Joe Biden Climate Threat: Jail Fossil Fuel Executives (like Hunter Biden?)

Democrat Presidential wannabe Joe Biden.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart; Joe Biden has tried to catch up with the Democrat cool kids, by demanding fossil fuel executives should be held accountable for the climate harm they have done.

Joe Biden: ‘We’re All Dead’ if We Don’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed during a Sunday campaign event that “we’re all dead” if fossil fuels continue to be used as one of the world’s primary energy sources.

Earlier in the event, Biden vowed as president to hold energy giants liable for global warming and made a pledge to even jail executives.

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Video of Biden’s statement;

I’ve got to say for once Joe Biden has shown some real balls.

The threat to jail fossil fuel executives presumably includes current or former executives like his son Hunter Biden (Burisma) and Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi (Viscoil), and who knows how many other children of prominent Democrats who hold or have held lucrative fossil fuel directorships in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

It takes a courageous politician to threaten jail time for his own kin, and the children of some of his most important political allies.

134 thoughts on “Joe Biden Climate Threat: Jail Fossil Fuel Executives (like Hunter Biden?)

  1. If things are that bad that jail is required then lets stop using fossil fuels in all countries right now. If it’s a real emergency then every second counts? Any idea what will happen next Mr Biden? What comes to mind were the two self induced famines during the Russian and Chinese Revolutions and of course Pol Pot when all the educated (in the old fashioned sense) were imprisoned and/or murdered. At some point we will come out of this self inflicted hysteria and then it will be interesting to see who will apologise.

    • Nah, the only way Democrats can avoid total collapse once their corruption is exposed is to scapegoat every fictitious scoundrel they can think of! It’s a classic example of projection!

    • “It takes a courageous stupid politician to threaten jail time for his own kin, and the children of some of his most important political allies.”

      Fixed it for you Eric.

      • No Jeff, it’s not for them, it’s only for theones they dictate, err, sorry, Democratically decide through a Truth & Justice Tribunal, set up forthe sole purpose of deciding who shall live & & who should die/be tried for crimes against Humanity! Last time I checked, it was Socialists who butchered & slaughtered millions of Human Beings, you know, the Communists, the Socialists, the Nazis (National Socialist Workers Party of Germany). Aren’t they just great caring thoughtful Human Beings?

    • Tom Steyer?

      Ohhhh … I see. All the leftist profiteers from fossil fuels … were just trying to STOP the use of fossil fuels. Hunter was on the Board of Burisma … telling the Company to “leave the gas in the ground” … and dismantle all their pipelines. Right?

          • No, it was based in mining and oil/gas. That was the springboard he used to become an enviro-crusader, his intimate knowledge of oil, coal and gas. The fact he lies endlessly without end concerning these issues makes him the perfect Democrat candidate. If he does run it will not be as a Republican, he merrily burned those bridges long ago.

        • “No, Steyer made his billion$ “managing a hedge fund”. Just go check at Wikipedia.”

          Go to a major source of falsehoods and misinformation?
          Steyer made his billions through his hedge fund trading coal, oil, manufacturing and shipping funds and shares.

          Of course,wikipedia will have all the latest information about Steyer’s failed attempts to purchase legislators, elections and force through legislation contrary to the USA Constitution, Bill of Rights and the rest of the amendments.

  2. Quid Pro Joe, the gift that keeps on giving…

    Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Monday that displaced coal miners should learn to code.

    “Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well,” Biden said at a New Hampshire event Monday. He added later: “Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God’s sake!”

    I think Non Sequitur Joe figured out how to out-stupid Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” insult.

    • I wonder how Millennials would react to the converse of that logic:

      Anybody who can code can sure as hell go 3,000 feet in a mine and throw coal into a furnace, for God’s sake!

      And here they thought their jobs were safe from illegal aliens — now they have to compete against displaced coal miners!

      • Pops,

        Joe does not need to learn how to code, with all those coding miners around.
        Last I read world coal consumption increased in 2018 and 2019.

        Also Obama advised Biden not to run for President, likely because he is somewhat hazy in the attic, which is full of cobwebs of the past.

        Biden was stupid to allow his son Hunter to take a lucrative, no-show board job, with a corrupt natural gas company in Ukraine in 2014, at about $50,000 per month for 5 years.

        No wonder Ukraine needs US foreign aid to make the pay offs to the likes of Hunter.

        • I thought Greta stopped going to school about 4 years ago … which leaves her with a 12yo’s education at best. OTOH … most 12yo’s in my neighborhood are very good coders.

