Nigel Farage and Bob Ward CLASH over NetZero and coal usage

Bob Ward from the Grantham Research Institute and Nigel Farage discuss NetZero and debate what’s behind the rise of coal usage.

Svalbard walrus thrive in the face of sea ice decline, mocking predictions of future catastrophe

In other words, the Svalbard population of Atlantic walrus increased 109% between 2006 and 2018, even as summer sea ice declined markedly in the Barents Sea.

Has Bob Ward Heard Of The AMO?

Yes, the number of major Atlantic hurricanes has increased in the last four decades, but this is because of the AMO, not climate change, as NOAA explain:

The BBC, Bob Ward & The Climate Catastrophists’ Attack On Dissent

From The GWPF Date: 31/12/19 Matt Ridley, Reaction What readers of newspapers and listeners to the radio do not see is the sustained and deliberate pressure put on editors to…

Friday funny – Climate Chat-bot in evidence

Josh writes: As you may know, Microsoft recently launched a Chat-bot called ‘Tay’ as an experiment in “conversational understanding.” “The more you chat with Tay”, said Microsoft, “the smarter it gets, learning…

Finger puppets – the Green Blob finds its voice

Josh writes: Bishophill noted here that maybe we should be referring to Roger Harrabin as “Green blob spokesman Harrabin” I think we can include Bob Ward too. Posted by Josh

Bob Ward's "rat-snake" ploy

UPDATE: it seems that Mr. Ward doesn’t confine his accusations of dishonesty to concerned members of the public like Donna Laframboise, he’s going after Dr. Richard Tol as well, complaining…

Hump Day Hilarity: tales from the ret_ward

Fun and games on Twitter from the Grantham Institute’s Bob Ward: That was at 12:41 AM – 24 Jul 13. Good thing that just over five hours later he recognized…

The Met Office hides the decline, starring 'Doctor No'

I’ve come to think of Richard Betts as “Dr. No” mainly because he seems to say no to any possibility that the Met Office might not be giving out accurate…

Watch Michael Mann's self aggrandizing AGU presentation

He’s still pushing the same old stuff; Mannian certified hockey sticks, evil skeptics, and a persecution complex to make up for his own lack of transparency.

Warmist Bob Ward argues that former IPCC lead author Richard Lindzen isn't qualified to talk about climate science

Bishop Hill reports: …there was a debate at the Fisher House / Von Hugel Institute seminar “Global Warming & Equitable Development: the Ethical and Political Priorities”  last night, and MIT’s Dr.…

CRU's Dr. Phil Jones, world renowned climatologist, can't even plot a trend in Excel

Joe Romm would call this a “head exploding moment“. If this were a skeptic, Tamino aka Grant Foster, would sharpen his invective ginsu knives and launch a fusillade of cutlery…

The Telegraph "gets it" about Climategate investigations and the conflict of interest of publicly funded media


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