Heading for half a million comments

Who will it be? It is likely to happen in the next 12-24 hours.

Between the hundreds of spam comments we get daily, and regular comments, I’d just like to say thanks to the moderation team.

It doesn’t much mean anything, just something fun.

122 thoughts on “Heading for half a million comments

  1. Well, since I’ve had a day’s worth of Irish Cream coffee and am real chatty, maybe it will be me! If Ican keept myh witss abouytt mee fore a bitt.

  2. OMG, what a lucky sod. Just imagine to be the only one out of half a million that has one stuck in the spam bucket. Talk about being special. :p

  3. Best wishes for xmas and a very interesting year to come no doubt. Clearly I’ve got too much in the Xmas spirit alweady and can’t spell ma wodes properiley in my last post (LOL).

  4. Pamela Gray says:
    December 22, 2010 at 1:14 pm
    What’s your address. I’ll be round to share that booze !! ;))

  5. Oh! and Joyeux Fêtes Bon Nouvel Ans to all at WUWT.
    Anthony, I hope that will be well for your family in the new year

  6. OK, so I can be the winner I’ll leave it until tomorrow morning to post a….oh,
    Good job mods and Merry Christmas to everyone here.

  7. Half a million comments for a “fringe” blog? LOL. Anthony, you and those who provide additional articles as well as the moderators all deserve a big thanks from the rest of us. Without you we’d be huddling in a corner trying to stay warm while our Govt scooped tax dollars from our pockets to pay for “climate warming” and “CO2 mitigation.”

  8. There once was one Anthony Watts
    who made up one of Earth’s hottest spots
    where the heat was turned on
    with each new climate con
    on which skeptics all fired their shots.
    With the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    The last month here in central southern Norway has been on average 7,5 degrees C below average for the last so-and-so decades. I feel cheated. I looked forward to the global warming! Well, truth before joy, then.

  9. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was George Monbiot who hit the half mil marker.
    REPLY: He’d have to leave a comment, and so far he’s never done that (at least that I know about) – Anthony

  10. Well it wont be me with the 500,000’th comment because I could fall into a bucket of T*ts and still come out sucking my thumb.
    Did I just say T*ts and fall foul of moderation?
    Merry Christmas the WUWT team.

  11. stephen richards says:
    December 22, 2010 at 1:40 pm
    Pamela Gray says:
    December 22, 2010 at 1:14 pm
    What’s your address. I’ll be round to share that booze !! ;))
    Where’d Pamela’s comment go???

  12. Obviously with this excessive bandwidth usage, you will need to be throttled down… in the interest of net neutrality of course.

  13. Just went round the house and grounds to make sure all the old horseshoes were turned up for luck. One in particular. An old workhorse shoe. It measures nearly 7 1/2 inches across its widest part. There is an old snaffle bit to match that measures 7 inches across. Now that’s a big horse with a big mouth.
    Wishing that all your horseshoes are turned up this holiday season.

  14. waiting…..
    ok – go!
    Oh Bugger! I did it too early again! 😉
    (I would have said something else but didn’t want to fall foul of the mods!)
    Merry Xmas one and all!

  15. OMG, now all of us will be up all night!
    Congratulations on having the best website on the internet!

  16. Merry Christmas , everyone . Does anyone want a good eggnog recipe ? If you make it tomorrow , it’ll be ok for Christmas – it really needs to sit for a couple of days to mellow . Let me know within an hour , as I’m up to my ears with last minute stuff .

  17. I guess I’ll have to refrain from posting comments in the next 24 hours. Wouldn’t want to post something dumb and have it be the 500,000th comment.
    Except if Anthony decides to have a Seasons Greeting thread. Then I’ll be willing to post a Happy Holidays, etc., to all those who have taken the time to read my posts this year, and to all who have commented here.

  18. Well, here’s my contribution, however small.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Anthony and all the moderators and loads of appreciation for all the work that you do. This site is terrific and I honestly don’t go for more than two days without visiting it.
    Thanks again.

  19. Thanks to the Moderators for keeping the discussion open and polite.
    Great site! There is always something interesting to check out. There is a real effort to include scientific papers that are pertinent regardless of the data or conclusion. Appreciate the efforts of the contributors to explain the nuisances of the issues and the analysis.
    Hope things are going well for you Anthony.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  20. I’ll say it because I know they won’t.
    Many congratulations
    Your sincerely
    Michael, Phil and the rest of the Team

  21. Thank you, Rev, for all your incredibly gifted work. Best Christmas wishes to you, yours, the mods, and all those little people who chimed in half a million comments. And to the trolls, who helped with the count if not the content.