          • Just because she tries to dress and look like a 12 yo doesn’t mean that’s her education level. I’ll leave it to others to decide if you are over- or under- estimating her education level.

        • Well the evidence is overwhelming …..

          …….. they can’t use a calculator.

          Zero emissions by 2050 will send sea levels in the downward direction. No really, even if you use Susan Solomon’s 1,000 year half-life for CO2 in the atmosphere. The math works if you are incapable of doing it. No seriously.

          • Calculator?????
            I grew up with a book of log tables then the most wonderful tech innovation a Slide Rule.
            Could not use either of them now

          • I can use both, because I had an education in my youth. Not something young people get these days – just indoctrination in the Church Of Global Warming.

      • I went down once but had nothing to do with the elevator.
        On the other hand, as Friden mechanical calculators were replaced
        by IBM’s 1620, I had to learn FORTRAN. We didn’t call it coding.

    • Absolutely clueless about ‘programming’.

      Employment of computer programmers is projected to decline 7 percent from 2018 to 2028. Computer programming can be done from anywhere in the world, so companies sometimes hire programmers in countries where wages are lower. link

      The jobs that are in demand are those that have knowledge and skills that go well beyond writing code. The best predictor of success for that kind of training is math ability. Different jurisdictions have different versions of the highest high school math courses you can get. If you haven’t passed those courses, you’re not likely to succeed in the software industry.

      Liberals think anyone can be trained to do anything. No. IQ matters. link

      • IQ matters Part 2:

        The interesting part of this is not where coal miners fall on the IQ spectrum.
        It is where Joe Malarkey falls on the spectrum based on his statements about training for economic skills. Based on his statements his cognitive capacity is not sufficient for him to be dog catcher. He would be at a disadvantage to the mean IQ of his quarry.

        And how much economic value Hunter Biden provides for a business based on his productivity?

      • As I said to one of our programmers (from an embedded background)
        “No. This is NOT for embedded stuff, it’s for a PC. Start again, this time assume:
        1) user is completely clueless and will unwittingly try to do things you never thought anyone would be dumb enough to try;
        2) user is an evil genius and will deliberately try to break your code and/or make it do things it was never designed to do.
        Therefore, your assumption should be that anything the user inputs or attempts to do is wrong until you can prove it correct – the normal embedded style of ‘quick sanity check, otherwise assume we know what we are doing’ is way too dangerous for a desktop environment!”

        • I’ve never thought of it that way. I used to teach safety critical real time embedded systems. It’s amazing the things you learn in software engineering that you can’t do in that world.

    • This is my opportunity to learn some some American English.
      ‘Learn to code’ – what is meant by this, exactly?

    • Actually he was just quoting Neil Kinnock, but he forgot to attribute the quote, or, uh, something.

      Look, Trump’s colludin again!! Squirrel!

    • David, Joe Biden might have you in mind for “fossil fuel executives”, maybe you should park the Exxon Ferrari in the garage and put the Rubicon back out front?

    • How about training them for a position with similar job skills?
      They operate machinery currently so it would make more sense to train them to operate machinery in construction, shipping, lumber processing, or mining other materials.
      Or better yet, allow them to continue to provide a valuable product that people are willing to pay for in order to provide electricity to a public that demands it!!
      Are we dumb enough to vote for someone that is this clueless about basic economic skill sets?
      He might as well say they can be trained to be doctors, lawyers, or fashion models. It is just not practical.

      • How many decades will it take to construct a building or a road using heavy equipment powered vis electric extension cords, or worse, batteries that need recharging every couple of hours?

  3. Are we going to jail Steyer? Gore? Soros? Buffet? T Boone Pickens? The number of millionaires and billionaires that made it big by investing in oil is huge. There goes Liz Warren’s tax base….

    • I’m in favour if jailing anyone convicted of a criminal offence. If the burden of proof is “beyond reasonable doubt”, which I believe it still is on both sides of the Atlantic, then good luck, Joe!

  4. IMO Biden is trying his best to lose . Someone has him running scared witless …
    or is that his normal state ?

      • Right you are, Scissor.

        Not everybody can put both feet in their mouth. Gropin’ Joe has a talent that few can match.

    • He has always been a half-wit prone to gaffes and absurd comments.

      It seems his handlers are powerless at stopping it, as the campaign is still reeling from “will not respond to a Senate subpoena” gaffe.

      It’s sad to think, that the best we can do is a couple of loose canons firing broadsides with the smallest of provocations.

    • It has occurred to me that losing might be the best option for any of those clown car travelers, and they know it. I can’t even imagine someone like, for example, Mayor Pete dealing with Iran or N. Korea or the US economy. Whining about the incumbent and his policies, crying about “human-caused” bad weather and being losers in general most definitely appears to be in their sweet spot, and I think they know that too.

