Monash Professor: Climate Change Driven Bushfires will Kill 2412 Aussies in the Next Decade

The researchers appear to be effectively predicting five events of the same severity as Australia’s 2019-20 “Black Summer”, over the next seven years.

Aussie Bushfire Madness: Fuel Load Not an Issue, All Climate Change

Reducing available fuel seems and obvious strategy for fire risk management. But according to the CSIRO, the real culprit is climate change.

Watch Dr. Willie Soon Surgically Shredding Climate Change Forest Fire Alarmism

Video of Dr. Willie Soon at his awesome best, obliterating the absurd climate driven wildfire narrative under the weight of the evidence he presents.

Grass Fires, Not Forest Fires Dominated Washington State in 2020: What Does That Imply Regarding Global Warming?

But this year, something did happen that made the grass/sageland burn. Something unusual. Extraordinary, record-breaking winds (for the season) hit eastern Washington, with gusts reaching 50-70 mph on September 7th.

Surprise! Aussie Bushfire Climate Change Outrage Pivots into an Activist Demand for Cash

Having failed to establish climate change is the reason for Australia’s recent severe bushfires, Aussie greens are now rushing forward with demands for a new levy to be imposed on…

Shocker: study shows past forest fires occurred mainly in humid, warm periods

Researchers at the University of Bonn used drill cores to trace back the fires of the past 600,000 years – favorable climate induced growth promoting larger fuel loads was the biggest factor. Highlights: Fire intensity and temperature…

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