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Another nutty geoengineering idea – Olivine dust

From the Institute of Physics Researchers analyse ‘rock dissolving’ method of geoengineering The benefits and side effects of dissolving particles in our ocean’s surfaces to increase the marine uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2), and therefore reduce the excess amount of … Continue reading

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Dust in the wind: Melt ponds in the Arctic hasten overall melting

I’ve often wondered if carbon soot plays a role in this. See our recent WUWT story about how black carbon’s role has been underestimated, and note that Arctic melting is listed as one of the effects. See also the tag … Continue reading

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New study shows: climate models still struggle with medium- term climate forecasts

How cold will a winter be in two years?  How well are the most important climate models able to predict the weather conditions for the coming year or even the next decade? The Potsdam scientists Dr. Dörthe Handorf and Prof. … Continue reading

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Researchers publish results of iron ocean fertilization experiment

From the Alfred Wegener Institute and the what took you so long department comes this interesting result. Carbon sequestration via algal blooms that sink to the sea floor after expiring – just add iron. The results, which were published in … Continue reading

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SMOS Satellite imagery suggests NE passage to open soon – ‘primarily attributable to the wind’

From the Alfred Wegener Institute:   North-East Passage soon free from ice again? Winter measurements show thin sea ice in the Laptev Sea, pointing to early and large scale summer melt Bremerhaven, 8 June 2012, The North-East Passage, the sea … Continue reading

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Climate clam chowder has a spicy ENSO rhythm from an old recipe

From the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research comes word that the climate varied before, just like it does today, and we won’t be stuck with a permanent El Niño. Imagine that. 50-million-year-old clam shells provide indications of … Continue reading

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Icebreaker at the North Pole

From the Alfred Wegener Institute news that a ship that reached the real geographic North Pole, unlike the hapless group of Whisky sponsored rowers (Row to the Pole) who are pointlessly attempting to reach the location of 1996 magnetic pole, … Continue reading

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My morning double take: “Arctic on the verge of record ozone loss”

Say what? There isn’t much that surprises me anymore in the rarefied air that is climate science today. This headline made me do a double take, and the sentence that followed, blaming “unusually low temperatures”, even more so. Here’s a … Continue reading

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New interpretation of Antarctic ice cores

Researchers at Alfred Wegener Institute expand prevailing theory on climate history Climate researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in the Helmholtz Association (AWI) expand a prevalent theory regarding the development of ice ages. In the … Continue reading

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