    • I’d agree with an opinion that he only got into the race because he heard that Rudy was sniffing around in the Ukraine, and being a ‘Contender’ would offer a degree of protection ?

      Its hard to think given his performance so far that he ever entertained hopes of being more than merely one of the field ?

      Given that he seems to be still the front runner, albeit very early in the event, and looking at his challengers, it may be worth a wager that the eventual candidate will be a last minute blow in that has not taken part in the Clown Contest.

      So, do the primaries have any binding effect on the DNC ? Would it be possible for them to inject a candidate at their convention who has not taken part in any of the primaries ?

  5. Sheri in case you missed it Boone went to the Big Windmill in the sky this year on September 11. I don’t read the obits either but it was announced on two financial channels. He was a great American that I admired. A cancer victim.

  6. It really says something about the modern Democrat party that to seek the nomination candidates feel they have to criminalize an industry which is absolutely vital to maintaining industrial civilization (as well as feeding half the planet). Actually it says even more about the mass delusion of the modern climate movement.

  7. This is what passes for “moderation” among democrats.

    We need to lock them up before we can see what crimes they committed.

  8. Lord, please let creepy Joe Bribem be the democrat nominee! Crazy Bernie would probably have an MI if he got the nomination and had to continue to campaign. The fake Injun is not nearly as entertaining to listen to as the first two. The failed Mayor of South Bend, while a hoot to listen to and mock, is downright painful to listen to.

  9. Can you imagine being the staffer who had to explain to this senile asshat (and he was stupid before he became senile) that he should not claim he’d ignore a congressional subpoena?

    It’s deplorable that the MSM reports his backtracking as “clarification”.

  10. “>>> by demanding fossil fuel executives should be held accountable for the climate harm they have done. <<<"

    What "climate harm?" There isn't any. World crops are through the roof. Severe weather events are no more frequent or intense than in the past. The sea level rise rate remains unchanged for well over a century. Plagues and starvation have been largely eliminated. People travel and communicate as never before. Our lives are better than ever before. Where is "harm" in any of that? All I can see are clear benefits to humanity and the natural world at practically no cost.

    It's time that executives of energy companies should go on the offensive and state the obvious. We owe them! Not the other way round.

    • The only harm is coming from attempts to mitigate the alarm caused by science that’s so broken, it’s an insult to legitimate science. Those responsible for the PURPOSEFULLY broken science should definitely be prosecuted.

    • “It’s time that executives of energy companies should go on the offensive and state the obvious. We owe them! Not the other way round.”

      Good call!

  11. The Deep State lives. Did they think no one would ever figure out that they are making America a serfdom? I hope there are enough people with enough knowledge and resources to turn this mess around. God save Donald Trump! And may there be many more just like him.

  12. “….”we’re all dead” if fossil fuels continue to be used as one of the world’s primary energy sources”

    So if we stop using them we will live forever?

  13. From the article: “The threat to jail fossil fuel executives presumably includes current or former executives like his son Hunter Biden (Burisma) and Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi (Viscoil)”

    Isn’t this delicious! I hear Viscoil was also under investigation in Ukraine.

    So, here we have Nancy Pelosi attacking Trump over Ukraine and seeking to expose the corruption of Hunter Biden and his father, and all the time, Nancy Pelosi’s son is mixed up in the same kind of deals in Ukraine. Can you say “conflict of interest”?

    Besides calling Joe and Hunter Biden as witnesses, the U.S. Senate should also be calling Nancy and Paul Pelosi as witnesses in their efforts to clarify the corruption going on in Ukraine by Americans Democrats.

  14. Remember Obama’s phony outrage that Trump would suggest ‘jailing political opponents?’

    They’re going full-fascist – right on schedule.

  15. The fossil fuel execs should just say; OK we’ll stop selling all fossil fuels. The entire country will shut down in a matter of days. After a very short time of shivering in the dark and without transportation the environuts will be screaming for a return to fossil fuels and for Biden’s head on a platter.

  16. I suggest that those Fossil Fuel Executives advise Mr Biden that his state will have all FF related services stopped just as he wants and tell the people of his state the reason they won’t be getting any of anything that relies on FFs.
    I wonder how long he would last before the public tear him limb from limb?

  17. Far better to re-enact the Grassy Knoll if Biden is ever in Dallas……….

    Biden is the one who needs to go to jail.

    • Ah, no. Killing people is not the answer. I hope this was just ill-considered hyperbole on your part.

