have turned that into Biden being ahead now by 28,000 votes. Trump supporters aren’t buying it.

        • Tom:

          I was watching the election results on the Internet Tuesday night. When Trump was ahead in PA, many of the votes in the counties that make up the Philadelphia metro area had not yet been counted (and probably Pittsburgh as well).

          The large urban areas in the East tend to be heavily blue (Democratic). The smaller and less populous counties that tend to be Republican finish counting and report in first, perhaps because they have a lot less votes to count. Biden caught up and pulled ahead slightly in PA after ALL the votes had been counted in the Philly and Pittsburgh areas (again, heavily Democratic).

          Same thing in Georgia. Trump was ahead for a while Tuesday night in GA BEFORE all the votes from the counties that make up the Atlanta metro area had been counted. The smaller and less populated Republican counties finished counting and reported first. A look at the blue/red map of GA shows that the Atlanta metro area counties are largely Democratic. As the Atlanta metro area counties had all their votes counted, Biden caught up and pulled ever-so-slightly ahead. Can’t say what all those mail-in votes do to the state’s totals.

          Here in Wisconsin, it is the Madison and Milwaukee areas that put Biden over the top as they are both heavily blue. Many of the smaller, less populated counties here are Republican including the Green Bay, Appleton and Oshkosh areas, but they are not always enough to overcome the heavy blue vote counts from Madison and Milwaukee. So Tom, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t count all of your chickens before they’re hatched.

          I dread thinking about what Biden is going to do in the next four years in the name of the climate alarmist narrative, but we will just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully the Republicans in the Senate will block the GND (or Biden’s version of it) and a nationwide carbon tax.

    • What fraud? There is no evidence for fraud on a scale sufficient to alter the election result.

      Are you brain-dead?

        • Yes , you are pathetic, Trevy.

          All Trump is doing is trying to make sure votes were properly counted in accordance with the law and constitution..

          As an ultra-leftist piece of low-life scum… you have no idea what that even means, do you !

          You THRIVE on dishonesty and fraud.

  3. Nah, he is illegitimate and incoherent.despite the crooks behind him, he will never be acknowledged as legitamate by rational people anywhere.

    • it is as false as the rest of the website. Take the claim that
      “ In fact, some of the most promising cancer treatments have been outlawed in the United States! That’s because there’s more money to be made treating patients than curing them. The cancer industry generates well over $100 billion each year.”

      and it is clear that the website is not only bogus but actually deadly. People who read it and follow their
      advice will die.

      • hmm yeas
        like the people on statins developing diabetes nd serious skin infections, known for too many yrs but not mentioned much.
        like the “useless Vit C” now being used IN cancer therapies BY the mainstreamers as golly they found it has beneficialprotective benefits in protecting against the horrific side effects of chemo?
        or the not approved(yes it is) for use in humans Ivermectin against Covid thats had 80 or so positive trials show its working?
        yeah mainstreams like the IPCC and the rest
        do your OWN research and dont trust blindly
        people taking the “best med” advice die daily FROM doing just that too.
        the hundreds of thousands of Iatrogenic deaths they admit to per yr?

      • Gallon- the STATES have complete control over how they run elections, per the Constitution.
        I think you can take it as a given that invalid ballots or votes have been made in every election.
        Take Tammany Hall for instance: “was a New York City political organization founded in 1786 and incorporated on May 12, 1789, as the Tammany Society.It was the main local political machine of the Democratic Party, and played a major role in controlling New York City and New York State politics and helping immigrants….”(Wikipedia)

        Politics has been dirty since its inception. The only saving grace is that the major factions through the years have more or less allowed the results to match the electorate most of the time.

        Now is when one side, the Dems, has gone overboard fictionalizing the results. We’ll never know what the actual result of the current voting. Doing it over will be difficult and unlikely to get a more honest result.

    • We’ve got a guy who doesn’t know where he is every morning and we’re going to put him in charge of the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal.

      • Yeah, but on the flip-side, he’s going to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure, so don’t be mocking him now.

