Floods & Tornadoes in 1954 and What Caused Severe Floods in the 1950ss, Sky News

Maybe they might like to explain why flooding was so bad in the 1950s:

Sky Blames Libyan Floods on Climate Change

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Ian Magness Why is a so-called Science Editor allowed to get away with writing drivel like this? On…

What Sky News Did Not Tell You About Antarctic Ice

Nor do they mention that the ice has not “gone missing”, as they claim, but strong winds have pushed it polewards. As a result, the ice is thicker than normal:

England Needs a National Strategy for Sunny Weather!

England is “not ready” to respond to extreme heatwaves this summer and ministers must implement a national strategy, researchers have said.

Guardian: Sky News Australia is a global hub for climate misinformation

Sky News Australia has allowed “junk science, climate delayism and attacks on high-profile individuals working on the climate crisis to become mainstreamed”, according to The Institute for Strategic Dialog.

The Facts: Reporters Exploit Normal Weather To Fan Climate Fear

We recommend applying a healthy dose of skepticism to assertions of climate-induced weather events. You also might want to follow more responsible outlets for your facts, such as the CO2…

Sky News Think Bangladesh Never Used To Flood

As any competent journalist should have known, severe flooding in Bangladesh is a common event, something which has always occurred in the majority of years. British Pathe , for instance,…

James Murdoch Opens Up on The Family Rift Over Climate Change, Politics

According to NYT, James Murdoch once thought he could persuade his father to be more concerned about climate change, but his effort to “make Sky News neutral” were rejected.

Grunt work

UPDATE: 1/15/2012 11:30AM PST The probe is down, but see how the BBC fouled up the reporting of it here -Anthony Look up in the air, it’s a bird, its…

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