Fun diversion – How long until Antarctic ice touches South America?

Eric Worrall writes: Based on the current rate of Antarctic ice growth, how long until an ice bridge forms between South America and Antarctica? Lets start with a simplification – if you squint hard Antarctica is a circle. Antarctica, according to Wikipedia, is 14 million square miles. Sea ice this year covered 20 million square…

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Claim: Antarctic sea-level rising faster than global rate, but a ‘pause’ and other studies suggest ice melt isn’t the only factor

From the University of Southampton A new study of satellite data from the last 19 years reveals that fresh water from melting glaciers has caused the sea-level around the coast of Antarctica to rise by 2cm more than the global average of 6cm. Researchers at the University of Southampton detected the rapid rise in sea-level…


Does Antarctic Sea Ice Growth Negate Global Warming Theory?

LA Times making frantic excuses Eric Worrall writes: The LA Times has published an article which asks whether the faithful should worry about the rapid growth of Antarctic sea ice, an observation which sharply contradicts model predictions that the ice should all be melting away. Naturally the article concludes that their readers should not be…