        “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure,”

      • Yes, the danger was quite real for the last four years. Now finally someone sane is going to be in charge.

        • The “Thief Executive”?

          Bought and paid for by the ChiComs?

          Good luck with this, you will need it.

        • “Now finally someone sane is going to be in charge.”

          I thought you said Harris was going to win.

          Certainly NOT sane, by any sense of the word.

          And Biden, his worsening dementia will mean he gets pasturised real soon.

          Willing to bet that Trump was saner than anyone you ever talk to !

          You just don’t know what sane is.

        • Dearest Trevor the Troll

          In that four years, Mr Trump dumped a bunch of Tomahawks on the Syrians after they used chemical weapons on children.

          Then he brokered a peace agreement between Arabs and Jews.

          Some warmonger.

          Go back to waiting for Billygoat Gruff.

    • yeah unknown ohbummer sure was a surprise pack they didnt get right
      reckon ms harris will really wow the crowd as soon as bidets removed
      is mrs bidet likely to try the same stunt another presidents wife did and run by proxy i wonder?

    • Yeah, check out this potential scenario:

      Biden does something impeachable with China, because he and his crackhead son can’t stop themselves. Republicans in Congress start impeachment proceedings and the far left democrats (well actually ph0ny far left democrats) vote with them. It goes to the senate, which is 50:50 deadlocked and the deciding vote is ……. drumroll …..

      Yes ….. Kamala votes herself President of the United States of America.

      That people like Izaak and griff and loydo think that this kind of stuff is reality for normal people is way funnier than the Comedy Channel.

    • Remember how the courts struck down Trump executive actions with monotonous regularity? In doing so they have set precedent for the next dem president to be equally hobbled. If nothing else the dems showed the extent of the limits of executive power.

      Providing that is the republicans hold the senate and the supreme court is willing to follow the law.

  4. Why are the sea ice graphs not updated since early 2020? Very weird that it stops at Feb/Mar 2020

  5. I still remember when doing that to China was anti economic, a lose lose situation, against principles, etc.

    Where are the economists? Are they in the Conspiracy too, like the medical community (which now support studies that are practically wet operations)?

  6. The RIDICULOUS thing is that if Australia not sell our prime quality coal, it will mean that global CO2 emissions will INCREASE as lesser quality coal is sourced elsewhere.

    Does anyone really think China and India and other countries are going to stop using coal just because some demented idiot in the USA says so…

    If China owns a lot of Australian industry, and if they really want/need our coal, they will come and get it anyway…

    …. and there is absolutely nothing the demented weak bully Biden can do about it.

  7. If you look at you will see that Australia is a nett importer of Goods from the USA – to the order of around USD15 billion a year. (I presume the figures are actually for Goods and Services – if Services were excluded then the balance of trade would be even worse)

    The point is that if the USA were to impose import duties on Australia, it would lay itself open to punitive retribution. If Australia applied equal duties on Goods and Services produced in the USA, or produced by companies headquartered in the USA, then the USA would come out a lot worse.

    Think of penalties imposed on Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter etc and all the other American IT / electronic companies. They pay minimal tax already, so there is ample scope to make them feel real pain.

      • You may be about to find out,.. good luck with that !

        Even Biden has some very minor amount of common sense..

        When it comes to common-sense, Harris registers very much on a negative side.

        More than a bit like you, simple one.

  8. Australia is one of the few countries that will meet its Paris commitments.
    How are we slacking?
    We have the highest penetration of household solar of any country.
    In fact South Australia produced 100% solar power for one hour last week. LOL
    In fact Australis is a net CO2 sink, we produce less CO2 than we requisition.

    • Philip – do you have a link to the ‘Australia net sink’ info? I looked for it recently and couldn’t find it. Lots of useful information like that seems to be much harder to find than it used to be (and I use DuckDuckGo, although I do understand that they use the Goigle search engine).

    • Well Phillip, China is pissed at you, and Biden is a China puppet, and that is why you will be punished.

