Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Serve on Joe Biden’s Climate Policy Team

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Joe Biden has take the risky step of inviting deep green firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to join his climate policy panel.

Democrat Ocasio-Cortez will serve on Biden’s climate change panel

Trevor Hunnicutt

(Reuters) – U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will serve on a panel helping Joe Biden develop climate policy, an aide to the congresswoman said, providing a prominent liberal voice who could help the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s efforts to win his party’s full support.

“She made the decision with members of the Climate Justice community – and she will be fully accountable to them and the larger advocacy community during this process,” the aide said. 

“She believes the movement will only be successful if we continue to apply pressure both inside and outside the system.”

A spokesman for Biden did not immediately respond to a request for comment outside of normal working hours.

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Joe Biden may be struggling to win the support of greens and disappointed Bernie comrades.

Despite Biden’s occasional wild threats to jail fossil fuel executives and anti-fracking speeches, A lot of climate activists seem to think Joe Biden’s climate position is not radical enough. Grist’s response to Joe Biden’s recent climate policy podcast was “The whole thing sounds like a voicemail two of your grandparents left you”

Bringing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez onboard might temporarily reassure climate radicals and Bernie comrades about Biden’s candidacy, but how will AOC handle compromising on climate policy?

One misstep and AOC will be accused of selling out. But if AOC doesn’t compromise at least a little, she risks blowing up the whole Democrat party unification process.

85 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Serve on Joe Biden’s Climate Policy Team

  1. Another “you can’t make this stuff up”. But then again, look how many people blindly follow what the MSM says about CC and take it for gospel (not to be confused with truth).

    • Yes, but who can’t wait to take the high speed train to Hawaii. It’s perfect for social distancing as it can be made as long as needed to have a minimum six foot distance between passengers. A train could carry 5000 passengers and would only have to be a few miles long, something that a jet aircraft could never do.

      • I’m waiting to take a high speed train to the grocery store. My-door-to-fresh-produce in 47 seconds. And the stewards to help me with all my packages, just like in the 18th century, crossing the Atlantic in a sailing ship, only faster, and without the scurvy and typhus. And it only cost me an additional $37,000 a year in income tax.

    • Quote: “She believes the movement will only be successful if we continue to apply pressure both inside and outside the system.”

      How about 1 coherent convincing argument. No emotion, no belief, no shrieks. 1 proper argument, that’s all we need.

  2. Stop! Please stop! This and viral disease specialist Greta Thunberg on a CNN town hall are too much to take in one day. I can’t catch my breath from all the laughing.

    • If you’re having trouble breathing maybe you should get tested, I wonder if the number of tests spikes over the next day or two….

  3. From serving tacos to having become an environmental expert in Biden’s potential government. What other left-wing fanatic does he have lined up in forming his government? Scary stuff.

    • Well, Art, Anderson Cooper of CNN, just announced that his son was born on April 29 (he’s gay, how does that work?), so he now qualifies as a candidate for Cabinet position of family issues for Sleepy Joe. It should be fun watching the Democrat Traveling Circus, this election cycle, as it comes to a town near you. I have a high degree of confidence that Sleepy Joe will give us another thrill when he announces his VP selection. Stay sane (too late for Sleepy Joe) and safe.

      • A radical black female would be the most obvious choice in this politically correct environment. Qualifications for the job are apparently a thing of the past.

      • In the club scene in the film O Lucky Man, one of the offerings is titled “Chocolate Sandwich.” Another offering is titled “Isle of Capri.” I presume that’s the next equal rights campaign and always polically correct AOC will be championing that too. Can’t wait to see.

  4. Sloppy Joe will soon announce that he will step down from the Democratic Presidential Campaign so I guess he and Alex will be able to mount a Green Campaign – perhaps Sloppy Joe should invite Michael Moore to showcase Planet of the Humans in all of the Schools across the Land.

  5. Can Joe say her full name without support from his staff?

    Does he know what AGW or IPCC stand for, again without support staff? That’s not even getting to ENSO or AMO.

      • Sure Joe does, …… its that new electricity from “green” power plants.

        We have AC and DC, ….. and pretty soon a combination of both, ….. AOC.

        • Her first official act will be to convince Joe to outlaw garbage disposals, since they confuse her so.

  6. Ocasio-cortez should not be trusted with power over a caged parrot. Biden can’t complete two full sentences.

    I can imagine how bad things will get with either of these two in the White House – both of them campaigning on lies, fear, hatred, scapegoating, and removal of liberty and quality of life for the sake collective.

    Is America really about to do this to itself?

