Net Zero Electricity Fantasies to Cost British Consumers £100 Billion Over Next Six Years

Net Zero electricity taxes and levies are set to cost British consumers almost £100 billion over the next six years, according to the latest official figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility…

Govt To Pay £350 For EV Chargers in Flats!!

I assume they expect you to stick your car in the lift and push it into your kitchen to charge up.

Germany – UK – France Weather-Dependent “Renewables” 2022 : 2023

This damage to the performance of power generation in Western Nations is made in the context that most of the world including China, India and other rapidly growing Nations have…

Coal To the Rescue in Britain as Solar Panels Also Work Too Poorly in The Summertime

Great Britain is finding out that going without coal power is a lot easier said than done.

The Nanny State Strikes Again: 30C Heat Health Alert?

Let’s not let a bit of warm weather – or alarmist media – disrupt our enjoyment of a beautiful summer weekend.

Cold Grips Globally: Alaska’s 4th Cold Winter… Record Cold Down Under…UK’s Delayed Spring…

More and more new cold records “Down Under”

1903 Ulysses Storm among windiest ever in British Isles

Storm Ulysses shows why it is difficult to make direct comparisons with storms in the past.

Energy Industries Club speech on energy security

…we have a new approach to energy policy: Gaslighting.

More than 100 Lawyers Vow Not to Prosecute Climate Change Protestors

Lawyers backing climate activists are HEROES says Just Stop Oil protester

We Must Demand a Demonstration Project of a Mainly Renewables-Based Electrical Grid

Nobody would be happier than me to see a demonstration project built that showed that wind and solar could provide reliable electricity at low cost.

The Tories’ Wind Power Delusion–Matt Ridley

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood Matt Ridley in the Spectator: A very strange parliamentary rebellion has been taking place with Boris Johnson, Liz Truss…

Somalia Says Drought Is Due to Climate Change, As They Demand Billions

…population growth, a ten-fold increase since 1950, is the main reason why droughts like these, which are perfectly natural and common events, now have such a human impact.

Robbing Grandma to Pay Gaia

In the end, the greenergy fad is not saving the environment, cannot hope to provide enough electricity to cover current demand let alone the explosive growth planned, and is very…

California And New York: Do Not Back Off Your World-Beating Green Energy Schemes!

Today the Manhattan Contrarian formally calls upon the states of California and New York: Whatever you do, do not back down from your crash program of green energy schemes!

The British Energy Horror Story

Keeping the lights on is a basic function of modern government, and we are close to critical failure.

In The UK, Some Political Movement on The Climate Scare

It has long been my view that the whole climate scare thing will fade away and disappear once the costs and risks of the insane zero carbon agenda become clear…

Fossil Fuels v Renewable Energy

The simple reality is that we will continue to need fossil fuels for many years to come. In the long term we will have look to develop new technologies such…

Britain’s Steel Industry Hammered by Climate Change Taxes

Crippling climate change levies are forcing Britain’s steelmakers to cut production after a doubling in the cost of carbon emissions in just nine months.

National Grid scheme to ration households’ power use at peak times

From Friday up to 1.4m households will be paid if they cut their normal electricity consumption at certain two-hour periods during the day, as an experiment to see how households’…

Bringing Britain’s woes to America?

Climate and energy politics, combined with fierce global demand, make it unlikely that Europe’s energy prices will go down. And while the EU recently voted to define natural gas and…

EV Chargers To Be Separately Metered

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood  A few weeks ago, the government announced plans for new regulations, requiring domestic electric car chargers be programmed only…

European nations walk back their ‘climate ambitions’ as the exorbitant price tag becomes clear

The political class remains rhetorically wedded to its earlier foolhardy promises, and the media is too enamored of reality-detached activists such as Ms. Thunberg.

Which Country Or U.S. State Will Be The First To Hit The Renewable Energy Wall?

From the MANHATTAN CONTRARIAN December 17, 2021/ Francis Menton In the fantasy of wealthy woke environmentalists, the world has recognized that it is on the brink of an existential climate crisis…

No Wind Friday

We are now dangerously reliant on interconnectors, not least because wind power is also falling in countries like Germany and Denmark:

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