    • “The Conversation” is a “one-way conversation”.

      What does it say about them that they can’t stand up to criticism? It says to me that they don’t really have a good argument for their position, and they don’t like this being shown to the world by allowing others to criticize their position.

      If they were sure of themselves and their positions, then they wouldn’t have to censor anyone.

  9. Potential President Biden announced late yesterday that his two priorities would be “racial inequality and climate change”. OK, I don’t know who wrote that for him but it’s the new priority anyway. Although Biden is leading in a lot of vote data this almost certainly goes through judicial review, which possibly leads to some manual re-counts. The Senate remaining Republican looms large, and there will be at least two runoffs, in Georgia. Looking for a little relief? Not yet.

  10. reckon Auscan source quite a lot elsewhere of the stuff we get from usa , electricals n other stuff , via our asian neighbours NOT china is vietnam indonesia skorea etc
    stuffed if i can work out what we DO buy much of from you?
    junk foods…the odd car?

  11. I don’t believe that the president alone cannot enter into a treaty despite what Obama pretended to do. The balance of power in the senate is therefore critical.

    It follows that should the dems win the senate the US is very likely to enter into the Paris agreement. If the republicans have the balance of power then they can refuse to pass the relevant treaty. With the supreme court now likely to actually follow the constitution any pretend re-entry to the Paris agreement will be struck down.

    Perhaps somebody with a more thorough understanding of US constitution law can comment.

    • The Paris Accord is not considered a treaty, just a Presidential agreement. It has no substantive requirements, just aspirations.

    • If the Democrats manage to steal the U.S. Senate, it probably won’t help them with joining the Paris Climate Accord since it takes a two-thirds majority of Senators to consent to a treaty and the Democrats don’t have that majority.

      So anything Biden does with the Paris Climate Agreement will be just like what Obama did, an Executive Order.

      • It is not an executive order. It is called a multilateral presidential agreement. These are not uncommon. They carry a certain amount of international weight, but they are not treaties. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is a treaty, called the Rio Treaty, and the US is a party. The Paris Agreement is a proposed addition to the UNFCCC, so it could be a treaty if the Senate ratified it but that is not about to happen.

  12. First, the US still burns over half a billion tons of coal a year, so we are not in a position to criticize.

    Second, the President has relatively little power. Congress has the power and that includes the Republican Senate, making Biden or Harris relatively powerless. Biden cannot even appoint agency heads without Senate approval.

    See my Only Congress can keep Biden’s promises and the Senate will not.

    Big fights lie ahead. Gear up!

  13. If Biden gets in Office, Australia will have a lot more to worry about than Biden imposing a carbon dioxide tax on them.

    That “lot more to worry about” is named China. Biden will not oppose China. He will let them do want they want to do, and what they want to do is dominate all of Asia, including Australia, as a start. A Joe Biden presidency will give the Chicoms a Green Light to continue bullying the world.

    Xi will say to Joe: Remember Joe, we gave your son and you a lot of money. You wouldn’t want that to become public, would you, Joe? Be nice to us, Joe, and your dirty laundry will never be aired by us.

  14. Don’t hold you breath. If Biden is the Victor, he’s a lame duck from day one. He will not have a mandate and not have a friendly senate. The left made no real (constitutional) gains in power.

  15. Don’t worry about Biden or Australia’s Fossil fuel exports.
    China has lately been playing hardball with Australia’s exports – coal, iron ore, food produce.
    Too bad for China. There’s a whole lot of other markets lined up to take these products.

    e.g Australia’s Grass fed beef exports are sold out 5 years ahead. So are grain exports. So are coal and LNG exports.

    The last Australian federal election was “fought” on “green policies” Guess who lost.

  16. As far as I know, Biden has not yet threatened Australia with any sanctions.

    I doubt he would do that on his own. If the EU decided to penalize Australia, then Biden might get on board with that, but I don’t think he would initiate such a thing. That would be a pretty aggressive stance to take against our friend, Australia, even for a crazed Democrat.