    • dunno….but the fact that the democrats keep promoting her…..directly and indirectly…makes me very uncomfortable

      • I don’t know how this moving-to-the-left thing is really working out for the Dems. Appears that two house seats have been flipped to red in CA … even with the whole voting by mail scam, and with a county supervisor opening a walk-in polling place in the most Democratic neighborhood of the district.

    • I can imagine how bad things will get with either of these two in the White House –

      Is America really about to do this to itself?

      It won’t surprise me in the least if it does. It happened in Venezuela, …… didn’t it?

      A socioeconomic and political crisis that began in Venezuela during the presidency of Hugo Chávez (1999-2013) has continued into the presidency of Nicolás Maduro. It is marked by hyperinflation, escalating starvation, disease, crime and mortality rates, …….

      The Democrats are doing their damnest to ensure that it happens because they want total control of the federal government, …. all the Courts from SCOTUS to local Justices ….. and all Governors and State Legislatures.

      If the Dems give away a few more trillion dollars ……. people will vote for “more of the same”.

      When that happens, Americans will be fleeing the USA for a better life in Venezuela, Palestine and/or Iran. . 😊 😊

      • Total control is about it. These people despise freedom and want nothing more than to tell everyone *else* what to do. Their policies will ruin America, that’s for sure.

        • Most socialists are motivated by hatred. They hate the fact that people they consider to be socially inferior to themselves are permitted to have more than they, the socialists, do.
          They want government to take stuff from those they consider inferior, and give it to them.

      • just don’t flee to Canada, we’re on our way to be Venezuela 2 under trudeau and his “free money for all ” campaign.

    • JS: “Is America really about to do this to itself?” I doubt it. How do you think Trump got elected? It certainly wasn’t on his political experience. He got elected because the people knew, and know now even more, when they are being scammed. The MSM can’t hide what the Democratic Party has become forever.

    • The real question would be: who’s really running the country, behind the scenes?

    • Here in Australia most people are incredulous that sleepy Joe could even remotely be considered as a suitable presidential candidate. There must be some collective death wish among Democrat leaders to keep him in the running.

  7. As we sit in one of the coldest springs in recent history (at least in my part of the country : the Greenie Mountains of Vermont), plus a financial crisis, potential food crisis, and dictator governors issuing fiats, I believe there will be little stomach, even here, for green new deals and the like.

    By the way, at zip code
    400 feet +/- elevation
    surrounded by fields and meadows
    3 miles from the center of a small rural village

    temperature at 5:10am (just as the sun (below the horizon) was beginning to color the sky, was a mere 22F.

    Unfortunately, there are no records for this particular spot. Local weather forecasters were calling for record breaking cold throughout the state and west to the Adirondacks of New York.

    Frozen solid was a: 1 inch deep and roughly 1 foot in diameter puddle (puddle had formed during a recent rain on a sheet of plastic I have been using to kill grass for a new garden plot). This was a sustainable freeze. Fortunately, I was able to save the tender plants by watering them heavily as the sun was rising.

    Does anyone, other than major article contributors to WUWT have a positive recommendation on the weather equipment WUWT sells? Does WUWT still sell the mini weather station?


    AK in VT

    • Hey, you’re in Bill McKibben’s neighborhood. Invite him over sometime, if you haven’t already.

      • Yes, Bill McKibben who commutes about 70 miles when he is “working” at Middlebury College, Vermont. He comes from his home in the Adirondacks north of Lake George. The trip is quite something by road. Total hypocrite who has made millions on his books and lectures.

        I know a friend of his: a friend who is a “climate” scientist, too. This friend has spoken about how he and Bil McKibben are intent upon destroying the oil industry. Some of the conversations seem to point to this being the real reason for Bill McKibben’s push for “stopping” AGW. Bill McKibben is great friends with:

        David Blittersdorf : a multi-millionaire who has made millions more setting up wind turbine generators on our beautiful mountains. He takes government (taxpayers’) money to build these things and then turns around with money he has earned spending it lobbying heavily (arm-twisting) for a CARBON TAX. He was one of the key orchestrators for the introduction (fortunately killed by New Hampshire’s governor, Sununu, who refused to put his state under it) of a regional northeastern tax on oil to be distributed throughout the northeast for mass transit infrastructure in order to reduce GHG emissions. Our governor, Phil Scott, also threatened to veto the bill if it passed our House and Senate as Vermont, being very rural, would not have benefitted at all from “mass-transit” infrastructure money and thus would not have received any of it, anyway.

        Bunch of crooks.

        AK in VT
        p.s. calling for another freezea tonight, not a frost.