  22. The winner can share their prize with me, seeing as I was instrumental in getting them get to the 500K mark. There IS a prize – right? :^)

  23. My cat’s breath smells like cat food.
    Held for review, comment, righteous indignation, rejection, or revolution by the powers-that-be. 8<) Robt]

  24. I don’t know, Anthony, all these comments might have contributed mightily to global warming, what with all the breathing in and out whilst we sit in front of our computer screens contemplating your posts. Or at least that theory makes about as much sense as some of those propagated by the warm-mongers. In any event, congratulations are in order, and I can’t think of a more well-deserved blog anywhere on the interwebs.

  25. Many thanks for all the hard work Anthony, moderators and guest writers. WUWT is my number One site for 2010, and fair to say well deserves the top Science Blog Award too. Thanks to Links on this site, I have a better idea of what real science actually looks like, something entirely absent on TV or in those deplorable Rags – No Scientist, Socialist American, Forgetful Geographic, and Time ( its red for a reason).
    While you enjoy the Hydrogen Dioxide garnish in the Northern Hemisphere, we in the southern will actually have a BBQ summer Christmas, with real BBQ’s and 100% Natural Variability induced Sunshine – via that big spotless incandescent bulb in the sky – which everyone knows in no ways contributes to Global ClimoDisruptoCooloWarming.
    All the Best from peoples republic of CarbonoStan – formally New Zealand – now a subsidiary of Soros & Koch – a fully incorporated Corporate Pirate associate of WikiBleats Society for the prevention of Humanity.

  26. Merry Christmas to Anthony and The Mods! (Do-wop, do-waaaa…)
    500,000 comments of the sort:
    Very funny
    Trollery (but still fun)
    Good questions
    And chatty, from regulars all ’round the world (and a few comments that I suspect are not from someone in this part of of the solar system)

  27. Merry Xmas to all at WUWT (especially A and the tireless mods of course)
    (OK, OK – just trying to calculate dCommment/dt in order to be 500K)

  28. Thank you WUWT. Anthony, nice to meet you briefly in Australia. We are sopping wet here, and expecting a king tide of 2.6 m at 11:24 am in Brisbane.

  29. Thanks to Anthony and all other commenters over the last 3 years…using up at last half an hour and usually more of my valuable time every day…
    Merry Christmas the lot of you…can I have my prize now please?

  30. Well, Christmas dinner awaits the purchase of groceries, and my boyfriend is waiting for me at the Tavern. Ale waits for no Irish woman worth a damn. So it looks like I won’t be in the running. Not that I’m upset. Love this blog to death and am just thrilled to see my little additions mentioned at all. I’ll tip a frothy pint for all the mods, Anthony, and commenters. See ya in the morning. Make that noon.

  31. If I remember correctly, I was directed to this site by Christopher Booker long before ClimateGate appeared. I’ve been a regular reader and occasional writer ever since.
    It is a great site, and I commend it for regular and frequent postings, fair treatment of those of the opposite persuasion and good maintenance of reasonable standards of politeness. More importantly, it reports on key technical and political revelations. I also thank Anthony for his frequent intervention with words of fairness and wisdom.
    As I read my own words I squirm a bit because I’m normally ultra critical. WUWT is a great site, it has contributed much to the case for realistic climate concern.

  32. I’m a big fan of this site and hope for the day when Anthony comes to Toronto to do a tandem presentation with M&M. With your current weather, if you left Cali now, you could probably paddle here.

  33. Pamela Gray
    It needs to be something profound. Deep. Serious.
    So did you buy those red shoes after all that you were agonising about a year or two ago? The world waits.

  34. Threaded comments, as they are at CA, would be good though. It’s hard to have an actual discussion on various points when there’s just one big wall of them. Just imho.

  35. I’m a long standing fan of WUWT and I deeply appreciate the efforts of the Mods and Anthony in keeping this site possibly the best I have ever visited: it is informative, educational, humorous and accessible to all, even those without PhDs in esoteric disciplines.
    I was going to wish all who are involved in running this site a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, but, as I live in the Politically Correctly stifled UK I shall have to convey my sentiments as follows:-
    “Please accept without obligation, either express or implied, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice, celebrated according to the most enjoyable traditions, religious beliefs or secular practices of your choice, with due respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions of any kind at all;
    a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures, whose contributions to civilisation are also acknowledged, and without regard to race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious belief, choice of computer platform, or sexual orientation.
    By accepting this greeting, you are accepting the following terms:
    This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for her/himself or others; is void where prohibited by law; and is revocable at the sole discretion of the originator. This greeting is warranted valid within the standard parameters of well-wishing for a period of one calendar year, or until the issuance of a subsequent greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this greeting or issuance of a new greeting at the sole discretion of the originator, who assumes no responsibility for any unintended emotional stress these greetings may bring to those not caught up in the seasonal holiday spirit.”
    My very best wishes for you and your respective families,

