Wrapped in Lew Papers: The psychology of climate psychologization – Part3

Guest essay by Andy West ∙Third of 3 posts examining papers by Lewandowsky & co-authors before ‘conspiracy ideation’ claims. These papers warn of cognitive bias effects, all of which occur in the CAGW Consensus, confirming it is heavily biased. Can’t admit this? Skeptics exposing the dilemma? So… push skeptics beyond the pale, minimizing cognitive dissonance.…

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"Propter nomen" — Because of the name

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen In the current round of discussion over at Climate Dialogue, which is about the effects of the Sun on Earth’s climate, one of the participants, Dr. Mike Lockwood, in his essay “The sun plays only a very minor role”, lists the following item as one of seven fundamental considerations which…


Another eye-roller: Global warming will make you sneeze more

Eric Worrall writes: We’re all set to sneeze more often as the globe warms, according to a new study published in PLOS One. According to the abstract; “One expected effect of climate change on human health is increasing allergic and asthmatic symptoms through changes in pollen biology. Allergic diseases have a large impact on human…