The Answer is NOT always in the data – why data analysis is always contaminated by human value judgements

  Eric Worrall writes; Mike Whitehorn, chair of analytics at Dundee University, has written a fascinating article on The Register, about why data analysis is always contaminated by the value judgements of whoever is doing the analysis. According to Whitehorn; “Evidence-based decision making is so clearly sensible because the alternative — making random decisions based…

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Backyard Birds Spreading as Climate Changes

By Pat Michaels and Chip Knappenberger In a recent Global Science Report, we posted some good news coming out of California’s Sierra Nevada, where climate change (from whatever cause), has been partially responsible for a greening of the organo state. Technically, the biomass in the montane forests have been on the increase over the past…


Cabot Institute, Bristol University releases Mann Video

Eric Worrall writes: The Cabot Institute, University of Bristol has published a full video of Michael Mann’s presentation in Bristol, which Anthony Attended. I haven’t had a chance to watch the entire presentation yet, but the opening scene shows picture of cooling towers emitting steam – CO2 is transparent to visible light, so it’s a…