      (I saw it as sarcasm, there never was proof of any grassy knoll shooters) SUNMOD

      • “I saw it as sarcasm, there never was proof of any grassy knoll shooters”

        Regardless, the intent was clear.

        • The intent was clearly sarcasm. Don’t mess with peoples ability to use words. When people can no longer use words freely, frustration builds to future action. I prefer words.

          • Just to be clear: I wasn’t calling for the comment to be deleted. I am a big believer in the freedom of speech, but by the same token I have the right to voice my disagreement with what was said. Implying people should be killed, even sarcastically is pretty dark and can’t come from a good place. Although I do agree that Biden should be investigated and prosecuted as appropriate.

          • John, this website has standards. If jagger wants to use those sorts of words, he can go to a site that promotes that sort of thing.

            No, it wasn’t clearly sarcasm.

  18. Huh, he was Obama’s chum for 8 years, and did absolutely nothing for the environment or the climate scam, and now he is bored, he remembered that the planet needs “saving” 😐

    This is as boring as reading interviews in which every person and their dog is vegan and trying to be conscious about plastic and the planet 😐

    • He was a Senator for 36 years, and Vice President for 8, but blames Trump for all the problems in the US.

      What is interesting is that Obama has not said anything supportive of Biden.

    • Someone should ask him, “Now that we know the danger of using fossil fiels, shouldn’t they be banned immediately? And, who would take a job in management of oil companies if they were at risk of prosecution?”

  19. Government’s average tax on a gallon of gas is about 18% by far the biggest profiteers in the fossil fuel industry. Are we just going after the oil and coal executives, what about the landowners who are getting paid for their mineral rights ( Government being the largest) , the neighborhood gas station owners who makes a profit off our addiction , what about the auto manufactures who hooked us on gas in the first place, The Democrats thinking will deliver us into a circular firing squad if they get their way. If I have to vote Republican to drive to work and eat meat in a heat home, that is what I will do.
    It would seem that government has more to answer for when it comes to responsibility than any one CEO.
    Every thing will be okay once they have demonized those who make modern life work so well. They will find the right level of taxation to absolve us of our sinfully addition to demon CO2. And just like that they will declare victory and the seas will begin to recede.

    • But Neil, I thought Obama already did that
      “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal” – Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama

      • Can’t we leave Obama out of this? I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.

  20. These people are strangely disturbed so that reason and judgement,desert them and monstrous accusations are made against those that have built their wonderful world.

    • Well, I don’t put much stock in what snopes has to say on anything with a political angle.

      That said, only one poster mentioned the “Ukraine connection”, whereas the article and all the other posters merely pointed to Pelosi’s son’s being part of a fossil fuel company (Viscoil, which the snopes “factcheck” doesn’t deny) thus making him eligible for “jailing” per Biden’s remarks.

      • I don’t put much stock in Snopes either. I had three email addresses blocked by them because I was pointing out logical errors in what they were saying in the following:

        The reason I linked the article is because they confirmed that Nancy Pelosi was apparently also using her influence to benefit her son. And because their article showed that the “magic” crystals cheap energy project her son was working on was so laughably ridiculous.

  21. We are all dead even if we stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow. Probably a bit sooner with a lot more pain and chaos if we stop. There is no way to avoid the inevitable. So it is critical to use the time available in the best way possible – create and construct rather than destroy, care rather than ignore, learn rather than forget, give rather than take.

  22. I suppose sleepy Joe is walking from campaign stop to campaign stop He’s a senile old fool, but surely not a hypocrite. “Say it ain’t so Joe”

  23. Dear MOD, please delete my last post ! It is an insult to compare Homer to ” Creepy Joe “. Even Homer is not THAT stupid …… : )

  24. The dumbest part about this is that “FF executives” only SELL the FF, us proud little Deplorables actually use it !

  25. We are missing the important Democrat Assumption,the law only applies to non Democrats.
    This is obvious coming from Joe who presided over the weaponizing of multiple government agencies against citizens who disagreed with the “narrative”.
    Projection is the key.
    Whatever we are being accused of,by our progressive comrades, is usually the projectors fondest dreams.
    Power mad incompetence comes to mind, but that is only if one is looking for statemanship and the good of the country.
    If you look for shallow self interest and looting the public purse, then most of our current political “Leadership” show great skills.

  26. Has there actually been any deaths that leftists can attribute directly to ‘Climate Change’?

    It was the greens and leftist who shut down fire trails in our National Parks. It was the greens and leftist who reduced backburning and fire reduction schemes for ‘environmental reasons’.