  36. For a layman like me WUWT really has helped me strengthen my opinion on AGW and helped open channels of info on climate change, I looked into this more after seeing a very well articulated post a while back on prison planet and since then you’ve been on my BB social feed.
    So here’s to you Anthony and the rest of the crew for another 500,000 comments and future excellent articles. Will you make a model to predict the 1 million mark? 😉

  37. I’m fairly new here, having found my way via Twitter earlier this year; in fact, this may be my first comment. Anyway, this has become one of my favorite sites, one that I read and retweet often throughout the day. Thanks.

  38. Having our family traditional Kiwi neighbours pudding on xmas day – its sweet and delicious, so all you sweet tooths should give it a try. Merry Xmas all and specially to Anthony Watts and his mod team.
    2 tablespoons golden syrup.
    3 eggs,
    1 tablespoons cornflour,
    1 tablespoons sugar.
    2 cups milk.
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    1 desert spoon gelatin dissolved in 1 tablespoon cold water then one tablespoon of hot water.
    Separate eggs put yolks in pot. Add cornflour sugar milk vanilla and whisk. Heat gently and stir until thickens, then let cool. Beat egg white stiff. In another pot boil golden syrup and as boiling beat into the stiff egg whites along with gelatin. When custard cooled fold into egg whites.
    Decorate with whatever whipped cream etc.
    Leave to set – can make it the day before.

  39. John A says:
    December 22, 2010 at 2:59 pm
    RealClimate has already gone through half a million comments deleted

    No doubt at the steady rate of 1000/month until last November when it rose exponentially.

  40. Stephen Brown says:
    December 22, 2010 at 3:41 pm
    […] I was going to wish all who are involved in running this site a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, but, as I live in the Politically Correctly stifled UK I shall have to convey my sentiments as follows […]

    Nice one.

  41. Now, if the comment numbers are anything to go by none of us are getting the $500,000. It’s like some Californian version of a UK phone competition.
    James Allison – 556722
    I feel betrayed, I had plans for my loot and now Xmas will be as dull as ever. I will not return until morning.
    – Outraged of Yorkshire

  42. if we hit the magic number, what do we win? A weather station? An autographed Roy Spencer book? An autographed 8×10 photo of Tony W? A zip file of of all the climategate emails?

  43. 500.000th comment is no different than 499.999th comment or 500.001st. I don’t want nothing whatsoever to do with this artificial excitement generation. Bah!

  44. Anthony: I took the opportunity today to pay my dues and flung a meager hundred your way. Like so many others, I can’t go a day without visiting my favorite blog and getting unparalleled information and a few chuckles. I know the sacrifice you make to keep the blog going and at such a high standard to boot!
    Thank you for the education and the laughs. All the best to you, the mods and our entire WUWT family.

  45. John A says:
    December 22, 2010 at 2:59 pm
    “RealClimate has already gone through half a million comments deleted”
    Apparently, those comments weren’t robust…

  46. The image want to depict right now, but it doesn’t. It is, in fact, I have recently, just now, deduced, one of the cheapest images available, the static ones. Hello, but the rest of us are living in the 2010 era still, and are, thus, hungry for the dynamo of information.
    So essentially, update it already. 🙂

  47. Only 500 000 ? Probably cause your content is engrossing and the topic often beyond my understanding to comment on, or throughly laid out and explained requiring little comment.Merry Christmas to all. Thank you to all who keep this site up and running and so interesting. May science be rediscovered in the mass media soon.

  48. Thank you Anthony, CTM and the other mods and rockers – a wonderful job… Please keep up the good work – I would have a hard job weaning myself from the addiction of reading your blog several times a day!
    Very best wishes for Christmas and 2011

  49. Just above this block where I type this is a bold heading Leave a Reply, so occasionally I do – leave a reply.
    What’s a comment?

  50. Merry Christmas to you Anthony, your Family, and to the moderators, get job over the years and keep up the great work.
    Lance Appleby

  51. Congratulations, Anthony. It’s a great site, and I use information I find here in my classes to help students at least try looking at things from a perspective other than the officially approved one.

  52. Thanks to all half million comments which do much heavy lifting in the education of readers like me.

  53. Here is to the next 500,000 comments… This site is a must read every day. The breadth and depth of comments by the readers here, makes it worth every minute spent here.
    When the pacific storm belt fires up in the winter time and drowns my local area with 80+ inches of rain on average, this site helps me make it through the boredom.
    Thank You Anthony and team of Mods…
    Best Wishes to everyone during these holidays,
    Jack Barnes

  54. Stephen Brown says:
    December 22, 2010 at 3:41 pm
    Nice one, indeed! I copied it, Stephen. I will pass it on, as long as we are permitted humor.

