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Irony alert – wind turbine involved in petroleum spill at sea

Hazard to navigation? Danish ‘Safety Ship’ OMS Pollux, leaking oil after colliding with Morecambe Bay wind turbine A SHIP is leaking diesel after crashing into a wind turbine off the coast of Morecambe Bay. Liverpool Coastguard has been in attendance … Continue reading

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A benefit to ‘climate change’ – less dead zones in the ocean

From the University of Washington Ocean’s most oxygen-deprived zones to shrink under climate change As the complex story of climate change unfolds, many of the endings are grim. But there are exceptions. Predictions that the lowest-oxygen environments in the ocean … Continue reading

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NOAA’s own trend calculator helps confirm ‘the pause’ and lack of ocean warming in the 21st century

People send me stuff. Yesterday I got a note suggesting I have a look at what NOAA/NCDC’s “climate at a glance” was showing for trends in the 21st century so far. I decided to take a look.

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Deep Oceans Are Cooling Amidst A Sea of Modeling Uncertainty: New Research on Ocean Heat Content

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism Two of the world’s premiere ocean scientists from Harvard and MIT have addressed … Continue reading

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The Reef Abides … Or Not

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve written a few times on the question of one of my favorite hangouts on the planet, underwater tropical coral reefs. Don’t know if you’ve ever been down to one, but they are a fairyland … Continue reading

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That ocean currents switch flipping thing again

From the National Science Foundation: Press Release 14-081 Ancient ocean currents may have changed pace and intensity of ice ages Climate scientists have long tried to explain why ice-age cycles became longer and more intense some 900,000 years ago, switching … Continue reading

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Study: U.S. droughts can be explained by ocean forcing

Sea surface temperature can nudge the atmosphere into conditions, subsequently exacerbated or moderated by atmospheric variability, that can lead to drought. In this paper, authors Richard Seager (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University) and Martin Hoerling (NOAA ESRL) examine the causes … Continue reading

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Climate Change: it’s the motions of the oceans

From the University of London Scientists discover link between climate change and ocean currents over 6 million years Scientists have discovered a relationship between climate change and ocean currents over the past six million years after analysing an area of … Continue reading

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Warming climates intensify greenhouse gas given out by oceans

From the University of Edinburgh and the department of soda pop science, comes something we already knew. I wonder who approved the grant for this one? Rising global temperatures could increase the amount of carbon dioxide naturally released by the … Continue reading

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Now, another previously unknown part of the carbon cycle is known: deep sea fish

From the University of Southampton Deep sea fish remove 1 million tonnes of CO2 every year from UK and Irish waters Deep sea fishes remove and store more than one million tonnes of CO2 from UK and Irish surface waters … Continue reading

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A climate benefit has been discovered in melting ice sheets

From the European Association of Geochemistry and the “Nature always finds a way” department comes carbon capture on the tiniest scale. Study shows iron from melting ice sheets may help buffer global warming A newly-discovered source of oceanic bioavailable iron … Continue reading

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El Niño Watch issued by NOAA

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION issued by CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER/NCEP and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society,  8 May 2014 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch Synopsis: Chance of El Niño increases during the remainder of … Continue reading

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Subaqueous volcanism: ocean vents and faulty climate models

WUWT reader Pethefin writes: Finally someone addresses the really big elephant in the room: the ocean vents and their role in climate modelling: I covered this possibility in a previous post:  Do underwater volcanoes have an effect on ENSO? and I … Continue reading

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Some corals decide they can deal with warming

Some corals adjusting to rising ocean temperatures, Stanford researchers say Research led by Stanford scientist Steve Palumbi reveals how some corals can quickly switch on or off certain genes in order to survive in warmer-than-average tidal waters. To most people, … Continue reading

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El Niño Residuals Cause the C-Shaped Warming Pattern in the Pacific

In the recent model-data comparison of satellite-era sea surface temperature anomalies—appropriately titled Maybe the IPCC’s Modelers Should Try to Simulate Earth’s Oceans—we compared trend maps of modeled and observed sea surface temperature anomalies from 1982 to 2013. See Figure 1. … Continue reading

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Elements of the 1997 Super El Niño seem to be repeating now in the Western Pacific

Could we be in for a Super El Niño this year like the one in 1997/98? Dr. Ryan Maue is seeing hints of a beginning in ocean heat content satellite visualizations.  

