WMO: Embrace Renewables to Stabilise the Power Grid

Apparently nuclear plants are out because they require precious water for cooling, or are vulnerable to sea level rise.

Global Agency Sows Fear With Misinformation

The actual numbers of disasters since proper reporting has been in place show a decline in disasters over the last twenty years, exactly opposite the hyperbolic claims of the WMO.

WMO: “The climate is changing, and the impacts are already too costly for people and the planet”

According to the World Meteorological Organisation, the Climate Crisis is upon us. My question – did anyone notice the crisis?

WMO: “impact of the COVID-19 confinements [on CO2] cannot be distinguished from natural variability”

Proof that ongoing expensive CO2 reduction efforts are utterly futile. Green hopes that the Covid-19 lockdown would have a significant impact on global CO2 have been dashed.

Important news from the world’s top meteorologist

Reposted from the Fabius Maximus Website By Larry Kummer, Editor / 12 September 2019 Summary: After years of tacit cooperation with climate activists, the first major climate agency may have…

The WMO World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases begins provision of data from the GOSAT

National Institute for Environmental Studies These are sample satellite data maps providing a data overview. Credit: NIES The World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases (WDCGG; a World Data Centre (WDC)…

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