  8. AOC – Good pick! The climate change panel needs another good hand waver. Could also pick Greta T., Bernie S., and Elizabeth W. who are also good hand wavers. (socialist leaders are always good hand wavers)

  9. Going from the coronavirus pandemic to the climate change pandemic with a lot of the same destruction. It seems that Democrats love to destroy stuff.

  10. there was book on the people in Kennedy’s administration, on how they were the smartest people imaginable. Good to know Joe is picking top talent

  11. …and the great PR machine rolls on, in the sure and certain knowledge, that somewhere, there s someone stupid enough to believe in it…

  12. Alrighty then- nutbar meet whackjob.

    And if America votes for this mix all is lost…It will literally take a war to win freedom back.

    • And if America votes for this mix all is lost…It will literally take a war to win freedom back.

      Sure nuff, …… and we will have to win the war on our own ……. because there is no foreign country that will come to our aid.

      • We’re fighting the same battles in our own country Samuel, on top of that we’ve got China Posturing now and a trade war looming. Stupid Australian politicians and greedy billionaires have put us deep in it in the past few decades, I don’t know how long it will be before our Prime Minister caves in. China owns huge swathes of our land, renewables industries (wind and solar plants), more water (rights) than the volume of Sydney Harbour, major ports, a military capable airport, a large portion of our dairy industry, the list goes on.

        You think America’s got problems! Though, were Biden to be voted as your President the whole world would suffer and of course it would be the VP running the country, now that is frightening.

        Realistically it’s a global problem. The leftist push, socialism. That there are so many people who think it’s a good idea is truly scary. MSM and irresponsible journalists have alot to answer for. But then the education system has primed them on the socialism.

  13. AOC should be encouraged (made) to live off-grid in a truly Green world to find out just how heavenly it would be. As with many hypocrites I feel she would soon want to get back to the real world.

  14. Where is Al Gore, the Democrat that invented the internet, the chad, and the solar mega mansion?

    • Well that’s the beauty of (they hope) electing an empty suit. Big Al can be one of the people behind the curtain pulling the strings.

  15. “She believes the movement will only be successful if we continue to apply pressure both inside and outside the system.”
    I hear Ex Lax is good for inside the system, not so much outside.

  16. The Greens hope to force [political] climate change through redistributiive secular incentives.

  17. Barackward Obama picked Joe Biden because he made Barry look smart by contrast. The same mechanism is at work here, with Joe Biden’s pick of AOC.

    CNN poll of ‘battle ground states’ shows millennials increasingly shifting from Biden support towards Trump support.

  18. Holy Corn Pop, Batman. How dense can you be? Biden is only in the position of front-runner because the Fashionable Intelligence of the Democratic Party did NOT care to put the 2020 election race in the hands of an unrepentant Socialist. Now Biden wants to drag that camel by the nose back into the tent.

  19. AOC was in awe when she first saw a garborator in her sink, what will she do when she sees a solar panel or a windmill?

  20. I’m surprised that AOC isn’t Joe Dementia’s agriculture advisor, too. After all, she wants to exterminate all the livestock, eliminate “factory farms”, and ban diesel tractors. And outlaw the growing of cauliflower because it’s “colonial”.

    “What’s For Lunch?” should be his new campaign slogan.

    If you dropped AOC from a helicopter into a bean field, she wouldn’t know “factory farm” from a dog run. This is a gal who can’t grow a chia pet. So naturally she’s the perfect choice for Secty Ag in Joe “Where am I” Groper’s new administration.

    With apologies to the Rolling Stones:

    Waiting for a girl and her knees are much too fat
    Waiting for a girl who wears scarves instead of hats
    She’s got muscular arms
    You’ll find her on a factory farm

    Waiting for a girl who’s got curlers in her hair
    Waiting for a girl she has no money anywhere
    She plows behind a team of mules
    Waiting for my factory farm girl

    • AOC is not old enough to run for president or vice president. You have to be 35 years old.

  21. From the article: “But if AOC doesn’t compromise at least a little, she risks blowing up the whole Democrat party unification process.”

    AOC doesn’t look like the compromising type to me. She looks more like a zealot. How can she compromise when the world is about to be destroyed by CO2?

    • No matter what she says/does, she’ll come out two weeks later saying it was a joke, and that anyone who believed her (like all of her sycophantic followers) has the intelligence of a sea sponge.

  22. The generally dismaying thing about Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is that she openly admitted that she doesn’t really care about strict accuracy. I think her point was that moral correctness trumps factual correctness. As in, so what if what she says isn’t true as long as what she says is motivated by a sense of justice and concern for the future. That viewpoint is scary, not only in itself, but because so many people hold it.

  23. The real message here is that you too can punch above your weight if you buy into this BS.

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