  55. congrats anthony and thanx for allowing comments for those like myself without a scientific education. visiting your site has increased my understanding of the complex subject of climate, for which i am grateful.
    seasons greetings to u and your family – trust mrs. watts is doing well – and thanx to mods and guest writers.

  56. Merry Christmas
    God Jul
    Hauskaa Joulua
    To everybody that is keeping the in this website constructive dialouge going.

  57. Congratulations, Anthony and Mods! A prestigious event, we ALL win when you reach 0.5 million comments!
    I hope the excessive di-hydrogen-oxide out in California hasn’t bothered you much….pictures from San Diego are rather amazing!! Climate disruption, clearly.
    Cheers & thanks, Charles the DrPH

  58. Smokey says:
    December 22, 2010 at 8:09 pm
    > Here are the first three articles Anthony posted. [With five total responses]:

    > http://wattsupwiththat.com/2006/11/19/watts-up-in-upper-park-weather
    That was the first post to receive no comments.
    I think the last post to receive no comments (and was open for comments) was http://wattsupwiththat.com/2007/12/15/now-thats-a-big-snowstorm/
    There were as many as 46 others that year to be uncommented upon.

    $ grep 'None' toc_2007* | wc -l

    (See http://home.comcast.net/~ewerme/wuwt/monthly.html for that ancient history.)

  59. I just wanted to say, out of all the comments ever on this blog, this is certainly one of them.
    Merry Christmas, Anthony, and the best to your family!

  60. Thx 10e6 for your postings. As a retired Ch Eng. I enjoy reading your content each day. Keep up the GOOD WORK. I’m interested in open science… no bias… just the facts, data and observations please. We’re still in the infant stages of collecting and analyzing environmental data. Lets see…. another 100 yrs may lead to more conclusive models & forecasts. Merry Christmas from Richvs

  61. merry Christmas everyone; may the hot spot eventuate in your hearts and may all your tomorrows never be disrupted by climate

  62. Thank you Anthony, the team and all the contributors, who have made this an oasis of sanity and fun in the turbulent and sometimes very scary times in the rise of global hot air from AGWScience supporters. I’m so glad I found you. A merry Christmas to one and all and peace to all mankind.

  63. Thanks for this outstanding site, Anthony, and for all your work keeping the amazing science reports coming!
    Thanks, moderators, for keeping us all to the straight and narrow while allowing all diverse view points to be heard (ahem, ‘read’).
    Thanks, guest posters, for your stimulating contributions, with extra stars going to the one and only Willis Eschenbach!
    Thanks everyone for your comments, videos, links and witticisms.
    I’ve been reading here for two years now, with the odd comment thrown in here and there – and I am very grateful for all I’ve learned here.
    A Merry Christmas to all of you, and a Happy New Year!
    Did I win??? 😉

  64. Latest numbers I see are:
    Posts: 4,179
    Comments: 499,387
    Categories: 99
    Tags: 478
    But those differ slightly from the initial totals at the top of the page. WUWT?

  65. tonyb says:
    December 22, 2010 at 3:37 pm
    Pamela Gray
    It needs to be something profound. Deep. Serious.
    So did you buy those red shoes after all that you were agonising about a year or two ago? The world waits.
    Two pair! Mid heels. A dark cherry red. One pair with a buckle on the side, and the other with the strap behind the heel (aka sling backs).
    To quote from the movie “Chocolat”, “Why do you have to wear red shoes?” Because I can.

  66. I paraphrased about the shoes. Vianne is often seen wearing red shoes. Here is the scene related to red versus black shoes:
    [Anouk has come home from school upset]
    Vianne Rocher: Anouk, just tell me what happened.
    Anouk Rocher: Are you Satan’s helper?
    Vianne Rocher: Well, it… it’s not easy, being different.
    Anouk Rocher: Why can’t we go to church?
    Vianne Rocher: Well, you can if you want… but it won’t make things easier.
    Anouk Rocher: Why can’t you wear black shoes like the other mothers?
    What’s not to like about this movie? It has lots of chocolate and red shoes in it.

  67. Oog. Just noticed the “Ads by Google” at the top. They’ve stuck in one , “Study Environment Change
    Over 150 species on earth become extinct every day
    At least it’s paid spam! It’s selling offensive nonsense, of course.
    Pam, why don’t you buy an ad directly here offering to sell glossies of yourself posing in the red shoes (and nothing else)? If the site gets a cut, you and Anthony would both make out like bandits!

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