Re-Elected California Governor Newsom’s Energy Literacy Will Be Challenged Over the Next 4-Years

Newsom’s avoidance of addressing tough energy policy questions will expose his limited energy literacy over the next four years of financial torture upon those that voted for him.

Ukraine And Energy Realism

And of course the U.S. can’t supply these European energy needs because the Biden Administration is intentionally suppressing natural gas production here.

SCMP: China Offers Renewables and Cheap Nuclear to Poor Countries

The South China Morning Post reports China is offering their clean energy and mass produced nuclear plant expertise to their Belt and Road partners. But past Chinese overseas mega projects…

Nobody’s Fuel – an engineer’s guide to saving the planet

Nobody’s Fuel – an engineer’s guide to saving the planet On a road trip to the heart of an ailing planet [sic] with a message of hope. This documentary about…

The global climate alarmism propaganda campaign has failed – fossil fuels have priority

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin While climate alarmist propagandists in the developed nations have for decades been focusing their attention on the contrived alarmist politics of “settled science” and “supporting…

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