  17. Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together — and you’d
    guys, did it for our, the president Obama’s administration, before this
    we have put together, I think, the most extensive and and inclusive
    voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. — Joe Biden 24 Oct 2020

  18. Well put that Australia would put on “countervailing tariffs” if the USA tried to punish Australia for exporting coal. But would the USA try to punish China for importing coal?

    One rumour is that Biden will summon reps from all governments that have signed up to the Paris Agreement and ask/order them to increases their existing promises. If so, Australia should stand up and say that the answer is NO, we are already doing a much as is necessary, and it is pointless anyone trying to do more when China and India are increasing their emissions. Lead the revolt!

    Actually if China decides to put more obstacles in the way of our exports to China it would be good for us to ban the import of solar panels. And the power pods for Windmills.

    I hope that Trump has the US 7th Fleet stationed in the Taiwan Strait on 20 January, just in case someone decides to invade Taiwan.

  19. Well Joe and the Dems reckon they have all the answers but I’ll make some predictions about that-

    First up Joe will not cure Covid or reduce the mortality rate this winter-
    Unlike Oz and NZ who are surrounded by sea and got lucky with that but you have to cut yourself off from the world to do it.

    Which leads to his second problem and caravans of people marching on his southern border again and testing his resolve. Who will he alienate with a response as he always needs to shore up the middle?

    Getting rid of fossil fuels can’t and won’t happen and at the end of his term London to a brick the US will be using more FFs than when he began. You can’t bring the Bernie Sanders and Trump voters together Joe no matter what good intentions you have and replacing police with social workers will start something you can’t finish. His only chance is Trump lite with the tame media looking the other way which they no doubt would.
    He’s a politician so he won’t stray too far from the middle and most of what he does will be symbolic and appeasing bureaucracy and organisations like the UN will make do with lots of symbolism and virtue signalling just like the domestic media will. He’s like Obama and into feelgood and rewarding flunkies and not real outcomes or change.

    • ‘First up Joe will not cure Covid or reduce the mortality rate this winter-‘

      Well, he can’t do anything substantial till January, can he?

      By which time the US will sadly have seen another 55,000 plus dead and the total will be approaching 300,000.

      Because the present administration is doing nothing to slow the spread/infection rates whatever.

      • Always with the pointless misdirection Griff

        Canada is very different from the USA
        Much more central control and a virtue signalling ninny par excellence for a PM, much more stringent lockdowns

        And “cases” exploding here as well

        So everything you say is proven wrong by our experience.

        You’re such a sad creature

      • You mean like issuing a mask fatwah? We are a nation of states, and states have rights. Even within states themselves, there are differences in the approach, depending on the severity of the disease.

      • “present administration is doing nothing to slow the spread/infection ‘

        Yep, those democrat states are totally mis-handling the CV-19 response, aren’t they griff.

  20. Oh, stop. No American administration is going to give Australia a hard time while China is being so aggressive.

    Australia and Japan are the US’s fixed geostrategic points in the Western Pacific. They will be a priority for any US administration as long as China is in an aggressive nationalist mode.

    • Hunter’s Chinese directorship is on the line. Forgive me, but Hunter Biden has no directorships in Australia.
      Nothing personal.
      I have been investing an increasing part of my meager savings out of Australia in this eventuality. It may be time for Australia to look at getting closer to China in view of the expected hostility from the new White House.

  21. ScoMo is already talking up Joe and his long standing relationship with Australia. It was pointed out in our daily press in Victoria, Australia that he is a fan of Aussie Football:

    That will get him a lot of credit in Australia.

    Trump is being portrayed as a spoilt brat by the popular press in Australia. It will be interesting to see if the law suits gain any traction and have any possibility of altering the outcome.

    • Australian press is almost universally far-left socialist/marxist

      Their comments are not worth more than parrot droppings.

  22. The saving grace for the election of Vice President Biden is that President Trump will be available to contest the 2024 and 2028 elections.

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