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Arctic Sea Ice Time Lapse from 1978 to 2009 using NSIDC data

Jeff Id at the Air Vent has been doing some interesting work lately. Before the NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice anomaly plot went kaput due to failure of the satellite sensor channel they have been using, they had created a vast … Continue reading

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Divining images in the clouds

Everyone see things in the clouds. People, animals, Christ on the cross,  UFO’s, angels, and even schizophrenically imagined chemical attacks by contrails. You name it, somebody has seen it. So when I was prodded with a news item that said … Continue reading

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New Cycle 24 spots emerging

Michael Ronayne writes: To the right of the burned out pixel, a second Sunspot group, with two spots, is forming which can be seen in this image: The burned out pixel between the two groups is a fairly common issue … Continue reading

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Scientists Issue Unprecedented Forecast of Next Sunspot Cycle

This is an official NCAR News Release (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Apparently, they have solar forecasting techniques down to a “science”, as boldly demonstrated in this press release. – Anthony Scientists Issue Unprecedented Forecast of Next Sunspot Cycle BOULDER—The … Continue reading

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U.N.’s ‘Global Warming=300,000 Deaths a Year’ Report – Kofi Annan implies: “close enough for government work”

Many of you have probably heard by now of  the UN. Report saying that “global warming is killing 300,000 people a year”. There’s a Times Online Story (h/t to Gary Boden) about it today that has some startling admissions. Here … Continue reading

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Geothermal Ice Circles in Russia’s Lake Baikal?

In the “Steig et al – falsified” thread, since we have been discussing geothermal activity along the Antarctic peninsula, I thought I’d pass along these images that show other parts of the planet where geothermal heat seems capable of melting … Continue reading

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Steig et al – falsified

Jeff Id of The Air Vent emailed me today inviting me to repost Ryan O’s latest work on statistical evaluation of the Steig et al “Antarctica is warming” paper ( Nature, Jan 22, 2009) I thought long and hard about … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 87: Grilling in the cornhusker state

One of the common themes seen with the project has been the proximity of BBQ grills to official NOAA thermometers used in the United States Historical Climate Network (USHCN). Despite now having surveyed over 77% of the 1221 station … Continue reading

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The ‘Baby Grand’ has arrived

No we aren’t talking pianos, but Grand Solar Minimums. Today a new milestone was reached. As you can see below, we’ve been leading up to it for a few years. (Update: based on comments, I’ve updated the graph above to … Continue reading

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Tornado Season So Far Not as Bad as 2008

WUWT readers may remember last year that we had an early outbreak of Tornado season, and media opportunist Senator John Kerry immediately jumped at the chance to blame the weather event on “global warming” as we reported here on WUWT: … Continue reading

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Canada Has a Frigid May after a Cold Winter

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, ICECAP May has been frigid slowing the planting and emergence of the summer crops in Canada. Late freezes and even snows are still occurring regularly and can be expected the rest of the month. See larger … Continue reading

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How not to make a climate photo op

You have to wonder- what were these guys thinking? The only media visual they could have chosen that would send a worse message of forecast certainty was a dart board…or maybe something else? From Popular Science: The Greenhouse Gamble: Ronald … Continue reading

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NSIDC pulls the plug on Arctic Sea Ice Graphs

During the the last week, NSIDC graphs of arctic sea ice extent have been dropping so steeply that many have called them into question. Finally NSIDC ended the daily updates and have left the last “good” image of May 21st … Continue reading

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Guess the Weather Station City and Country

You may have noticed that I have been absent from WUWT for a few days. The stories have been on scheduled automated posting, and the WUWT team of moderators has held down the fort (thank you). The reason is that … Continue reading

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MIT: Global Warming of 7°C ‘Could Kill Billions This Century’

By Steven Goddard Some readers may remember the 1961 film “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”. It could be viewed as the original “climate alarmist” film as it contains all of the plot elements of our current climate alarmism scenarios: … Continue reading

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Renewable energy – our downfall?

This essay below from Ralph Ellis was posted in comments a couple of days ago, and I decided to promote it to a full post. For the record, let me say that I support some of the renewable energy ideas, … Continue reading

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Disproving The Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Problem

Reposted from The Air Vent Disproving The Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Problem Leonard Weinstein, ScD April 25, 2009 A theory has been proposed that human activity over about the last 150 years has caused a significant rise in Earth’s average … Continue reading

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Energy Availability Is Almost Infinite

By Steven Goddard Energy Shortage? A favorite excuse to push the AGW agenda is that “energy is limited, so we have to preserve it for future generations.”  But nothing could be further from the truth.  As that clever fellow Albert … Continue reading

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Evidence of a Lunisolar Influence on Decadal and Bidecadal Oscillations In Globally Averaged Temperature Trends

