Weather Channel Founder John Coleman: There is no significant man-made global warming at this time

John Coleman, the founder of Weather Channel, has written an open letter, in which he claims the theory of anthropogenic climate change is no longer scientifically credible. So far The Express, a major British newspaper, and the American news service WND, have provided favorable coverage of the letter. The Express article has also been linked…

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Splattergate II: Machine Gun Shopping Mall massacre promoted as an expression of Green Conscience

Eric Worrall writes: James Delingpole has today written about the latest PR disaster from deep greens trying to pretend they are normal people – an award winning graphic novel which associates a terrorist with a machine gun in a shopping mall, with a positive message about environmental activism. The headline picture of Delingpole’s piece depicts…


Eye roller: ‘Climate change shrinks goats’

From Durham University, and the “would you, could you, with a goat” department comes this inanity. They can’t come up with any other explanation, so it must be ‘climate change’. At the rate of observed shrinkage, the goats will be palm sized by the year 2100. Just think of the pet market! Via Eurekalert: ‘Shrinking…