    The fires that we are experiencing here in Australia now are largely due the the decisions that greens and leftist made in regards to fire reduction.

    We have lost lives to these fires. Families are starting the new year mourning the loss of loved ones. Families are starting the new year homeless, their homes being destroyed in the fires.

    Who is going to jail for this?

    • “Has there actually been any deaths that leftists can attribute directly to ‘Climate Change’?”

      Depends on your definition. To the Left, it means weather, so yes.

  27. The left wing has created their very own electronic bubble of fake news which creates and amplifies their fake facts and childish dead on arrival, care bear plans.

    The age of stupidity is the unintentional consequence of the left wing’s taking over the electronic media, the dumbing down of the news, and fake science/engineering.

    Democrats do not understand that job training will not repair an economy (does not create jobs) that has been destroyed by a new green deal.

    The left wing has become emotion children who believe their own propaganda and are clueless about what happens when/if a country shuts down their economy.

    It gets better or worse depending on your prospective and which party wins the next election.

    Joe outlines the Democrats green plan which is to destroy our economy, sacrificing hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs and white-collar jobs while wasting money trying to reduce CO emissions.

    The former vice president’s comments come only weeks after he pledged at the sixth Democrat primary debate to “sacrifice” economic growth and potentially “displace thousands or hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers” in the interests of a “greener economy.”

  28. Thank you, Eric Worrall, for yet another worthwhile contribution.

    And thank you, especially, (you and the others above who also did this) for using the correct term, “Democrat.” Sometimes due to intentional deception, sometimes due to unintentional ignorance, the use of “democratic” to describe Biden, et al. is laughable at best.

    “Democratic” is just about the last thing that party is.

  29. My father worked in oil refineries for almost 50 years. Late in his career he was starting to get the question “how could you?” He would always reply in a calm voice, “stop buying it and I’ll stop making it, I promise you”. I learned my respect for the environment and love of nature from a man that is now being vilified for his participation in bringing natural resources to market in the safest, most efficient way he knew how.

  30. PROBLEM: The construction and operation of all jails to date have been utterly dependent on fossil fuels.

    To benefit from this construction and operation, therefore, by jailing those who ultimately enabled these things is a bit off, don’t you think?

    Such contradictions indicate an underlying problem in “logic”, and those promoting such “logic” are gross failures at perceiving their problem.

    Biden’s pronouncements, therefore, seem like unprecedented stupid utterances coming from a potential leader of a nation.

    I cannot see any rational person voting for him, because of these statements alone. Such statements seem extreme even for those who are seriously wedded to the belief in human-caused climate change.

    Nobody thinking like this should be allowed within a thousand miles of the White House. Special climate dogs should be trained to help protect the premises from such destructive beliefs. I’m thinking Caucasian mountain dogs would be good candidates.

  31. Joe Biden Climate Threat: Jail Fossil Fuel Executives (like Hunter Biden?)
    Hunter Biden is not a Fossil Fuel Executive, he is the inept, drug addled son of a corrupt politician that was given a high paying position on a corporate board paying a lot of money, for political favors rendered. Still belongs in prison, but daddy does too.

  32. Well now I know the guy is a complete idiot. Companies operate under the applicable laws at the time, you can’t gaol them without breaking any laws, regardless of what u think of the laws.

    And this is a leading candidate for the next election?

    • You are expecting a Democrat to accept the US Constitution as it is written?

      “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”

      Silly man. Democrats don’t care about that document.

  33. “PROBLEM: The construction and operation of all jails to date have been utterly dependent on fossil fuels”

    Doesn’t pouring lots of concrete generate vast amounts of CO2 as well??
    I guess that pales into insignificance when you work out they get free board and lodging, which undoubtedly entails feeding the inmates with vast numbers of hamburgers produced by farting cows…

    Sounds like a great idea… free meals on wheels for retired oil execs.
    All we need now is the guys on death row to come and serve them as part of their penance.
    I doubt any of the inmates are Vegans.

    Which reminds me….Carlos Ghosn (an undoubted climate criminal), was smuggled out of Japan in a double bass case, I hope they don’t figure out playing music to the inmates is a good wheeze.

  34. Biden may be onto something. There needs to be laws written to hold climate alarmist criminally liable for the millions & billions of lives that will be lost when reduced or eliminated access to energy results in deaths. There needs to be legal consequences for failed predictions. The lost lives & criminal cost can easily be calculated by linear extrapolation of actual climate to the alarmist predictions. Just like how it is calculated how many people die from air or water pollution based on accepted minimum exposure limits. (LD50’s)

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