Basil Copeland and Anthony Watts Image from NASA GSFC Many WUWT readers will remember that last year we presented evidence of what we thought was a “solar imprint” in globally averaged temperature trends.  Not surprisingly, given the strong interest  and … Continue reading

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Limitations on Anthropogenic Global Warming

by Leonard Weinstein, ScD March 1, 2009 reposted from The Air Vent It is not obvious what the ideal temperature and CO2 level should be for mankind. We tend to assume that the average of whatever has occurred in the … Continue reading

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The Guardian Appears Ready to Power Glasgow 100% From Wind (Part 2)

By Steven Goddard There is that green jacket again In Wednesday’s Guardian, their lead environmental story made this bold claim about The Whitelee Wind Farm: Europe’s largest onshore wind farm, which is already powerful enough to meet Glasgow’s electricity needs … Continue reading

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A look at human CO2 emissions -vs- ocean absorption

Steve Fitzpatrick writes in with a short essay: Graphic by NASA Ocean CO2 absorption On May 11 you reposted a blog from Dr. Roy Spencer, where he suggests that much of the increase in atmospheric CO2 could be due to warming … Continue reading

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Steig et al ‘Antarctica Warming Paper’ process is finally replicated, and dealt a blow to “robustness”.

Jeff Id emailed me today, to ask if I wanted to post this with the caveat “it’s very technical, but I think you’ll like it”. Indeed I do, because it represents a significant step forward in the puzzle that is … Continue reading

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Roll ‘em Roll ‘em Roll ‘em…keep that snow a rollin!

Some of our younger readers may not get the title, and may never have seen a TV show in black and white. The answer is at the end of the article. Here’s an interesting weather phenomenon on the prairie – … Continue reading

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The Audacity of Cap and Trade

Guest post by Steven Goddard Yesterday, president Obama announced emission standards which he said would raise the cost of automobiles by $1300. While the new fuel and emission standards for cars and trucks will save billions of barrels of … Continue reading

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Comparing the Four Global Temperature Data Sets

Reposted from Jennifer Marohasy’s website. THERE are four official global temperature data sets and there has been much debate and discussion as to which best represents change in global temperature. Tom Quirk has analysed variations within and between these data … Continue reading

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New Honda Hybrid: “to get an idea of how awful it is, you’d have to sit a dog on a ham slicer”

Don’t get me wrong, I like new technology, and improved fuel economy too, but I just had to show this auto review excerpt from the Sunday Times because, well, it’s just so darn funny. BTW to the potential hate mail … Continue reading

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Recent Differences Between GISS and NCDC SST Anomaly Data And A Look At The Multiple NCDC SST Datasets

OR…. There are Increases in Trend with Each Update While The Causes of Downward Biases Are Deleted Guest Essay by Bob Tisdale: In the recent WUWT post Something hinky this way comes: NCDC data starts diverging from GISS, the differences … Continue reading

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Why the SWPC F10.7 radio flux graph is wrong

Leif Svalgaard writes: “Several people asked why I said that the SWPC F10.7 graph was ‘just wrong’. And I promised a follow up on that. Here it is.” Happy to oblige! For reference, here is the original graph from SWPC. … Continue reading

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Glasgow Looking To Freeze In The Dark

Guest post by Steven Goddard What Is Wrong With This Picture? The Telegraph has an article today about the latest addition to the UK wind energy grid, described as “Europe’s largest onshore wind farm at Whitelee.” The article says : … Continue reading

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Something hinky this way comes: NCDC data starts diverging from GISS

I got an email today from Barry Hearn asking me if I knew what was going on with the NCDC data set. It seems that it has started to diverge from GISS, and now is significantly warmer in April 2009. … Continue reading

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Catlin Artic Ice Survey: An Annie Hall Moment

Guest post by Steven Goddard In Woody Allen’s classic 1977 movie “Annie Hall,” there is a wonderful scene in a theatre queue where he is having a heated argument with a Columbia University academic about the meaning of Marshall … Continue reading

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Quote of the week #8 – Monbiot: “looks like I’ve boobed”

Image from WUWT reader “Boudu” The Guardian’s George Monbiot suffers (at his own expense) from excessive zeal in trying to disprove a statement by Telegraph Columnist, Christopher Booker, in his post: How to disprove Christopher Booker in 26 seconds I … Continue reading

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The Guardian Relocates The North Pole By 500km

By Steven Goddard The Catlin crew was picked up this week, after completing less than 50% of their planned journey to the North Pole and coming up about 500km short.  Immediately upon their return, The Guardian reported : After 73 … Continue reading

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The rubbish is coming! One if by land, two if by sea

This post on sea level reality came up in comments, posted by the author of the Climate Sanity website, Tom Moriarty. Tom did an excellent job of visually illustrating the history of Boston Harbor and man’s plight in dealing with … Continue reading

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