Climate Enron May Be Heading for a Crash

Biden’s reliance on huge subsidies to underwrite the “Green Revolution” has brought soaring inflation to the U.S. that is taking away purchasing power faster than it can increase subsidies and…

As The Transition to Green Energy Crumbles, Funding for The Climate Scare Soars

…global spending to fight climate change by environmental groups and other nonprofits reached $8 billion in 2021

The Conversation: Today’s International Free Trade Rules are Not Suited for the Climate Crisis

Climate subsidies like the Biden Inflation Reduction Act violated international free trade rules. The green solution: Get rid of free trade.

Dismantle the Inflation Reduction Act! (CEI letter to Congress)

Legislators should also make it clear to subsidy recipients making decisions relying upon the continuing availability of the subsidies that they do so at their own peril.

Is Biden’s IRA Money Being Spent in Other Countries?

The Australian Government is under pressure to subsidise local miners as well as battery industries, after a US miner backed by IRA cash launched an Aussie Lithium Mine takeover bid.

Gas Stoves: The Beloved Blue Flame is Just Better

DOE needs to stop politicizing energy appliances on unfounded predictions that “clean” renewable electricity will soon dominate the grid. 

The Real “Existential Threat” To People and Planet

Supposedly “clean, green, renewable” energy is simply not yet able to meet America’s and the world’s growing electricity needs.

The Atlantic: The Inflation Reduction Act has Unleashed “Uncapped” Spending on Climate Change

According to The Atlantic, the IRA costs are just estimates. For many items there are no limits on the magnitude of federal climate subsidies available.

Pelosi calls it! Celebrate! The ‘climate crisis’ is officially over! Pelosi Declares ‘We Saved the Planet’ w/ pork-barrel federal spending bill! — But wait…Not so fast…

From Climate Depot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sept 22, 2022: “We saved the planet.  We’re saving the planet with record $360 billion to save the planet, generating jobs and…

Environmentalists Petition EPA to Ban Natural Gas Use in Buildings

The environmentalists petition to the EPA is just the opening salvo following passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (a.k.a., Green New Deal Lite).

The Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t get around the Supreme Court’s climate ruling in West Virginia v. EPA, but it does strengthen EPA’s future abilities

So, as groundbreaking as it is, the Inflation Reduction Act does not change the impact of the Supreme Court’s determination in West Virginia v. EPA that the EPA lacks the…

WSJ: The Inflation Reduction Act Does Little to Reduce Climate Change

Bjorn Lomborg dismantling the hype surrounding President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, in the increasingly climate skeptic Wall Street Journal

Democrats Soak U.S. Taxpayers $430+ Billions so World’s CO2 can Climb 2+ Billion Tons by 2030

Biden and his Democrats seem intent on destroying U.S. energy and economic viability in the clearly incompetent, misguided and false belief that they are “fighting climate change”.      

Biden Inflation Act Provides the EPA New Weapons to Pursue their Climate Change Jihad

Think Gasoline is expensive now? From 2024, US Oil and gas companies will face impossible operating conditions, with the US EPA promising to impose a $900 / ton methane release…

Pelosi: Biden-Manchin climate bill will appease ‘angry’ Earth: ‘Mother Earth gets angry from time to time, & this legislation will help us address all of that’

From Climate Depot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Biden-Manchin climate: ‘Mother Earth gets angry from time to time, & this legislation will help us address all of that’ # Climate…

All-Electric Forcing in the “Inflation Reduction Act” (up to $14,000 per home)

, this is an incentive that primarily will benefit the already well-to-do; except nearly twice as much as EV’s.”

The “Inflation Reduction Act” Will Do Almost Nothing That Joe Manchin Says It Will

In reality, the legislation will do almost none of what Manchin claims it will—and often the exact opposite. If it becomes law, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will:

Aussie Journalist Celebrates President Biden’s Climate Change Deception

“… brilliant piece of marketing – it’s called the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), but it’s in fact a climate bill …”

Climate Change Weekly #443: Politically Connected Piggies at the Trough for ‘Inflation’ Bill

Politically Connected Piggies at the Trough for ‘Inflation’ Bill

Apocalyptic Versus Post-Apocalyptic Climate Politics

Overall a more rapid transition will be facilitated if we don’t unduly focus on CO2 emissions and meeting near term emissions targets.

Big Wind/Solar Roll Taxpayers, Landscape: Legislative Bonanza: A Terror Unleashed

Schumer-Manchin is part of the single-minded, “hurry up and get it done” mentality behind the renewables push in the United States.

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