Pakistan Floods Likely Made Worse By Warming–BBC

It’s like a spiritual adviser who claims he influence helped you win the lottery — after you’ve already won it.

Heatwaves in the Northwest: Are Extreme Heat Events Increasing Rapidly?

Why does global warming affect the means more than the extremes?

Let the Litigation Flow!

our work is an important contribution to the effort to develop evidence that can be used to make claims for legal standing.

NPR Spreads Misinformation About Climate Change and Models (Again!)

Real world data refutes the model predictions.

Politics of Attributing Extreme Events and Disasters to Climate Change

We caution awareness: climate change never causes loss or damage independently of the social conditions on the ground in specific places; the degree to which climate change can trigger disaster…

Hurricane Ida and Global Warming: Unsupported Claims

But it is easy to demonstrate that real data shows that these claims are without basis, and that National Public Radio, the Seattle Times, and others are publishing stories that are contradictory…

The IPCC’s attribution methodology is fundamentally flawed

These problems mean there is no basis for treating past attribution results based on the AT99 method as robust or valid. The conclusions might by chance have been correct, or…

Pielke Jr. On Recent Climate Attribution Claims

I can think of no other area of research where the relaxing of rigor and standards has been encouraged by researchers in order to generate claims more friendly to headlines,…

Miscommunication in Recent Climate Attribution Studies

Many of the climate attribution studies are resulting in headlines that are deceptive and result in people coming to incorrect conclusions about the relative roles of global warming and natural…

Heat waves and hot air

Heat waves are the new polar bears, stoking alarm about climate change. Climate scientists addressing this in the media are using misleading and/or inadequate approaches. How should we approach assessing…

Flawed Heatwave Report Leads to False Headlines in Major Media

A failure that misinformed you and millions of others, and a failure that highlighted glaring weaknesses in the media’s ability to cover important scientific issues. And it revealed the disappointing…

Claim: Global evidence links rise in extreme precipitation to human-driven climate change

Understanding how humans influence extreme precipitation is important for interpreting climate events today and for preparing cities and protective infrastructure for the changing world ahead.

Climate Litigation Supporters Admit That Attribution Science Is Failing In Court

What is surprising about that latest development, however, is that the wealthy financiers of climate lawsuits would bankroll a report that confirms this paid-for science has serious limitations.

Lawsuit-Supporting Academic: Attribution Science Was Designed Specifically To Bolster Climate Litigation

A prominent academic with direct ties to the climate litigation campaign confirmed in a recent E&E News article that so-called “climate attribution science” was designed specifically to support lawsuits against…

Hurricane Laura was the latest storm to strengthen fast, but is rapid intensification really becoming more common?

Chris Slocum, Colorado State University Hurricane Laura blew up quickly as it headed for the Louisiana coast, intensifying from a tropical storm to a major hurricane in less than 24…