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Global warming dud predictions on the Great Barrier Reef

Andrew Bolt asks in his column – Why won’t other journalists tackle Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, too? Maybe such dud predictions should be called “claimet change” for all the failed claims? – Anthony by Andrew Bolt THE ABC was among the first … Continue reading

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URI oceanographer refutes claims that climate change is slowing pace of Gulf Stream

20 years of data demonstrates it remains stable NARRAGANSETT, R.I. – March 3, 2014 – Several recent studies have generated a great deal of publicity for their claims that the warming climate is slowing the pace of the Gulf Stream. … Continue reading

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Canute Ponders The Tides

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Short Post.  You can skip this if you understand the tidal force. Some folks seem confused about the nature of tidal forces. Today I saw this gem: “The tide raising force acts in both directions … Continue reading

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Time and the Tides Wait for Godot

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been listening to lots of stuff lately about tidal cycles. These exist, to be sure. However, they are fairly complex, and they only repeat (and even then only approximately) every 54 years 34 days. … Continue reading

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Claim: Analysis indicates that North and tropical Atlantic warming affects Antarctic climate

It seems the ocean cycles get a bigger role than GHG’s in this study. Plus Antarctic models are still FUBAR: The gradual warming of the North and tropical Atlantic Ocean is contributing to climate change in Antarctica, a team of … Continue reading

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Author of its Own Demise – musings on the AMO

Guest essay by Caleb Shaw I once had a very good science teacher who I fear I made wild, not so much by causing small explosions in the back of his classroom, (which I think he secretly approved of,) as … Continue reading

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CO2 in the air, CO2 in the seawater

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach [See updated graph] Inspired by some comments on another thread, I decided to see what I could find in the way of actual measurements of the amount of CO2 in the surface layer of the … Continue reading

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New paper shows Medieval Warm Period was global in scope

Andrew Revkin writes: Michael Mann can’t be happy about this work. Here’s a chat with two authors of an important new Science paper examining 10,000 years of layered fossil plankton in the western Pacific Ocean. The paper finds that several … Continue reading

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Good news from NOAA: coral reefs can adapt to warming

NOAA is dialing back the alarm a bit with realizations that nature has equipped these organisms with adaptation strategies that have served them over the millennia. New study suggests coral reefs may be able to adapt to moderate climate change … Continue reading

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The Oceanic Central Heating Effect

Guest essay by Philip Mulholland In my previous essay We Must Get Rid of the Carboniferous Warm Period I discussed the role of the polar seas around Antarctica in generating the cold dense oxygenated marine water that dominates the abyssal … Continue reading

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Upwelling Longwave Over The Ocean

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach To continue my investigations utilizing the CERES satellite dataset of top of atmosphere radiation, here is a set of curious graphs. The first one is the outgoing (upwelling) longwave radiation at the top of the … Continue reading

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Climate change is dominated by the water cycle, not carbon dioxide

Guest essay by Steve Goreham Originally published in The Washington Times Climate scientists are obsessed with carbon dioxide. The newly released Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims that “radiative forcing” from human-emitted CO2 is … Continue reading

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IPCC on acid – if they are virtually certain about ocean acidification, why does X-prize offer a reward for designing a proper ocean pH meter?

The IPCC writes in the “leaked” SPM It is very likely that oceanic uptake of anthropogenic CO2 results in acidification of the ocean. The pH 44 (see 7) of seawater has decreased by 0.1 since the beginning of the industrial … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at the HADGEM2-ES Simulations of Sea Surface Temperatures

There’s been an online disagreement between skeptics and the UKMO in recent days. See Bishop Hill’s post here, and Nic Lewis’s full discussion here. Nic’s discussion was also referenced in David Rose’s article in the Mail on Sunday. The UKMO’s … Continue reading

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Breaking deep-sea waves reveal a potential mechanism for global ocean mixing

From the “Trenberth’s hidden heat” department and the University of Washington comes this story about waves nobody ever sees in the sea that may mix water and transport heat. Waves breaking over sandy beaches are captured in countless tourist photos. … Continue reading

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A descent into the maelstrom – ‘black hole’ whirlpools seen for the first time in the South Atlantic

More settled science: these whirlpools transport vast amount of water and heat vertically in the ocean, somewhat like hurricanes do for the atmosphere. It is fun to imagine “Trenberth’s missing heat” being sucked down one of these. Via Yahoo News: … Continue reading

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CO2 calculation in the global carbon cycle may be off due to a depth error

It seems that a simple assumption about where to measure CO2 in the ocean surface has drastic implications. via The Hockey Schtick New paper finds global carbon cycle datasets may be biased A paper published today in Global Biogeochemical Cycles … Continue reading

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Reactions to ‘the pause': Grasping at strawmen in hidey holes

It has been quite entertaining to watch the various explanations coming out to rationalize “the pause” in surface temperatures for the last 16 years. For example, as Jerome Ravetz points out to me in email, The Times Hannah Devlin says … Continue reading

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If storms are worse now, why did they need a sea wall 150 years ago?

From Virginia Tech something that makes you wonder about past storm intensity and the need to protect shorelines from storms coming from the sea. With all the hype surrounding “Superstorm Sandy”, it is interesting to see that 150 years ago, … Continue reading

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