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Announcement: WUWT success earns an invitation to “Enterprise”

You are probably aware of the ongoing improvements to WUWT I’ve made. They seem to be paying off. Lately, things have been looking up for WUWT: Source: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/wattsupwiththat.com#trafficstats WUWT has been in the top 5 on wordpress.com lately, and recently … Continue reading

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Pending WUWT milestone – closing in on 1 million comments

Who will be the lucky winner? This screenshot from my WordPress control panel shows we are closing in on comment number 1 million.  We’ll reach that is a few days. This is a testament to our volunteer moderation team.

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UK police seize computers of skeptic blogger in England

UPDATE: 12/21/11 4PM  -BBC covers Tallbloke, finally, Richard Black still silent-  Norfolk constabulary to share hand-off Climategate investigation, and  Greg Laden caves – see below Dec 14th -The first blogger to break the Climategate2 story has had a visit from … Continue reading

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NYT reporter engages in zany conspiracy theory – suggests bloggers “knew” FOIA emails were coming

This is almost as clueless as the raid on Tallbloke by the police looking for scraps. But it does underscore one thing – investigators are clueless and so is the major press. For the record, I don’t know who “FOIA” … Continue reading

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RealClimate.org – down

UPDATE: As of 10PM PST, RC is back up and running, no mention of the outage though – Anthony I figured I’d better note this since a number of people have brought it to my attention. Trying to reach realclimate.org … Continue reading

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Further Down the “Bore Hole”

A look at comment deletion at RealClimate compared with WUWT Guest post submitted by Ian Rons Regular readers will doubtless be familiar, either at first- or second-hand, with the enthusiasm with which moderators at RealClimate.org seem to reject comments from … Continue reading

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New commenting features on WUWT

NOTE TO READERS: I have no control over this, wordpress.com implemented it across the board. My advice until they fix it is to make sure you are running a modern updated browser, Such as Firefox. – Anthony from the wordpress.com … Continue reading

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A blog status note

Some news about what went down today.

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My biggest pet peeve on running this blog

I have to fix this several times a week…please read and heed. I’m hoping that if I announce this as a post, it will reduce the problem.

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Heading for half a million comments

Who will it be? It is likely to happen in the next 12-24 hours.

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