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Introducing the WUWT Great Lakes Ice Reference Page

Image Credit: NOAA Great Lakes Surface Environment Analysis (GLSEA) Great Lakes Ice Cover reached 91.8% yesterday, after Wednesday’s coverage of 91% made 2014 the second highest maximum on record. Great Lakes Ice Cover is well within striking distance of the … Continue reading

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New emotification of global warming: selling the sizzle of melting glaciers

From the American Institute of Physics, some research they lament doesn’t carry “the same emotional wallop as images” related to “climate trends”. Oh, darn. Maybe they need to link up with artist Paul Kos whose performance art is seen at … Continue reading

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A Big Picture Look At “Earth’s Temperature” – Quarterly Update

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” This format received a positive response in the previous article and apparently encouraged Skeptical Science to take A Big Picture Look at Global Warming, thus this article will be updated on a quarterly basis … Continue reading

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A Big Picture Look At “Earth’s Temperature”

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” Often in the climate debate, generalities are used to address more nuanced issues, e.g. “There is broad scientific consensus that Earth’s climate is warming rapidly and at an accelerating rate.” from the Wikipedia for … Continue reading

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