BBC Climate Expert Explains How Australia Could Live Without Coal Exports

Coal is both Australia’s second largest export and something Australia could live without, according to the BBC.

UN Paris Agreement Architect Blasts Australia’s “Lack of Integrity” on Climate Action

According to former UN climate chief and Paris Agreement architect Christiana Figueres, coal exporting Australia is not acting with integrity when it comes to global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

China’s Embargo on Aussie Coal Causes Inferior Grade Mongolian Imports to Surge

Green revolution anyone? Despite China’s aggressive geopolitical games, queues are forming at Australian coal export ports as other countries awaken from their Covid-19 economic slumber.

Interior States Take on Coastal States over Climate-Related Project Approvals

When the state of Washington rejected a proposed new coal export facility in 2017, it probably expected the usual appeals from the project’s developers. But it may not have anticipated…

Trump Administration Considers Using West Coast Military Facilities for Coal & LNG Exports… MAGA!!!

Guest BOOYAH!!! by David Middleton The Trump Administration appears ready to put the assets of the US armed forces to work in defending US interests in the Global War on…

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