Academics and the grid. Part II: Are they studying the right things?

discussing remote hopes and ignoring huge obstacles will lead to increased likelihoods of greater costs, worsening reliability and eventually unbearable blackouts.

Academics and the grid Part I: I don’t think that study means what you think it means

Recognizing the difference between what theory suggests and practical knowledge demonstrates is critical.

The Impossibility of Bridging The “Last 10%” On the Way To “100% Clean Electricity”

In other words, you will need about 35 times the capacity of solar panels as the amount of firm power that you are committed to provide.

What The Future Holds for Our Climate Leaders

This is bureaucratese meaning “we’ll turn off your electricity at random times when we feel like it.”

MIT Weighs in On Energy Storage

The Report is an exercise by genius would-be central planners concocting enormously complex models that just happen to come to the results that the authors are hoping for, while at…

The New York Times Does Energy Storage

It is now up to someone else to put up the money so that the low status people can do the menial task of working out the details.

Systems and the Second Law

These are two ubiquitous Achilles heels: 1) What limitations does the second law of thermodynamics place on it, and 2) what are the other constraints that would limit its usefulness…

The Future Of Energy In The U.S.: Which Projection Do You Believe?

What will the production and consumption of energy look like in the United States in 2050? There are two very different answers to that question.

Report On The Status Of The U.S. Energy Storage Project

After all, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that wind and solar produce nothing on a calm night.

Treasury Secretary on European Wind Drought: “Energy Storage … Can Be Deployed”

If Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has calculated how much must be spent on energy storage to stabilise a renewable grid, she does not seem keen to share.

Trying To See If California’s Energy Plans Add Up

Does the California multi-agency Report provide any reason to believe that the California bureaucrats have a good idea as to how to get to a zero-emissions electrical grid? The answer…

Energy Storage: An Estimate Using Actual Data

By Mike O’Ceirin Energy Storage:  An Estimate Using Actual Data Abstract Much has been written about using energy storage to stabilise renewable energy. This article uses actual data to present…

Energy Storage Best Practices from New England

I am unconvinced that this report provides any value.  The report was not proofed well because wording of the ten recommendations in each chapter do not match the description of…

A Little Arithmetic: The Costs Of A Solar-Powered Grid Without Fossil Fuel Back-up

At current prices of around $200/KWH the 560 GWH of storage will run around $112 billion, or around half of the annual budget of the state government of California.

Crews battle Tesla battery fire at Moorabool, near Geelong

A toxic blaze at the site of Australia’s largest Tesla battery project is set to burn throughout the night.

New York can’t buy its way out of blackouts

All of this battery backup hype is a scam, and not just in New York either. The papers are full of this con, from coast to coast. The utilities know…

Utility-Scale Battery Costs “Fall” to $625/kWh

Guest “Now that’s funny right there!” by David Middleton OCTOBER 23, 2020Utility-scale battery storage costs decreased nearly 70% between 2015 and 2018 The average energy capacity cost of utility-scale battery…

NREL Energy Storage System Cost Benchmark

Guest post by Roger Caiazza One of the biggest issues with plans to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy is intermittency. At some point that can only be addressed by…

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